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    According to my screen it is still under maintenance.

    And people are mad because it is second EG in a row that has had the same problems that led to the server going down for a start... And the main thread for this problem is NOT this one

    And where did I say ALL would leave the game...I said a flood of players would leave the game if a satisfactory solution was not given...I know of a lot who would... But I never said ALL...

    We will be announcing the time when the server will be brought back online, so you will know beforehand when to join the endgame again. And from where the round continues.

    We are also discussing what gesture from our side can compensate for the frustration this sudden emergency maintenance during Endgame has caused you.

    What happened is a bit more complicated to solve, but our team is on it full steam and I hope to bring you more news very soon.

    Why can you not post this in the thread that ALL are watching instead of a secondary thread that hardly anyone looks at....

    And as for continuing from where the problems started... That raises the question of WHICH problems....The ones that brought the server down, The same ones that brought tower bridge down.... Or the ones that prevented people getting into the server at all...

    And there is NO compensation that will satisfy people on this one.... So someone up high had better come up with a damned clever solution or you will see a flood of players leave the game

    As I said there is no point in complain when the game crash, now they are trying to solve THIS problem. But the game has many, and if we don´t want to live another crash, we need to complain AFTER the server is fixed.

    The lack of information is however unnaceptable. Many players organize his life to play EG with plenty of time, so if you are thinking about restart the EG today, that won´t work for many of them. You want to create a community here, so use ti: ask what the people think is the best solution. If you want constructive thoughts, stop treating people like bots, because what I can see is that this is a garbage dump where players pour their frustrations and the staff never really answer anything (maybe they don´t know "further information" but then just say it).

    We complained during and after when similar things happened on Tower Bridge a week or so back... And look where it got us... Absolutely nowhere....
    We know before they do if the server is likely to crash... But we are only the paying customers... Why should they listen to us

    I continue to keep my suggestion

    if they choose to NoT restart this end game (rollback) we all have to boycott and park our trains.

    Not enough people would actually do that..... I'd go even further and boycott ALL servers until they sort out the need to refresh after 5 or 6 commands on ALL servers, and they make sure that their servers can handle 300 people online for EGs, which at the moment they cannot it seems...

    But not enough people would do that either

    And as for the report on PTR Discord that it's been frozen from when the problems started last night.... Which problems... The ones that took it down in the first place, or the ones that prevented people getting back in...

    If the second one, then that just will prove once and for all how little they care about players, And I will advertise where ever I can as to how Travian treat their customers

    Not good enough Emziie.... This type of thing happened on Tower bridge very recently... so should have been checked and corrected before this EG started.... Plus other servers are also playing up badly....

    You lot must think we are stupid to not notice these things.... All sorts of questions are asked, and ignored, and nothing really done about all sorts on ongoing major problems....

    Don't be surprised to see many players vanish from the game, as Travian no longer seem to be able to put out a game that actually works as it should at any time.... never mind during an EG

    What the idiots running this game don't seem to be able to accept is that it is seriously broken,,,, and not just this server... we have half a team unable to get into another server......US 103.... and Platform X... Einstein has been playing up as well...

    WE, the players, keep telling em about these things and overall NOTHING IS DONE TO FIX IT....
    Bodge job after Bodge job.... with the same problems coming up on every recent EG that has run

    I think Calamity Jane had the right question...."Is there anyone technically capable of really fixing anything"... The last 12 months has shown us that NO THEY HAVE NOT..

    Silly thing is that we had all this on Tower bridge a week or so back.... and yet it's all happening again...

    They allocated more hardware to that one which did next to no good at all

    For crying out loud.... Either fix the bloody game, or get some coders that can...

    We know some, like ones that teach coding at Harvard .

    What a pathetic situation..

    Another EG, and another server that breaks as soon as even looked at, and now under maintenance..

    Yet another example of the totally inadequate abilities of Travian to supply a game that actually works..

    You are becoming the joke of the gaming world.... and rightly so

    It is NOT just Broadway, it is every server.

    more than 5 or 6 actions and it needs a refresh, which might work, or you might need to reload from the lobby.

    The question about excessive refreshes has been asked for months. There has never been a reply as such, and it is all getting worse by the week/day/hour ???

    So extra hardware was allocated to the server for EG.... What a pity it made so little difference it hardly mattered.

    Anything up to 3-5 refreshes to get things to work... That is not a game and fun to play, it is the biggest pain in the Butt on earth.

    OK we managed to win the EG, but that's it for me.. I've left the server.. Only problem is that all the problems from this server are now starting to manifest onto other servers like US103 and Com5,

    Platform X doesn't get away scott free either, constant refreshes on there also... So if there are future rounds planned for that, I'll not be playing... Which means I'm down to 2 servers from 4, and trust me... Keep putting Mickey Mouse patches onto servers instead of actually FIXING something, then those 2 will go out of the window as well.... And I know a lot of other people are thinking exactly the same.

    Getting to LAST CHANCE stage Travian..... Fix the game properly for the first time in over 12 months, or start seeing your client base reduce drastically.

    Yet again there is severe lag on this server.

    Any command is taking at least 5 seconds to get any form of reaction....

    Ok it's Era change and you'll say EVERYONE is trying to get on at once so................. Well with 205 people online, if that so severely impacts the server then you need a new one... It is Pathetic, especially after all the problems we've had on this server over the last few days..

    EG in a week... It will be unplayable under these types of circumstances.

    FFS get the bloody thing FIXED

    So now it is sort of working again, but if had any more lag or went any slower then we might as well just keep our trains parked...

    At least 5 secomds to apply any research points, and that is a quick command

    Money appears to be around the same as when it went offline hours ago

    Load from lobby and havd to do a refresh right away in order to reschedule trains

    Getting way beyond a joke

    This a 2x speed server, so why is everything working at 1/10 speed

    And if it stays like this for EG in a week, then that will be nearly impossible to play

    noone can sit all day "waiting for an update" and therefore loads of people are going to miss a restart, if thats what happens. I think this "issue" needs updating via email, with a delay to restart time, so that everyone has a fair chance of picking up "from the same point".

    Fat chance of that... and Bonfire™ .. yes it is good that someone is looking at it, but 12 hours after people were starting to park trains.???? Far too long for a 24/7 operation. but typical of Travian

    Well that was a waste of a reply... Std stock reply that says nothing, and it took 12 hours to get that.

    Totally unacceptable..... This is a supposedly 24/7 operation.. we should not have to wait 12 hours for s response on something so serious

    Refreshing every 10-15 mins is quite normal... or anything more than approx 6 commands
    this increases to every 2-5 mins during an EG

    In both cases, totally unacceptable, and yet NOTHING is ever done about it

    9 hours now and still NO response whatsoever from support/devs etc etc I guess TMH was right... They are all on Holiday until the 4th Jan

    Over 7 hours since this thread was opened, and not 1 response at all from anyone in Travian.

    Disgusting at best. So we had hours on end of not really earning anything. Players parking trains because they had no cash to service them, and now the server has gone off line.

    Well It's very quickly getting to the stage where they should take ALL servers offline and keep them offline until they can supply a game that is playable.

    The game runs 24/7.... Someone should be there to at least acknowledge that they have seen the problem 24/7 as well... 7 hours with NO response is beyond belief.

    probably have to wait til they get back from their vacation on monday.

    who in their right mind shuts down for a week when they run a 24h live service???

    Set of Halfwits, that's who.

    Let's face it the game has been broken ever since they started with HTML5.

    For every bug they claim to have fixed there are 2 more

    The game on all servers is getting worse by the week

    But yeah... right now Tower Bridge .. Words fail me.

    Overall, as long as it looks pretty and is easier for them to alter things, they seem to have forgotton about the main purpose of the game. That it is playable, WITHOUT having to refresh every few minutes, without all the other crap they say we should do to make it work.
    And I'm sick of all these messages telling me my internet connection is broken, Make sure I'm connected to the internet etc etc etc... For crying out loud, most of the time OF COURSE I'M CONNECTED... I'm playing on another Refresh Nation Server..

    Couldn't run a piss up in a Brewery even if you organised it for them