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    I played Rapid Rail and are also waiting for my gold. I was told "in 2-3 days RN HQ will transfer all gold to the Meta Server, you access this Gold by pressing Collect Gold" I guess those days are counted from when the server was closed, not when the endgame was finished. So I hope to access my gold in a couple of days.

    What I don't understand is why it takes such long time. In Travian Legends you get a link directly after server has ended.

    If a server isn't restarted you don't need to do that yourself. Rail Nation will do it in the week after the server ended.

    But if I don't want to wait a week before starting on a new server I have to buy more gold for the start package?? In travian legends I get a link to transfer my gold in the same moment the server is finished.

    I was told endgame was exciting, fun - but I'm disappointed at my first endgame (only played 1 ptr 2x before) It goes awful slow for a 4x, it's hard to fill the requested goods, especially at night times it seems to be more or less impossible. Smaller cities seems to have big problems to do it at all, day or night.

    I thought it was many players on this server (Rapid Rail4x) but a closer look revealed that it's heavily affected by bots? Not 5400 players, 600 - 700 seems to be a more fair amount.

    You need 20 prestige to be acknowledged as an active player, I think that amount is too low. As a newbie I don't know if a higher prestige would make any difference in endgame but I think the preferences should be changed. Higher prestige, more activity in the megacity as in delivered goods. I haven't grepped how connections affect this yet. I need more rounds :D

    Btw.. trying to figure out how to move my gold to next server. It's not so clear.. Rapid Rails is not to be restarted but I have to wait until it does and then transfer my gold from there??? Or does a finished world count has TG have closed it? Sorry it is not possible to copy the text that confuses me...

    Support will tell where the gold was spent if you contact them. If around 3k Gold suddenly vanishes, might've been one of the bonus engines fully researched. Better ask someone from the PTR support so they can check past events on your account.

    Is it any other way to be in contact with ptr support than trough the forum?

    Thanks for your answer, I will check PTR forum instead :)

    I did chose PTR to learn about the game before I start on a regular server as it said it was free gold.

    I think the forum link shall lead to ptr forum when I play on a ptr server.

    Edit: found where to click to get to ptr forum, it was a small text link in blue, not the big green one =)

    Ptr forum don't seems to be a place to ask about how the game works. I'm still wonder about the best way to lay tracks :)

    1.When and how do we get new facilities/industries?

    2. I can build a lot of tracks but they only lead to spots where something will be built in the future. What shall I do with them?

    3. I got 7K gold when I started, I have 3.9 left. I lost a couple K somewhere I don't know how. Do we get new gold or does this have to be sufficient to the end? As I understood I can't buy new gold on this server.

    4. Yes, I'm a newbie.