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    Almost all of the servers are still running on Flash, and the cookie consent is not asked because of the HTML5 switch.

    🍪 Cookie consent

    'Starting in the next days, you might encounter a new screen when watching videos in Rail Nation, asking you for your consent for cookies, as you probably know it from many homepages. This additional confirmation is necessary due to new legal requirements. So, if you see this, don’t worry, it’s not a bug or error, but a necessary change we had to implement.'

    exactly what i said, the ads change was made in the same time with the switch to html to let the people think this is the way, however the change is far deeper and the risks associated with this are bigger and for what?

    i did not watch an ad in like 3 weeks and gone down in ranks, so the game become far unbalanced than before.

    on mobile i could not play any video since 3 months ago, i thought that is the way

    btw, the train station on mobile and on new html5 looks like a game made in the year 2000, not a 2020 game, very poor developers there

    the funny thing is that the game was changed because of flash (which will be disabled without options to be enabled in all browsers in 1 year) but they used this thing to implement a very nasty advertisement ring there with over 100+ companies which need to be allowed to save cookies (if done one by one) at any site where they are present (this is what 3rd party means)

    but the most pervert thing done here is that the ads itself are not changed at all, they even use flash :)))

    just a nice grab for money from the developers selling customers to the advertisement industry

    ps. no reason for me to keep adblocker disabled anymore, so i turned it up back today

    sorry @Emziie, your suggestion to enable 3rd party cookies is a risk i dont need to play a game

    safari has them disabled since some years ago, Firefox in very short while will block them as well, the only advertising company interested in keeping them is google which in my case has them blocked in Chrome also

    Google to ‘phase out’ third-party cookies in Chrome, but not for two years - The Verge

    you should try a different approach to the issue because at this moment flash is not asking for this kind of permissions and probably some others will to like me and avoid playing html servers now, and probably when all will be html to quit playing

    it`s the same issue as the one you have now with flash, this technology is phased out by all major browsers, 3rd party cookies is the next one to be phased out by all, do a proper job and avoid the road that needs people to lower security

    this way of typing in the forum is bugged, the cursor is positioned above the area where the text appears, in the position of the exponential function from math x^2 ... where the 2 is supposed to appear in math.

    also the text goes a lot in the right part of the screen . interesting that upon moving the text gets back to the text box correctly


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    many people said the game is slow, but maybe the problem are the effects


    - i click on trains and scroll down, and a white alpha transparency effect is slowing the scroll - i would disable this effect, even it might look nice in the future :D because right now is ugly

    - scroll is bugged, if i click and hold the button down and move the mouse, the scroll is normal-fast, but if i click and leave the button but |throw| a move the scroll moves me almost to the extreme of the maps