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    I would like to see the harbors in Big Ben and Tower Bridge, be controlled by the controlling association and not by region officers. Most regional officials have no idea our to play it. If you are playing to harbors or ware houses then you will not be elected to the regions officials. The ships as fun as they could be are not being put to good use in the game.

    I don,t like how hard our titles are to view. They have been made unimportant. I think it is a fun part of the game. Put back on display for everyone to see. Like they used to be.

    Agree--- In Australia a "Jackhole" is a rabbits burrow/hole. It is the manner in which a word is used. Not the word its self.

    The worst conflict that I have had, with another player was on Big Ben. He insisted, that I was not allowed to play in that region or city because in real life I was not from that country. He really lived in this city and he thought he really had a claim to over other game players

    When are you going to bring out the South Pacific game including Australia and New Zealand. So I can claim it as mine. LOL

    The worst is when the controller, calls what industry to play from. Hello waiting time is 10 minutes . I,m going haul out of the called play.

    End games are very abusive especially for chairs. Its not even their game play at fault.

    Behind every player there is a real person.

    Each association should call their own game play in an EG.

    Too many people listen to the so called experts and the whole Mega City fails. Follow your own game play. Get rid of on-line and off -line calls.

    Yes I think its a wasted space. I like the idea of a museum and we could keep a collection of engines . Get points for the standard of the collection. On view for association members too see or anyone who is looking at your Station. Even if its just career points.