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    I guess not. . . can't even buy these packages with gold. $$$ only. You know, when you take ALL the fun aspects away and make everything pay to win, you will loose players.

    I was really looking forward to the Winter Event as it was one of the few things left that involves strategy, time and yes a bit of luck. I'm very disappointed that it has also been corrupted to yet another pay to win money grab. We just finished the masters pay win money grab, your "everyday workers X platform game" is a pay to win money grab and now, one of the few things left that was fun for people to play based on skill and time, is gone too. Very disappointed. I might as well spend some earned/accumulated gold in my secondary servers now as I'm not sure how much longer I'll be here if everything is for sale to the highest bidder.

    I like sniping. Sniping helps active teams and active players just as it should. Doubt it puts that much more server load since not that may players actually bother to snipe and most that do were online anyway.


    I just started playing chess and am not able to do very well as the opponents keep killing my pieces, this is unsportsmanlike. Rather than learn to anticipate opponents moves and learn to play chess better, I have decided to start a petition to change the rules for the game. Opposing players doing things I don't like shall be declared unsportsmanlike and . . . I WIN!!!


    In life and in the game, you can't control other people. But you can 100% control you and your responses to other players and teams and cities. There are absolutely some RN rules that I don't personally like. And there are also people that have come here to complain about the strategy my former corp used (smaller corp that reformed to get workers) and tried to get us banned for that cause they didn't like it. Do well and someone will always complain. So. . . Play the way you enjoy the game, you are unlikely going to change or control other people who have different goals than you do. RN has its errors, but the tension and conflict between different goals in a competitive game is brilliant.

    This one is a bit hard to figure out. The question "How many coins?" is problematic since coins can be 0.01, 0.05, 0.10, .025, 0.50 or 1.00. Historically there were other denominations as well. Do you mean how many dollars?

    Additionally, you have stuff in different shapes. Does the circle represent a whole so it is 50% of the value of a red bar minus 4? Or is it just a plate or tray? If it is a pie, then what is the rectangle? Are those fractions regardless fo the shape and if so, why not use the same shape for both?


    Im guessing that the 16 dollars one is the green and yellow Sunday cup one with the cherry in it. The bottom 2 togeather add up to 11 so it cant be either of those. . .


    CZ s101

    You know, the community could come up with much better ideas then this. . . if you asked.

    Off the top of my head

    Connect to 20 cities in a game, 30 cities, 35, 40, 45. . . all 50 cities

    Win top city, top player and top corp in the same game.

    Be the chair of a top 10 corp for X eras

    Be the chair of the winning corp

    Im sure others can come up with even better ideas. . .

    The community is already quite full of alts. Im not a fan of popularity awards especially when there are so many CC warriors and alt players. Most awards you have to earn, even if the earning is easier by spending $ - fair enough. I understand that RN needs some new CE awards as many of us have maxed out a lot of them, but this aint it. One guy with alt would post an idea in the red side forum, then his alts would agree with him and then he would approach me and tell me he had consensus and momentum. . . Perfect canidate for voting himself this award!

    In addition to the loss of 3 hours of hauling as Dumbledor reported with associated loss of warehouse, city and industry progress, we also somehow lost flipping cities that were around 70% red at the time of the outage. A lot of our strategy is based on flipping cities back and forth and that also was messed up on the reset. Now that there are suddenly a lot of blue cities due to this error, in game communication with other red corps is especially important for those of us flipping cities back and forth between the two sides. On the plus side, the new underwear is great! :-P

    Your call is very important to us. Your wait time is approximately . . .

    Take the new RN challenge, instead of guessing how many marbles are in the jar, guess how many minutes till the server is functional again. Closest guess gets 50 clothing vouchers! Respond below with your entry!

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    Glad to see RN Clash back. Everyone can participate and there is no pay to win. Woot!

    Yes, the server issues in the Masters appear to have been addressed with caps on the number of players that can join each server. The pay to win aspect has not. I'll buy gold to be in a tourney where everyone has the same opportunity and the pay to win players can't buy their win. It just isnt fun to compete againt people that have all the the eras trains unlocked on day 1 or all of their buildings built by the end of era 1. I may join the masters as a free to play player but will mostly likely just opt out this time. TWO games vs pay to win players helps with the server load but sounds like a unwinnable grind. YMMV