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    Well whatever the outcome from any Q & A session...... :-

    Travian are totally deluded if they think it will appease the players.

    The facts of the matter is that HTML5 didn't work.

    You all reckon it will be another month before you can get an update out to all

    The game is getting worse, day by day........ Hour by hour

    One can spend as much time refreshing.... OOOOpoooppppp... SORRY... Refresh don't work any more most of the time. You have to go back to lobby and start the game again.... sometimes more than once to get anything to work.

    Up to 3 mins from starting to reschedule trains to actually getting them there.... Provided you don't have to do another refresh., sorry, reload from lobby to see if all have actually taken..

    The game is now getting virtually unplayable. And one thing is for certain.

    If I have to put up with another month of this crap, well I will not be here, and I'm guessing a lot more will not be either.

    What happened to the 'We have stopped fixing all problems, but will still look at major ones'.

    That went out of the window didn't it

    Bottom line is that you have a game that no longer works

    New players leave within days even more than usual because they don't want a game that don't work

    Long standing players are only staying with the game because of friendships made via the game... The game does absolutely nothing to keep our attraction any longer.

    Never mind the technical stuff, that many of us do actually understand....... What about the people that don't.... All they want is a game that is playable .... And right now this is the biggest heap of CRAP I've ever seen in 20 years of gaming..

    And to anyone who does not like what I've said... TOUGH....Many will like it even tho they will not have the guts to say so.

    Hi NiSiuba,

    yes, this issue occurs if you have more than four saved schedules. The bug is registered in our system.

    Kind regards

    Always the same stock answer to most thing.

    Despite many times of asking and being totally ignored players still have no idea what is happening about this "Massive" update supposedly coming soon.

    This was stated as hopefully within 3-5 weeks 8 weeks ago.

    There is an update happening right now, but NOTHING posted about what it is, what might be different and improved, so we are all just waiting to see how little has changed and what else has been broken..
    As you never tell the players anything we just have to wait and see how bad it is after another non update

    To make sure you don't lose any progress you made with the old login bonus, everyone will start with the new mega bonus.

    I thought todays update was to fix the shop...

    I still see it, albeit with the new look under the old 'Info' panel. Specific bonuses per day but with a super bonus on day 14/7. depending on Scenario

    Have you altered it from what was originally published as to what it would be, and where it would be, like in the shop, not in the game screen????

    I think there are too many updates in the game!

    I sort of agree with that... There are far too many updates that do nothing to improve the game. In fact as has just been proven, just break something else.

    Not enough, meaning barely any, that improve the playability of the game. Nor, except for 'soon' do we get any indication of when such updates might happen

    Will you stop fixing bugs completely now?

    No, we continue to fix high priority bugs, especially if they can be transferred to the update.

    Surely bugs that prevent us seeing things, like Messages/forums ingame, like where the city/president bonuses are displayed (covering what we need to see) are a priority... So when Can I start running my screen as it should be run instead of having to have everything text wise blown up to 150% to get anywhere near seeing what I need to

    The stock answer to this Rhoswen is that they cannot compromise the single players ability to play how they wish.

    What they fail to understand is that they are continuously compromising the team play aspect of the game, which in actual fact also affects the individual play of all corp members that play for a City/Region. So they are contradicting themselves all the way down the line.

    You are right... The game is now biased towards individual Freehaulers/non team players, which discriminates against at least 50% of players on any server.

    How is that a fair and balanced way of running a game?????

    As far as I'm concerned the whole messaging system as it is right now is totally rubbish.

    For a start, you cannot see half of the threads properly, they cut off at RH side.. NOT all... system messages are OK

    You cannot edit any mistakes that go in

    You cannot delete threads that are no longer needed

    As has been said, you cannot make any a true Read Only

    You cannot scroll up and down properly... it can and up anywhere

    Need I go on...

    Out of game apps like Discord are so much better... More versatile and much more reliable

    Even people with only 720P screens are having to increase Text size in their computer settings to see all of the ingame message threads.

    If I run my 1440P screen at 100% then I lose literally half of most message boxes, RH side cut off... Even with text at 140% I lose some of it.

    Any larger and everything else looks FAR too large...

    Why is the Lab not working correctly. It's supposed to generate a research point 25% faster with a plus account. That's not happening! This game has really gone down the tubes since switching over.

    I thought that as well, until I spotted some text that says that the 25%bonus has already been applied.

    The playability issues are now getting way beyond a joke.

    If I want to split my trains into 2 to follow 2 chains of integration it takes over 2.5 mins to actually do it, 7 tracks of travel for a Medusa. Before HTML this used to take around 30 seconds.

    I run a QHD screen, so 2560 x 1440 and I have to have my text boosted up tp 150% in order to be able to see messages.. Not ALL messages, System ones are fine, but the rest... they all cut off at the right hand side. Even someone in our group playing on a 720P screen has to have text at 115%.

    We have now had 2 updates, some servers 3, except that that 3rd one was downgraded to a HOT FIX for most servers.

    Both updates have fixed very little.. OK, I accept improvements in logging in, and in the 2nd adverts for + Acc holders. But what about the other 200+ known bugs that are labelled as " To be fixed at next update". " and they are barely touched.

    I'll say again. Travian needs to start looking at the playability issues so that the game can again be enjoyable, instead of it's current state of extremely annoying, and totally frustrating.

    We now have had at last an update.

    Just one little problem, nothing has changed with regards to playability.

    What has happened to all those 200+ bugs in the cute but not very good spreadsheet, that have been labelled all along as "to be fixed at next update"

    These are the issues that players want sorting out, the ones that really affect our ability to play the game with some enjoyment instead of

    complete frustration at so many things not working, so many refreshes in order to make sure what you asked to happen really has done.:cursing:

    So when are we going to get an update that actually does something towards the playability of the game.

    As soon as possible a seconde Fix for this bug will follow so the chance will be reduced again, that you don't get the second video.

    Two points here.

    1. As soon as possible could mean anything, it is on the list for next update according to your spreadsheet.

    But there is no clue as to when that will be either.

    2. Most important. The next fix is not really going to be a fix, so it seems. It will just reduce the chances of us missing a second video.

    That really is not good enough. +Acc holders are guaranteed a second video.. What we really need to know is WHEN are we going to get this feature restored to us