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    BTW...there is a comment that says its from me that I never wrote. I deleted it but it was this one:

    "I have now played in two different servers with mods that play. They do always finish 1st through 3rd position. I have also been told that they get perks. They would not say what. They did tell me the perks are how they can stay in the top of the standings"

    I have been playing RN for a few years now and I noticed that the mods usually placed in the top 3. We were also told by a mod that will remain un-named that they DO get special perks while they play the game but wouldn't explain what. I expect they get free gold, mechanix, boosts, etc. I just would like to know what odds we are playing against. Its not fun playing when you know the game is "fixed" to some degree.

    Please tell us what are the perks that RN employees such as moderators that play the rounds with us get? Also what RN employees can read the assoc forums? Are the moderators that play the game able to read the other associations forums?

    How do I search the forum for what I am looking for? There used to be a search bar that would pull up all relevant posts but I can't find anyway to search forum now. Am I blind?:S

    It would be nice if we had a choice between a number of good trains to pick from. The way it is now, each era you really only have one good choice that you race to get. What if we had 2 or 3 decent options. If the speeds and acceleration were better on some of them they might be worth using but all they are now are trains no one will use and just placeholders so we have to spend lab points to get to the good trains. It would be interesting to have people using a lot more diverse trains instead of all using the same ones.

    It would be a blessing to be able to lock in trains to specific routes that you want them to run indefinitly without them being changed when you hit "select all" when changing all your other engines.

    Such as setting your bonus engines on a good and locking them in so that they are not affected when you change all the rest of your engines. I cant tell you how many times I've changed routes only to find out later that my kite got in the mix and its trying to go across country to the new destination at an agonizing slow rate. By the time you get to Lindworms, changing trains is a nightmare.

    I would like to be able to either rent track from someone for a specific time period or rent my track to others for a time period.

    Renting is straight forward. You pay someone for lengths of track for a specific time period. If selling track you could sell it back to RN for less than you paid for it or find someone else to sell it to for a price you both agree on. Maybe have page where we post our tracks for sale and people bid on them? That way people could get track for less than the going rate.

    I sat out the last round of play in Firebox but am going to play in the next one. It seems that people who are still playing this round are able to pick their cities now. Do i have to wait until the next round starts to pre-register or can I do it early somehow?