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    St. Petersburg - Helsinki - Stockholm - Oslo - London - Paris - Bordeaux - Marseille - Barcelona - Rome - Milan - Zürich - Cologne - Amsterdam - Hamburg - Berlin - Munich - Vienna - Sofia - Athens - Budapest - Prague - Warzaw - Gdansk - and home again.

    But: I sincerely recommend that you even pass Copenhagen, when going from Oslo to London. You wouldn't want to miss the Little Mermaid, even if you aren ot interested in fairytales. I live in Sweden, so I know that there are good connections.

    Furthermore - when in Barcelona, you MUST NOT forget to visit Gaudis church, La Sagrada Familia, which maybe is the best sight on all of your journey. You'll see the light there, litterally, without even being religious.

    Talking about churches - an even more important landmark in Vienna is St. Stephans, in the very center of the city. It is my home town, so I would advise that you spend a week there. PM me, so I can give you some hints of what to do. Or you can taka a look at my web empire, where I write about Vienna: VIENNA

    Finally, going from Vienna to Sofia, why not pass lovely Ljubljana in Slovenia and then make a stop in Belgrade, as it is directly on your route. The Triple Bridge in Ljubljana and the Dome of St. Sava in Belgrade surely are worth a visit. And why not spend an afternoon at the castle in Belgrade, where the power of the Ottomans' was broken in the early 18th century?

    However, I wish you a very nice trip, I would love to do this myself!!! :-)

    COM05 - Cylinder Head

    I was entitled to 105 points prestige on updating headquarters. Trouble is, I didn't get them - and they don't show in the ticker either.

    My bid on a worker should also give 10 prestige the first time. I did'nt get them either.

    I clicked those two straight after each other, if that can be of any importance ...

    However 115 prestige is quite a lot, at least in the beginning. So, can I get them please?

    What was the maximum points? 28?

    I don't understand either, why the answer on Q5 should be 4? Any explanation?

    And then I made some stupid mistakes as well, like the books ... Bad thinking, especially as I had 7 minutes left.

    Alternative 4

    If the train makes 40% of the speed, that will be 120 km/h.

    It will cover the 620 km in 5 hours and 10 minutes, and it will arrive at 11:40. Plenty of time until midnight to get the next train.

    Answer: the second supplier, Swiss Metal

    As the quality is twice as important as the price, Swiss Metal beats the General Machines, as the price is only 1.5 times higher.

    As the quality i four times higher than the price, Swiss Metal beats the Mecha-Heads, as the price is only 3 times higher, and the punctuality even better.

    But one can't solve this, without having a numeric comparison on quality. Low, average and greatest is not anything you can measure with ... My answer is only valid, if the quality doubles between the alternatives. If not, you can make any assumption to get any of the three offerings as the best. In that case even the overall answer will be affected.