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    I was getting ready to run a passenger competition. I like to run my engines in packs... I noticed that I had a few that had got separated and were lagging behind. So I decided to execute a park multiple engines command and rally my engines. Most of them parked and were Zzz in the city... but a few were missing? I tried to locate them but, as they sometimes do these days, they had vanished. So I thought, no problem a quick refresh will fix everything...

    OMFG... I hit refresh and the game seemed to hang up loading, which it sometimes does, which is a bit frustrating when you have most of your engines parked. So I thought, no problem maybe it's time to clear the cache, which I do from time to time, and things may load a bit smoother.

    The competition started at 01:30 UTC... I decided to park my engines and do a quick refresh a bit more than 10 minutes before it started...

    After almost two hours of the game trying to load, sometimes almost load... again and again and again and again... I'd get to the start page and it wouldn't quite load... the game wouldn't start to load... once it actually started to load... then after almost two hours the home page wouldn't even load anymore.


    I know it's just a game... but I had a title I was trying to defend... I know it's just a game but the titles mean a lot to me :(

    It's gone for sure after being parked over two hours now... I know it's just a game and it really shouldn't be that big of a deal... but it is.

    I should just stop trying to log in for a couple of hours and not let it bother me... but my bloody engines ARE PARKED!!! I NEED TO GET BACK IN ASAP!!!! DAMNIT!!!!

    I have a dream... that Rail Nation players will be more friendly and say something, at least once a round.

    I hesitate to log into me server... I think I talk too much... and everyone doesn't want to hear/read me :(

    This is where I curl into a ball and shake...

    Videos are running great for me! I've watched several thousand in the first two Eras of my current round... I lost count after my 2,500 Videos Medal early in Era 1... thanks to Videos I have both Bonus Engines from Era 1 and Era 2 :)

    I run Rail Nation on Firefox. I know they recommend Chrome, but I use Chrome for other things (business) and I use Firefox for Rail Nation only and clear my cookies and saved files often. One thing I noticed awhile back was that when I turned off all the ad blocker and tracking prevention stuff the Videos suddenly ran much more smoothly.

    I'll gladly watch the ad Videos for Bonus Engines! Go ahead and track me all you want, you'll be quite bored, I'm always sitting in my office playing Rail Nation ;)

    I also must say Rail Nation HTML5 seems to running MUCH better than it was... I'm not sure what you guys did but most of the time now the game runs very smoothly. I do have problems with things getting "choppy" and "freezing up" every now and then, but I am beginning to suspect that has something to do with my poor internet connection. I ran the game at a buddy's house, who has excellent internet, for awhile recently and noticed a huge difference...

    Anyway, thanks for the Bonus Engines Rail Nation sponsors!

    I'm a new Chair of a new association. I'm having so much fun. It's all random casual players, and a couple of duds... except I did get lucky and snagged the best damn newbie of the round with a big bag of gold :)

    Let's just say I watch A LOT of videos... got me 1,000 medal pretty quick, 2,500 not much longer after that.

    I just had to come in here and post this guy... every time I see him I think:

    Haul Those RG!

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    One thing I have to say about this game is that the gold prices are VERY reasonable, as long as you don't go on mad spending sprees. I would love to have a figure of how much gold I've bought divided by how many hours I've spent enjoying playing and thinking about (even when I'm not playing) this game... I wonder what the fraction of a penny of USD that would be ;)

    I suggest people buy gold to SUPPORT the development of this wonderful game. Even though it doesn't work quite right at the moment, invest in OUR future m8s =S=

    The best thing about Rail Nation HTML5 is that I win every competition... because I never have any competition...

    I don't even have to show up on time, and I still win. Bonus Engines GALORE!

    Is a competition without competition a competition?!?


    I was wondering, after two updates, why I was not seeing a new shop on my server COM03 Smoke Chamber.

    Thanks Pia ;)

    In the facility information window, the window that opens when you click on a facility, in the stock goods area has the title "Required goods". I find this confusing, should it not read "Stock goods".

    I think this small change may make the game a bit easier to understand.

    Years ago, it was more interesting (and more fun), for a 10 waggons machine I could load 5 waggons with boards, move on to the paper factory and load the other 5 waggons with paper ... and haul 5 t paper and 5 t board to the cartons factory, on ONE train on the same track. So, you could have mixed loads on one train between 2 stations. So, DSnepke is right too.

    (my first quote post fyi)

    That sounds crazy complicated... I'm sure it was cool and a fond memory, but I think I'm glad I missed that! rofl

    I'd hate to have to create a schedule like that "on the fly" with the "lock-ups" and "lag" we're currently dealing with!

    (I have faith in the developers that the "lag" and "lock-ups" won't last forever)

    Bottom left? or bottom right? Is this a phone thing?

    I spaced out on my text editor a couple of days ago waiting for a competition to start and the green "a competition is starting" message flashed on the bottom right of my laptop screen and I was able to click the join competition button like two seconds before my pack of engines hit the city. I LIKE IT!

    I thought it was going to be annoying to have messages "pop up"... I liked waiting for the little number appear on the message button to know there was a message, and not be disturbed... but I think I can adjust, and maybe even like it ;)

    I'm pretty sure the fireworks are gone. One of my favorite things to do in the game is watch the fireworks when my home city levels up.

    Please bring back the fireworks. What would be REALLY cool is having the city level-up event fireworks display be even longer than it used to be.