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    I also think it is more or less useless as it is now.
    - even the old one (classic) was better.

    Maybe a solution would be to make it as a complete (zoomable) Layer, over the play-field ?
    - just like the Region-view (Europe).
    And one click on it closes it again. (behaviour could be selected by options).

    Like this, one can see more, and even see a whole map...

    I type this in english - even if it is about a German server:

    The De05 Kurbelwelle just entered the Endgame, with a totally unusable communications-system!

    The Posts in the Forums are not visible after posting, and the chat is -as usual- acting a bit erroneous ... (normal)
    - The solution for the invisible Forum-posts is to close the window and reopen it. Sometimes once is not enough.

    This was certainly a very bad timing for a bug like this to happen...
    An endgame, where one can't give calls properly, or even communicate with fellow callers, is not really a functional endgame, is it?

    S-h-a-m-e on you, Railnation-Team.
    You can do better than that.


    I've noticed that you now have deleted the possibility to use Tab(ulator) space in the message-system on Europe/US servers.
    This was really nice when creating an allocation-planing / Timetable.

    Is there a possibility that you could implement this function, also in the new scenarios? (Europe / US)

    (Actually, also the SIZE of the Forums could be a tick bigger, please
    -just as you slightly expanded the classic-forum sizes some time ago).