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    I know what I pressed and that was the "Manage Your Choices" option.


    I pressed MANAGE SETTINGS (Left Option) and the screen disappeared and video started running (MS Edge).

    I gave no permission to collect any info/data, etc or forward any info/data to thirth parties.

    Only option I see is to report this to PA Office and stop playing this game.

    Please stop spreading this false information. Players can NOT see whether or not a ban has been given via their online status, because you still have the possibility to log in to your server.

    However, you will get a pop-up message saying that you are banned, but that still counts towards your online time. So if you keep logging in to contact support via ingame option, other players will never see that you're banned.

    The only part you CAN see is the condition of the trains going down and not back up, because you can't do any maintenance on them.

    Please use English on the English forum part.

    That is because of not logging in anymore, not because of the ban.

    As a player you can't tell the difference between an inactive banned account or an inactive non-banned account.

    And if account still was used and then 3/7 days later is on black. Then you see. So Octa is not wrong.

    But still is that not fully removing from ranking, is unfair to not much active, clean players. As thoose people banned are still above them in ranking.

    It is so difficult for players to see that something is being done. The entire account should simply be pulled from servers so that they are no longer visible.

    On Travian Kingdom, there is simply Player Deleted at a village or the villages are just completely gone. And the person can no longer be found in the ranking either.

    So now it may be that starting players, rank below 1000 for a round, while perhaps by getting multi's and cheaters out of the ranking, there might have been 1 star at the end of the round.

    Privacy Laws? Was it not recently that Perdita called certain information about chat to Octa with the terms no Multi etc etc, because Octa cannot believe that I only play since December.

    Anyway, here in the building, I have only had a PS4 for 5 months, others for at least 2 years, I know more how things work than he does. And due to circumstances I have had little elementary school group 4-7. I started in group 8 in certain areas at group 5/6 level. It was thought that I needed Group 8 for 2 years, but in that year I had caught up with everything and could not do an extra year.

    Tools for spammers/harassment: Generally speaking, if it can be proven that someone is spamming and harassing other players on purpose and there's a clear pattern, it usually leads to a warning or ban if nothing else helps.

    Reporting multiaccounts: Thank you for reporting a fishy player. I removed the account names from your message since that's between the player(s) who possibly violated the rules and support. Forum is not a good place to post the names of fishy players, we have other routes for that.

    Account deletion: Please send a message about your other account (if you still can access it) to game support and tell them you wish that whole account and all information about it to be deleted. There was probably some sort of communication issue, hard to say, but we do delete accounts when requested. You can fill this: Support : Rail Nation and remember to add the email address there you used to register the account you wish to be removed.

    1.: Based on what previous players told, it is not just few times. But are lazy to do any investigation or take action.

    2.: Reported but again seems they are too lazy to do any investigation as I can find out in few minutes his other 2.

    3.: Shall I post every email to support as proof I asked to delete full account instead off pull only from servers? Because of this a player with name starting with O. claimed in Chat that I am a liar.

    I do like graffity, but not thoose single lined tags you see on the front. Even 8year old can do that.

    Also would be nice with this train that in 5/10 years still can see it's an Eurostar and not because it is covered by paint you have to guess it's a TGV, Eurostar or Thalys.

    Real tag is the purple one on the side. Even it is just useless. Useless so a pricy train is abandonned. And some things are better without Graffity. While other things are better with (like everything tuched by Banksy).

    But this is what Brexit does. More work to check trains and to cross through border checks, so less trains needed :D

    apparently game support doesn't have the tools to help us with this issue.

    They have tools to take down spammers. It is just that they don't want too. Just point Dutch Support to Samisu's message here. Then if they still not do anything, they should be removed as support.

    Other example was I reported a person for some behaviour that was fishy. General feedback was yeah, oke. (comment removed)

    Then last but not least, because an account issue I ask to delete my old account. Later I knowtisched that the account was not deleted, but only the avatars removed from the servers. And so my old account still exist here on forum.

    Just to add to what Samisu already wrote: He is correct that we currently have no plan to relaunch Origin Journey again. However, that doesn't mean we won't ever do it. It's just not planned RIGHT NOW. Plans can change and our plan also doesn't reach in all eternity. For example our internal content plan covers mostly 2020. For 2021, a lot of things are still open. So maybe then it will be in our plan to relaunch Origin Journey. Or maybe circumstances change during 2020 and we adapt our plan and we repeat Origin Journey this year.

    So in general I can say that we intend to repeat all or most of our event-like releases at some point. That's why I consider it extremely unlikely that Origin Journey will never come back, despite not having any plans for that right now.
    So don't give up hope on that, it's most certainly going to happen at some point in the future.

    Srry to have to say this again. I did not ask for RIGHT NOW, but in the Future (can be near, can be far). Mainly also as from my Web/Game Design education I know that making something just for 1 time, is in basic waist of resources.

    And my earliest expectation (in case of rerun) was October, again around Octoberfest as I could read from the blog last time was then.

    Nobody is forcing you to play ;-)

    on Xbox/PS you seem to know in advance what can be achieved. You should have done the same here :-P

    Yes as you have websites for it like TA and TT and PP. Here from blog it is not really good to get out as they state second time. So thirth/fourth, etc is possible and with fact it was a career task. On Xbox/PS never seen that a game got an A/T for a one timed event. No special snow achievement for GTA Online for example ;)

    And I do only mean A/T that are unobtainable because the online servers of the game are pulled down or because it is otherwise broken. Not because I lack the skill to get it :P

    Oke. Shame. But asked only about OJ and O.... comes with all other things that are not on Career Tasks page ;)

    On Xbox/PS I do not buy games, if I know I can't get all Achievements/Trophies because one or more are unobtainable.