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    Logging in is a pain in the butt because it sometimes takes forever for the game to load. Adding advertising to the loading page is adding insult to injury and merely adds to the frustration. Please do not add unnecessary junk to the game loading page.

    There are still a lot of bugs in HTML version. However, there is a sea change level of improvement. Its a lot more reliable now than it was before.

    Everytime I change the schedule one or more of the newly purchase Prometheus engines (the green version) just appears to not move, and cannot be cliked on. Its an orphan image on the map. I'm not sure if the train is actually operating. The problem goes away by rebooting ... which is still a major nuisance.

    Hello whariwharangi,

    If you contact Game Support and provide them information about the day you believe is wrong and what you believe the Prestige should be and what you actually received, they will be able to look into this for you and explain to you where the Prestige comes from.


    There is no separation of city data, which is from deliveries, and regional data, for which there is no rationale to help determine how to increase the sum. The problem isn't that its wrong, the problem is its not clear how its earned.

    "For your deliveries to cities you have received xxx prestige.

    The problem is the received prestige does not match the prestige earned through deliveries to cities.

    So where does the additional prestige come from?

    This is completely (expletive deleted).

    US101 Golden Gate.

    You can receive the prize on one of those servers and unlock the new engine skin if you win.

    If you are looking for an English language server, then COM-101 Rocky Mountains or M1-101 Golden Gate are both good choices. M1-101 has 4 Nordic languages available as well, but many use English there.

    So my current game US101 Golden Gate isn't one of the choices?

    Hi, welcome to forum and that's a good question.

    Since your endgame is over, all your leftover Gold and Plus account will transfer automatically to the new round, once the same server starts again. This usually takes a week or two.

    I hope you had a fun round! And you could always spend some time on another server while waiting for your original server to restart ;-)

    Related: I just recently started US101 Golden Gate which is HTML. I had gold left over from last game on a flash server (the competition ending December). Will it be possible to transfer the gold to HTML?

    American Dream Competition wants to know what server I am on.

    The website says US 101 Golden Gate.

    The Competitions sheet gives the following choices:

    • M1-101 Golden Gate
    • DE-105 Grand Canyon
    • IT-101 Golden Gate
    • PL-101 Golden Gate
    • CZ-101 Golden Gate
    • COM-101 Rocky Mountains
    • FR-101 Golden Gate
    • DE-107 Broadway
    • >i class="sg-input sg-input-radio" name="sgE-5593187-102-702" aria-label="RU-103 Шоссе 66" value="12909" style="font-size: inherit; font-family: inherit;">RU-103 Шоссе 66
    • >i class="sg-input sg-input-radio" name="sgE-5593187-102-702" aria-label="RU-105 Бродвей" value="12911" style="font-size: inherit; font-family: inherit;">RU-105 Бродвей

    So what server should I check off?

    I bid for a license. 16001 for a wood licence.

    Message comes back at end of the bid period stating the winning bid was 30000 and that I was not successful.

    So I try to enter a bid for another license and it turns out I do have a new wood licence.

    Then I notice the competition has 62 deliveries when it should be 70.

    So I reboot. And when the game FINALLY reloads, NO I don't have a wood licence.

    And two hours after purchasing a licence for Boards, there is no revenue indicated despite running 8 trains on boards since I bought the license.

    Rebooted again and now data shows on license.

    Its a serious pain in the ass to reboot. So it follows that incorrect information because its not getting updated is also a serious pain in the ass.

    Today I have plus and can view the ticker. The ticker says I got 72 regional bonus (which shows up nowhere else). 44 7 7 3 not 42 5 5 3. Sum according to ticker is 133.

    Why is the information obscured when there is not plus?

    Refresh does fix it. However, another train assignment can cause the same problem to manifest again.

    I am reluctant to refresh this game because of loading issues where the game often hangs several times during a refresh.