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    The privacy rules Samisu quotes are called the GDPR General Data Protection Regulations which came into force and effect in May of 2016 and updated in May of 2019. When a banned player shows the rest of his team the actual ban letter, he in effect has given his teammates and friends the ability to see and dispute what has gone on. There is no privacy issue left here. Travian is using privacy as an excuse. Giving out any personal data which they have collected is against the "privacy laws", example e-mail address, credit card data. Giving a reasonable and justified explanation to players those decisions affected, is against no privacy law. No where in the long and very complicated set of laws set out in the GDPR is there anything closely applicable to the situation which has been described above. The actions of support and that of the chat administrator who actually sent me a pm saying I should not use the word ban on chat was and is offensive. I also wrote a letter of complaint since the bans very adversely and unfairly in my opinion affected the outcome of an endgame in my home city. Players had spent 6 weeks working for an endgame to have 7 members from two teams banned. Support refused to discuss the issue. We know whom to complain to at Travian and some of us are preparing a formal letter to be sent to them. I also firmly believe that an admin should not play in the server he is administrator nor be the chairman of a team. Further I absolutely believe that no paid employee of Travian should play on any server. That is a clear cut case of conflict of my opinion. Friendships are frequently made on servers and those friendships can carry over to more than one server. It is very hard to be totally unbiased. Just like Judges often had to recuse themselves,usually because they know one of the litigants in a lawsuit and it could be deemed that he is biased, I believe paid employees should not be permitted to play. In my opinion what was done to a family in lockdown and to a married couple playing from the same home was absolutely wrong. If you chose to delete this post, it will only prove what I have said is correct.

    You changed to html an hour before our city comp. It is full of bugs. half of the team went to refresh and is locked out. Same with the second team - you have no choice but to reschedule a new city comp. Do you except to keep us interested and playing this way?

    You picked a great time to test out something you knew had bugs int he middle of a server.

    we just got it before a city comp. This is awful. Why would you do this? Slow, needs constant refreshing - sticks, and just awful. I agree with hear me roar. I am sure you will be hearing from many more. By the way it looks like someone was doing it in "word perfect". All style has left. Constant popups annoyinng. an utter failure.

    I agree completely with B9man, we played that same eg and were the second finisher. They are using a herd mentality. Bringing ten towns into the eg and then the majority of the server plays in the one town. The Cylinder Head server will close unlessRN considers making some stricter rules. They have ruined the challenge and strategy of the game. Many of us who were there for the start will not be playing much longer.