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    That means stronger regions stil have to haul more than weaker reagons, because they will have more connected players to the cities.


    "stronger" regions will always find a way to bypass this thing , by conditioning the connections to the cities, until level 10 in LM for sure.

    The changes should make this scenario more dynamic, not transform it in a farm or grind scenario.

    The landmark is a great addition to the game , but it is used badly as a design.

    It should be an incentive to haul to the landmark , not a burden

    You are all forgetting that the regioanl points from LM levels were halved a while ago , making the levelling of Lm's even more unatractive

    SOE servers all across the "worlds" have become farm servers for multiple players

    Balancing: Europe's landmarks now demand a few more goods and passengers than before (only for new rounds starting on or after 20th of April 2020).

    so instead of balancing the daily prestige from landmark by coming up with a daily reward for those who grind the landmarks , you guys are pushing GRINDING ever further.

    bad game design get got way worse ??

    NICE "balancing" :cursing:


    6 months have passed since the first reports about the sitter bug was reported (not being able to dimiss from sitting an account that has no more days to sit)

    please try to reiterate this problem, it is getting ridiculous

    Update: Keyboard issue on Android 9 should now be fixed. Please update the app and try if it works.

    If for some reason there are still keyboard issues after updating, let me know.


    just my luck after the ROCKY MELTDOWN

    getting a new phone and the first thing not working on it properly is RN :)))))


    i played a lot with toots, even in the same corp

    she has a lot of ideas

    this is one of the best

    Imagine that I am put back in Wichita and I was supposed to call in Boise.


    4 days to lay 100+tracks just to have things connected to check the wt's without engines or wagons to haul a single ton.

    Why should I bother?

    I will take it upon myself to find a way to boicott the EG. An EG that lasts 2 or 3 weeks will hurt RN very much by not having the steady income of gold

    Seeing that the Bug targeted the chairs of the corps it should not be to hard

    Our associations, STARS , is kept hostige by having a clone as CHAIR that cannot be thrown out

    (even Trump can be impieched, RN should implement this idea) :)

    Wow. 1000 career points?

    Please give us less then that.

    1000 is too much.

    Le : this server was fun. I will not play it again. And shut the others too.

    You guys should begin to think of a way to return REAL MONEY to us. The gold in-game will not be needed by me.

    We are sorry there is nothing that can be done until morning, but different ideas are on the table and the team will continue to work hard to help those players on COM-101 who lost their avatars and progress.

    All players who were affected, please send a detailed message of the issue to game support so we will get a good picture of everything that has happened.

    This is very unfortunate and disappointing, we know. More news will come asap.

    The support said that you guys have problems and the ticket was closed.

    What help did the "detailed" message gave me ?

    Close the server down for maintenance , resolve the issues and then put it back live.

    The time for rollback is already gone.

    If you rollback now the players that were active since the meltdown will all be very vocal about losing their work since then.

    my 2 cents...

    *akward silence, flies away*

    i now have 2 savageDANYro avatars on the server :))))))))))))))))))))

    place 950 with 520 prestige !

    place 1015 with 500 prestige !

    I am such a bad player and bipolar even XDXD

    nice !