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    Hi there, how so? How does the introduction of Pollux make it 'almost impossible' to get era bonus trains?

    Because they are mainly won thru heavy mining of the video system and purchase of 5 or 10 gold tickets.

    Having a very small fraction of videos available will mean that we will not get "discounted tickets" or ticket gold and so the chance of winning Bonus Engines is almost 0.

    I have done waggons to era 1 limit then a little bit of acceleration , then reliability

    the money in era 1 is hard to get, and the repair on CE is expensive.

    Since then I maxed out waggons and acc.
    now my CE looks like

    20/20 railcars *maxed out*

    170 speed

    20/20 accel *maxed out*

    100% reliability *maxed out*

    era 6 goods *maxed out*

    On COM201 - BIG BEN the "clocks" are desynchronized (factory recalculation and city consumption)

    This "feature" 8) appears from time to time random across servers but it is never fixed

    There were 3 maintenances in the last 2 weeks but the "feature" :evil: is still present.

    Calling the future EG like this is unnecessarily harder

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    Taking the videos will only decrease the time spent by players online.

    The argument that they should be online in order to keep the synchro hauling or synchro bidding with teammates would be futile

    Videos could be the only thing keeping many players online.

    As you know one of the primary thing to stay online was to chat with others, syncronize with them , but this is imposible in game with the features called ingame chat and ingame forum

    The majority of players from the main Associations are synchonizing themselves thru outside platforms like discord and whatsapp.

    SO the main reason for being online is gone.

    If videos , which are the 2nd main reson to be online is taking out of the game also, the need to be online will decrease even more.


    I have over 470k videos viewed in my RN carrer (i am 17th in all time rankings) even if I started this game later then many others.

    The amount of time spent doing so many rewarded me with a lot of "free" stuff and kept me relevant over "gold players".

    I am sad to say that the last "updates" and "upgrades" , even the new "scenarios" are just enlarging the gap between "gold" and "non-gold" players.

    This leads to people leaving this game.

    There are a lot of examples of bad game design which are favouring gold players (like allowing a player to BUY ALL the upgrades in his buildings in day 1 of era 1 on your MOST ADVERTISED type of game (masters 2)...).

    Giving "gold" players more options to stomp the game WHILE restricting the advantages of HIGHLY ACTIVE non-gold players is just showing the DIRECTIOn in which this game is going.

    Maybe you as a company are ok with this direction, but from my point of view is a huge mistake.

    PS: what do you think will happen when the only players that will play the game will be gold players ???

    i hope that this moment will not come very soon , but right now you have accelerated that process very much.


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    That means stronger regions stil have to haul more than weaker reagons, because they will have more connected players to the cities.


    "stronger" regions will always find a way to bypass this thing , by conditioning the connections to the cities, until level 10 in LM for sure.

    The changes should make this scenario more dynamic, not transform it in a farm or grind scenario.

    The landmark is a great addition to the game , but it is used badly as a design.

    It should be an incentive to haul to the landmark , not a burden

    You are all forgetting that the regioanl points from LM levels were halved a while ago , making the levelling of Lm's even more unatractive

    SOE servers all across the "worlds" have become farm servers for multiple players

    Balancing: Europe's landmarks now demand a few more goods and passengers than before (only for new rounds starting on or after 20th of April 2020).

    so instead of balancing the daily prestige from landmark by coming up with a daily reward for those who grind the landmarks , you guys are pushing GRINDING ever further.

    bad game design get got way worse ??

    NICE "balancing" :cursing: