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    It is all well and good telling us that this is a known bug and will be fixed at the next update.

    MMMmmm not many fixed at last update yesterday, and I'm sure there were more on the list that would have been labelled 'to be fixed at next update'.

    So when is the next update likely to be.. This is costing us all sorts of losses, and creating a lot of frustration for players.

    With the coming changes, these reserved spaces for association members will count immediately towards the overcrowding rule of cities, regions or factions.'

    Doesn't alter the fact that even though someone has reserved a City for the association, the rest of the members still see it as overcrowded and cannot pre-register for hours or even days

    I like how you set that out. So other than above:-

    Good: Loads faster and looks better.

    Bad. Cannot copy into forums etc using mouse controls. It is possible using keyboard controls but that makes it fiddly for most

    Bad. Mouse over on Top Menu. Account, does not update anything that I can see. To get latest turnover etc you have to refresh the screen

    Bad. Keeps saying Internet connection was broken please reload, after leaving the screen for anything from 30 mins upwards free of any onput

    This cannot be refreshed, as it just gets stuck. you have to close window and start a new one and go back to lobby.

    Yes he will be in time..

    Trains will take 30 mins to collide 0.5 hours.

    Supervisor at 14km/hr will take 0.45 hours to reach the switch

    160km/h +120km/h + 280km/h closing speed... over 140 km means 0.5 hours to collision

    14km/h = 14000 meters per hour. 6300 metres devided by 14000 = 0.45

    Senario opens with a Stop Sitting button which generates You have used prohibited word error. Cannot get into game

    This happens regularly on all 3 servers I play... Com 03, Com 202, US 101...

    Sometimes continuing to try to refresh lets you back in but more often you have to return to lobby and start again... Even then, I have had this more than once from Lobby.

    Well at moment I'm on one server..... 2 more starting next week....

    I seldom have an advert start on Auto..... More likely is they Dont start at all, and on UK at moment... you have a few choices

    Wait 10-12 seconds,,,, Wait 20 secs.... of Maybe,, JUST,,, you might get an arrow to start some advert or another

    Advert for Amazon..... Don't start, and 20 secs before you can reload to get a Travian advert

    Advert for Cadburys.... two of them I know about..... Same

    Advert for NOW TV.... Aha.. that is different..... I t hangs until the 'reload message comes on and then plays... Usually,,,, but might revert to an Travian one

    And for Roadkill... I don't get technical problems with ANY other program I run... Only RN

    And mayube so many people are so fed up they just don't bother posting anymore

    Despite Samusi's claims...

    Other game videos do not start, or very seldom

    Certain Adverts , such as one in UK just now for Amazon, don't even display a number

    They hang for 10 seconds, then we get the 'we can reload in 10 secs' message.... Now 20 secs have gone and nothing has started

    While it is game requirement to watch Videos,,, in order to get bonuses. It is NOT our responsibility to try umpteen different Browsers etc to get them to run

    Nor should it be required to clear cache etc every time something goes wrong.... If we did, we would spend more time clearing cache etc than we would playing.

    But those are always the stock replies from Support

    Getting to be a total waste of time trying to play a game we ALL love, and yet can't because ot just don't work

    It would appear that every time you select to play a video, it either totally hangs or takes a long time to start, and I mean a LONG time.

    However... I've found that if you click the play arrow in the middle of the advert screen then it will select an advert to play

    Not the answer I know,,, But a workaround until Devs get it sorted

    Thanks for updates.... I have worked out that I am better off as a player by sticking it out...... BUT I think it is total crap that as pre registered players we don't have an assoc.... But to join one that has come over as expected,, we cannot.... because the places are reserved for pre registered players.... Is this the biggest balls up RN have ever done???? if not it is getting very near.........

    Just dismissing/ having it deleted, to correct this is not good enough as there are no full assurances that people will get back what they have put into this round already..... In fact we will lose out all ways... If we restart we have no guarantees,,, even you admit there are no options to be able to ensure that.. Plus we know that support don't read tickets,,, they send standard responses as a first....

    If we stay as we are we have to run for 3 days before we can join the assoc we should have been in for a start... Do you think we area all total idiots????? we are getting screwed as players again

    Not at all happy with that Samisu... What about any and all monies spent on this round so far... And as the original login had all featues coming across, like supoer starter pack,, etc ,, will we still get that on second log in???