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    Observed 469% utilization of a level 1 factory in start of ERA 3. Running direct on alternate hours seems the most profitable with fast trains.

    The new changes on Utilization of factories and the City warehouse emptied on a level should be best suited for American Dream than Classic. Without dependency on PAX, a strong associates can stay online for a 6-8 hours and do 3-4 city levels with very high profits and good amount of prestige by running direct. Repeat it on another city and a 3rd jumping around the map would be interesting.

    What if the Milan/Rome association or the players started in a different region next server and you end up in the same region?

    I have played in the south region in the past and felt Milan is a very bad choice of an End Game city as its a major highway passing EAST WEST and prone to lot of passer by. these passerby add deadweight on the City consumption (may be a bit on EG tonnage also if they haul small amounts for prestige) while Rome / Naples is relatively safe from non haulers.

    Prof Mortimer - There is always a way to vote a president and council out if other cities in the region feel that one city has monopolized the bonus

    not necessarily. Holding onto Lucy's task and get the HW donation voucher after HQ becomes 3 can make it really easy.

    Even otherwise, the lesser Wagon needs and City WH emptying on level up gives extra money and needs spending opportunities. Hq can be one such spending opportunity.

    What was the sum of HQ levels if one has to invest 14 times in old scheme? Does this much different or just its sum with bit extra?

    The 2 changes in new Titan economy is welcome

    1. City Warehouses gets empty upon a level up. So huge profits on any of the goods just on levelling (The profits for the first hour after levelling is much better than running PAX immediately) and not just for the new good. So trains which sleeps on an RG also gets benefitted on a level up except the one which goes out.

    2. Less wagons means less money needed to buy wagons, more to spent. (Just looking forward to see how it will play out as Olympus wagon needs are reduced and no need to stock money / wagons that much for the end game). So more money for investments and faster growth

    Thank You Hear Me Roar for the reference. The gold bonus increase is linear and not a percentage growth per investment.

    My calculation on ROI is as below.

    Each level increases the bonus by 1 gold in 3 hours. While maximum 8 collections per day is possible, let us assume 6 collections for an average player in an average Corporation. A week gives 42 gold increase per each level. (faster bonus worker and hotel bonus may increase it to maximum 60 gold per week per level increase).

    Level 10 of shopping center needs 90 gold, needs minimum 12 days (with 8 collections) before making profits. With only 6 collections average on a day, the minimum days is 15.

    Level 20 needs 190 gold (from 19 to 20) which needs 25 -30 days to start making profit. So unless you get it to level 20 in ERA 1, does not really make sense to level shopping center further.

    Max level (32) uses 310 gold which needs minimum 40 days (with 8 collections a day) even to get back the investment, forget about profits.

    Hope my calculations are correct. If so, we don't see a lot of growth for shopping center and many miss the medal to build all station buildings to maximum level in this logic. Hope RN will relook at the balance.

    Shopping Center upgrade is now using gold and gives gold in return.

    Is there any write up / table mentioning how much gold is needed for each level and the expected returns?

    What should be a profitable investment on shopping center

    Nice Analysis Mihai.

    I played the dominating Corp in SpringVille for early ERAs and i moved to one of the top Corps in Oxbury in end of ERA 5 to prepare for end game. A few pointers from my side on the experience in Einstein.

    1. Its easy to lose interest in the game as many sleep on RGs due to high city consumption. It takes ages to level a city and switch the good unless you are in an active city with more than one active associate hauling and the lively chats keeps you engaged. Having lower consumption and faster city growths will helps players to earn more money, switch their routes regularly as cities levels and also connect to other cities and help them level when a city hits the ERA limit.

    2. Need to reduce prestige from investments and increase prestige from delivery for factory levels ups. Prestige and higher income should be given for goods like Iron Ore, Quartz etc for hauling out than hauling In. this bring balance and encourages players to run these goods. The number of prestige awarded for factory level up also needs to increase marginally for higher level upgrades of a factory. For eg, a factory level up from 10 to 11 should gives X times prestige for top haulers compared to from Level 1 to level 2. Encourages people to level factories higher and higher.

    3. End Game - The active players count calculation and breaking between Boards is simply killing the fun in end game. Just use the players Home city (or if they hauls minimum X tons of each good to a city on a day/week/board) to calculate who is active player and who is not. It makes more sense to count some one as active for a minimum percentage of tons than any one delivery.

    4. Players running their own style and not following calls is part of the game and while the EG callers, top associations and active players will want more control on how an EG is run, its impractical to block / penalize the new players and small associations. That's were deceptive tactics like a dummy EG city, Nuking factories to create high wait times, Fake calls (Try this - The call in city forum is not the real call for the hour) etc differentiates the skills of great callers and great strategists from the ordinary.

    Anyone has the formula on how much time it will take to fill up a good in landmark looking at the hourly trend, Landmark capacity and the amount filled already?

    If so, appreciate if you can share it

    If we decided not to play the round 2 of Platform X, will we be able to collect the Plus and Gold immediately in another server? Or we have to wait the round 2 to be over before collecting it in one of the regular servers?

    This is my first masters and am learning a lot of new styles of play. This is the most active server i have played and the normal game rules (investing, direct hauls, majorities) does not apply.

    Who defines their own rules, the toughest and the most active can stay competent and enjoy. They may not be able to beat the heavy gold players, but there are many easy servers for people who likes a comfortable game with majorities, sleeping on an RG.

    PlatformX will have to provide more profits to those running goods like Iron Ore. The bad profits and lack of prestige is pulling down anyone from running these goods unless there is an online call for an hour from a well cooridnated Corp.

    To get a City to end game and stand a chance of winning means a number of people working as a team. Not wandering round the map, aimlessly trying to help random cities.

    Working as a team of over 40 people, ALL hauling the 4 RGs to the city, not being able to keep all 4 running at a positive trend, because of such high consumption, is nothing to do with strategy.

    If one or more active coordinated corps can manage 3-4 cities at the same time, that's a good strategy. Team can level up 2 or 3 cities every day with good co-ordination and calling, especially in later ERAs. ERA 1 is a bit early, but still, a 2 city strategy works in ERA1.

    A high consumption can widen the gaps between cities, allow the best co-ordinated teams to haul the latest goods and get profits or be in top rankings. So it brings the best in one way or other

    Win is not just finishing end game on the home city. Every medal, every finished competition, every connected city, every friendly chat and friends you got from game, every achievement helping a career engine upgrade and every minute having fun is a win.

    No, if you want to be in again in your corp your chairman has to tell you in wich town the corp will go. So all the corps have to be rebuilt. You will have 24h before start to pre register.

    But we have qualified as a top 10 Corp. Does it mean even after you have qualified as a top 10 Corp, you have to rebuild the Corp again?

    I think that RN needs to be very careful of how they move forward with this. I suspect about half the people who play here would prefer the prestige to be counted only when a city or factory levels up and half the players would dislike that style of play preferring the current style instead. The risk RN runs is that if they try to implement this to all games they stand to lose a lot of players who will find something geared a bit more towards completion and not simply FarmVille with trains. Perhaps the best solution is to create a third version for people to play and let people chose which maps/gameworlds they want to play on. For all those who like FarmVille with trains they could opt to play on that server. For those who prefer the classic game, it would remain. Those looking for more confrontation could go to the American map and those looking for a huge network with regional play could go to the Europe map.

    Europe seems better suited for this model as the setting is any way for more focused LM hauliing