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    Maybe 10,000 career points would be fair, who knows how many points I would have racked up if the round did not get screwed. It would certainly be much more the 1000.... this just keeps getting better and better.... can’t wait to see what the entire Gold compensation will be and how insulted I will be by what will be determined by RN as “Fair” compensation..... 1000 career points.... pifff

    You should let us decide then how much gold is proper compensation.... 100,000 gold does not even seem like it would be enough.... the time I have into this round as well as everyone else’s time? How do you even begin to quantify this compensation. The round is ruined for everyone.

    OMG are you serious????? I have lost all my hard work this round and I can not get back my old Avatar?????? This is insane.... End Game is in a few days.... RN has ruined this round for many of us and your compensation is what???? Plus account for a round? Your company is a failure and you should be ashamed of yourselves. You own me and everyone else who you screwed over a lot more then a simple Plus account for a round. I am insulted by that.

    When the hell is my Avatar going to be fixed??????!!!!!!! This is completely unreasonable. This will have a devastating result for all players and Corps.

    You stated this will not all be fixed today.....this is no way to run a business, I guess you all need to sleep and not fix the problem, is that it? Must be nice to constantly screw over your customers and leave them hanging.

    Have a nice sleep RN staff