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    I'm leading Target 1 society at Rocky Mountains server and we are opening the 3rd slot with gold.

    Tonight we dismiss a worker before the end of auction to have the 3rd slot open to another one.

    For my perpexly the gold slot closed and we were runing for another one so we did open the slot again and dismiss another worker... we had the same issue again... this is not right as we know the roles for workers...

    So now we have a credit of 100 gold for players that open the gold slot and i hope to see them back, as gold is to expensive to lose.

    Waiting for an answear and this time for good, as all my posts at the forum have been ignored in this forum.

    Thank you.

    After Rapid Rail was not restarted, I joined Fast Track,

    However my Gold + Plus Account are not appearing in my account to upload

    What gives ? I thought this was possible as they are both in the COM domain.

    Did someone introduce a new bug ?

    As far as i know they forget about the players that played the Rapid Rail, that finish 2 days after what it was supose to happend (because of the new roles, that was something they forget to tell)... so the gold from there is not available yet!!!

    I'm tired to say there are players of 1st and 2nd class... and once again it happens (i don't care if someone says no... i lead with facts)... no one can say the contrary once again...

    You can join the M-26 Fast Track - and based on our experience and data, that server will have enough players. English is the recommended language on that server, at least in all public discussions where there are others from different countries joining.

    Based on my experience (and yours), you know that's not true and will not happend!!

    Based on that very same experience and information we have, a concurrently running English-only server would not have enough players.

    You still insist about saying that.... i think at this time of discussion everyone already realise that's not true!! point!!

    You already had the decision made and that's all... RN never listen players and never will...

    If you look further in all the post's questioning about the reason why you don't start an English only server, most of theme move intire teams or group of teams...

    Please, please... stop insulting the players intelligence!!!!

    I had stated that I would not say anything again in this post, but after what happened with the transmission of information about the changes to EG, I can't help writing here again.

    If there was any doubt about what I said, they have completely dissipated; in addition to passing on information to only a few players who read (and understood) the german forum, the choices made are clearly visible. Now it is no longer possible to say the opposite, whatever you say ...

    The changes you made have decisively influenced the classification of this server!

    It is a pity that many who have been here for a month doing what they like, leave completely frustrated and deceived, and still take with the decision not to restart a server in English only ... it is really not having respect for the vast majority of players who support the game.

    As I said before, players who play and test for hours and hours are the real soul of this game. It is a pity that players are never considered by RN.



    Salix ,

    I apologize for saying what I am going to say and thank you for your long explanation;

    however, it is cut off by the base when all its explanation goes against what all the players in the market do! which leads me to the conclusion drawn a long time ago that it is of a team that does not know which way to take nor listening its customers.

    the proof of this is the OJ, a scenario that certainly had a great investment and ended up being passed over (I don't know why) and while walking around with strategies like this, they will only make players loyal to the game go away from it, to the detriment of players who walk around here a week or a month and never come back due to the complexity of the game;

    this is a game that we all like to play, but it is just a game, and if you keep NOT listening to the players, I don't see a long future for RN;

    your explanation is good, but let me tell you that I have some players who register on Fast Track and then switch to Rapid Rail, because they don't like the communication on that server; and even in the game what I’m seeing now and a large part of the players say that for others they don’t go, just like me;

    what I think (and many players) is that you have preferred players, those who play hard with a credit card, and that's okay, but in that case you should tell everyone about it!

    what makes the RN have the number of players that you just mentioned are the ones who spend many hours of their time playing and testing the game, they are the real soul of the game and those who don't realize it don't even deserve to have them as customers.

    I will not speak again on this topic,

    good luck to all.


    PS: this is a google translate; you can see what happends when we use it!!

    Looks like RN keep going with the same errors and NOT listening players...

    Why players like me who likes to play where everyone can understand witchother (English servers) don't have the right to play as they like? Don't you learn nothing after all this years?

    I'm playing Rapid Rail after some time not playing, with players that like to play with me, but i'm out of next FF because i don't like servers where everyone can wright what they want in languages we can't understand (and don't tell me about google translate or some crap like that).

    Looks like you have players of diferent categories and do anything to show it.

    Good luck with that guide lines...

    OJ is almost finishing again and there's no correction about "Black Forest"... it's a shame for you RN...

    Let's see who is the lucky winner city this time... the draw is almost arriving...

    As far as i know graphics never change text in a database…

    So, once again it seams to me RN don't know what happend, don't want to know and worst then that, don't what to correct it… (just like bugs in the game)...

    Sorry to bother you but this post was opened with a simple question…

    Why didn't you answear?

    If I remember correctly, they messed up with some city names, when it came to list them up in the lobby.

    So, Ulm appeared as Vienna in the winners' list.

    And i bet the "Black Forest" was the only one OJ that happend...!!!

    But just in case i have the server screenshot here... i want to find out if RN continue to ignore my posts now...

    One more question: how many wrong winners are in the list?

    It seams to me we can't trust records anymore...

    Why is OJ Express running simultaneously with Masters?

    This is to offer something special and interesting for those of not playing on the Masters 2. The seven servers and start dates can be found from the first post (or from blog).

    Sometimes i still get surprise with the answears and excuses RN gives to everyone...

    Why don't you say things as they are? who do you want to convince?

    Everyone knows by now that RN is sailing in sight... no plan to make things work... no problems solved... no responsability for mistakes... don't listen the playeres (that are what makes this game work)...

    In my opinion Masters 2 is about to coming a total failure for the second time in a row... that's why you are starting OJ again... and i'm happy for that... i will play OJ and leave Masters 2... as i told in other post i don't understand why RN don't play this scenario in some servers... but that's not a surprise...

    I just don't know what to say to this post...

    Honestly this is the way RN works... almost no one had nothing to say here RN ending... (and for sure no one of RN)... do you realy will continue open servers without solving issues that make players have problems with the game all the time?

    And by the way: when flash stops what will happend to players runing servers?

    1 - I am not one of the players affected by the bug…

    2 - All this text is not directed to the RN volunteers who are moderators in the forum, but to the rest of the team!

    It is with great sadness that I say that Rail Nation is committing suicide!

    Many of us already knew that there were first-rate and second-rate players.

    Differentiating players who had the same problem, and were treated unequally, is the end of the line ...

    I've often seen it said that servers that have been a real disaster for most players are dubbed successful servers; and highly successful servers were not even mentioned because the winning players (players or societies) were not one of privileged nationality within the game. An example of this was Origin Journey, which is said by many players who have been there, it was the most difficult and competitive of recent times. Instead of enjoying success, RN ignored the scenario and didn't even refer to the server (Black Forest).

    In the first Masters, they wanted to know who was the best player on equal terms, but they put a high, nonrecoverable gold rate so that only a few could enter. In Masters 2 they let in a few but turned the server into the “Mastercard Masters”… only those with a good credit card can really compete. Nor do they even allow gold to be transferred from other servers to compel the purchase. As an aggravating factor, they did not want to hear of all the confusion that comes from not having English as a mandatory language.

    Even the change to HTML5 has already been made for some servers, but once again, the "favorites" are the beneficiaries, even knowing that scenarios with HTML5 are already more stable than others.

    Then comes the unrecognized disasters. Rail Nation had already taken winnings from players on event servers, such as the famous winter event, where they did not take responsibility the mistake they made. Instead they penalized players who devoted much of their time to the game. A shame.

    This cleverness sooner or later gives bad result.

    It's a game at a moment's notice: programmers, it seems, are a team of starter programers who have no idea how to solve problems. This is the only reason why bugs older than 2 years have never been fixed.

    That said, it looks like this company doesn't understand that players are its customers… with no players will close servers and shut down. The constant departure and abandonment of players does not seem to bother…

    Hiding behind privacy policy does not justify why some players get rewards and others not, it is neither correct nor honest. Private messages circulate between groups of players in discord and other platforms.

    The problem existed and hurt players and societies who devoted much of their time to the server and did what they could to play, even at the costs that the whole situation created.

    I am very sorry that some players are now determined to abandon the game they like and have been playing for years, but it has become a joke.

    If you feel like me, talk about it.

    See you.

    The issue is players can't play the game on Android - which is everyone's problem. Well, not until Google accepts the "cigar free" image/version we uploaded. Now all we can do is wait and be patient. Fault is ours for not being prepared for the Google Play store guidelines.

    You can find the image with the (not-so-family-friendly) cigar from below:

    If Travian had a competent and knowledgeable technical team, they would have solved the problem right away ... how many ways to solve this without resorting to the playstore ... did you think about it? ... of course not.

    RN is killing himself with this issues...

    it's more important to Travian launch new servers then solve the problems... (yes i never saw any version without problems)...