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    Chat simply doesn't work for me on Android on COM-05. I try to open a message and get a blank white box, no message in it. Sometimes if I reload 5-10 times I can finally read the message, but then I can't post.

    I've been using my laptop for messages, but now I can't login on the desktop version, so that option is gone.

    So all of a sudden I can't login on my laptop. The game doesn't even load. I'm guessing it was a problem with the hotfix? COM-05 Cylinder Head.

    Normally I play on Android, but messages aren't loading there, so I have to use my laptop to read and respond to any in-game messages. Which I can't now.

    I am getting incredibly frustrated with all the constant major bugs and errors in this game, particularly with Android. I am about ready to quit.

    I mostly play the game on my Android phone. This latest patch has made the game unplayable - it crashes due to an "internal error" every 30 seconds to 2 minutes, and frequently doesn't even let me log in.