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    In addition to the loss of 3 hours of hauling as Dumbledor reported with associated loss of warehouse, city and industry progress, we also somehow lost flipping cities that were around 70% red at the time of the outage. A lot of our strategy is based on flipping cities back and forth and that also was messed up on the reset. Now that there are suddenly a lot of blue cities due to this error, in game communication with other red corps is especially important for those of us flipping cities back and forth between the two sides. On the plus side, the new underwear is great! :-P

    Your call is very important to us. Your wait time is approximately . . .

    Take the new RN challenge, instead of guessing how many marbles are in the jar, guess how many minutes till the server is functional again. Closest guess gets 50 clothing vouchers! Respond below with your entry!

    Glad to see RN Clash back. Everyone can participate and there is no pay to win. Woot!

    Yes, the server issues in the Masters appear to have been addressed with caps on the number of players that can join each server. The pay to win aspect has not. I'll buy gold to be in a tourney where everyone has the same opportunity and the pay to win players can't buy their win. It just isnt fun to compete againt people that have all the the eras trains unlocked on day 1 or all of their buildings built by the end of era 1. I may join the masters as a free to play player but will mostly likely just opt out this time. TWO games vs pay to win players helps with the server load but sounds like a unwinnable grind. YMMV

    When in doubt, guess C!

    #1 A Famous railway pioneer and an engineer Robert Stephenson worked together with his...

    c Father

    #2 The Rail Nation game worlds each have their own nick name. Which one doesn't belong?

    c Firebox Doors

    #3 The fastest train in the world travels at the speed of...

    A ~430 km/h

    #4 The first passenger train in India carried passengers from...

    C Mumbai to Thane

    #5 In 1875, the US ran the world's first postal express from New York to Chicago. It completed the journey in...

    B Just over 24 hours

    The new maps and new artwork often cover up the most important thing, the rails. The cities size blocks the ability to see which rails go where and makes the game a lot less playable. Some of the industries cover up the flag of the corp that owns them as well. In the attached image, shoes was the new good for the city. I gave up trying to build rails to it. The + don't help as you can't tell where the rails are and where they go. Form an aesthetic point of view, the map looks a lot more cluttered and less clean. But my main concern is a loss of the ability to clearly see the rails in a railroad game.


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    “The introduction of so powerful an agent as steam to a carriage on wheels will make a great change in the situation of man.” — Thomas Jefferson, 1802


    Grand Central s102

    Robert Stephenson: You have come a long way since transporting caol on the Stockton and Darlington Railway

    Werner von Siemens: Keep working on perfecting international technologies that are already been established

    Thomas Edison: "I never did a day's work in my life. It was all fun."

    Triarius US102 GC

    I still think you have the mindset that players that don't think as you do are trolls. A single player with a single account can be countered by an organized team of active players every time. That is one, of many, solutions. Since we are prestige players and we play the entire map, we have left cities with "one star experts" that wanted to tell us how to play. . . Or wanted a much larger piece of the pie than their hauling capacity warrented. Guess what happened? Without my team of top active players, their city stopped leveling after we left. It plumeted in rank. That is another option, we simply leave and find better places to haul and more cooperative corps to work with; corps that believe a good deal is when both parties benifit. It is a big map, you can move around.

    I do agree that multi accounts are a problem and think the pay once per game model will help with that. One of the more flagrant multis was in Davenport last game. Some "clever" guy had 4 corps of 10 players each, 10 one star level 1 players. We waited until a time that was good for us, when we were connected and THEN they were reported. When they went bye bye the vacume they left behind benifited us and we moved in. Yeah, we sometimes even benifit by the actions of cheaters. The concept here is similiar that that of the martial art of Judo; we used their own energy against them.

    I find that most of the people that cheat are so busy being disruptive, as well as most of the people that have vendettas, that they never do very well. We focus on our goals and generally pass them by game after game. :-)

    Of course we are reported as well. Right now we hold the top 3 individual positions on our server. So naturally the folks that used to hold those positions think we cheat instead of out play them as we have. . . LOL Bring it on. When that didn't work, they treid to get RN to change the rules for everyone just for them. Good luck! Ha! Again, I think folks should focus on their own game and adapting to changing conditions rather than insisting that others play the way they do. But what I think doenst matter, pther players are going to do whatever they want to do. Our job is to adapt to it.

    So many players complain about how others play. Don't be a victum. Work with like minded players to find your own solutions to random players and teams of players that have different goals. There are many options to dealing with other players and corps if you are creative and open to them. Especially if you are part of a team of active players with a goal.

    This game has many different ways to play it, most of which, by design, are in conflict with each other. That, and the fact that opponets are real people, is why it is fun, interesting and at least somewhat different every game.

    Many players only know one way to play. Many think their way to play is "best" and then try to force that on everyone else. . . A troll can be defined as anyone that doesnt see things the way you do. Maybe you are city focused and they play the entire map and are prestige focused? Maybe you are prestige focused and they are a city grinder camped on one good direct for many days? Maybe you play for your team, for top corp honors. . . Maybe you play one game and pay attention while they play in 15 games at once for CE points and don't read anything ever and therefor don't follow agreements/calls.

    I'm 100% against the ideas suggested here. Im agaist ideas in general that force everyone to play the game a certain way. And am agasint ideas that remove the strategic aspects of the game in favor of a more "Farmville with trains" approach.

    Individuals that take majorities and dissagree with me are generally not Trolls.

    I do think that if RN had subscription based games, like the Birthday Server game but for 10% the cost so most could afford it, then there might be less alt account trolls. People that make multiple accounts to intentionally cause trouble.

    Triarius , Grand Central, s102

    Price of the sausage? 25
    Price of the hamburger? 20
    Price of the flour? 10
    Price of the cooking pot? 15
    Price of the bread? 5
    Package offer of the last row? 55
    Package offer of the last column? 55