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    I am COM05 Cylinder Head. Gold issue was sorted after I complained to Tech Support when something similar happened later. It seems the lottery ticket was issued (while the screen was frozen and was was restarting the whole thing) and I got a voucher for some station-related thing. As for the comp., well that was not nice but c'est la vie.

    Entered comp then went to watch video.

    Won Lottery Ticket for 10 Gold, purchased it (gold deducted), game froze and would not restart. 10 Gold is gone and no ticket and by the time I could get back into game the comp was over (since I had no management of trains during comp I lost that too - came second and missed out on bonus cargo engine from past era).

    Not happy RN - not happy at all.

    The Browser Recommendations were useful for me. Horrible before that, workable thereafter. Overall though, the new html is a real piece of crap: slow, requires frequent reloading, many functions don't work properly (too numerous to list all but include: open train list of others; slow loading for most functions; slow scrolling; slow zoom-in zoom-out; asso widget much too big and type font much too small) plus just look at your own Bug List. It's a long list and they are just the reported ones.

    I also agree with b9man and Calamity. The latest endgame was a foregone conclusion and by no means a competition of any sort. When the occupants of four Top 10 cities combine to finish one city there can only be one result.

    The suggestion by Locomotius Prime also has some merit as his general assessment in his first paragraph is an accurate summary of play.

    My own simple suggestion: No change in Home City from early on in Era 6; and No prestige is awarded for deliveries outside of your Home City in EndGame.

    Make the EG competitive again.