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    It's a heartache nothing but a heartache hit's you when it's too late. Hit's you when your doooowwwnnn !

    Bonnie Tyler circa 1984 this may have do to with the Orwellian Agenda LOL

    Vids are terrible again hit n miss mainly a big fat miss also noy getting credit for 3 buildings built in Day 1 of the Whiner Event sorry weiner er l mean Winter it's the game playing tricks on me or am l a bad person the humanity !

    Pyr 1 and 3

    Oh well, represent the regions and their distinctive landmarks animals and culture. The Pyramids are a no brainer scorpions the Ibex and the weird is always appreciated. The flying carpet and The Jin are Persian and Palm Leaves would all represent the area reasonably. I don't think the AK47 is a good idea keep it to the uniqueness of each region you represent. Chopsticks are a true representation of the Chinese culture their temples are unique so is their government but that's for another day ! Be creative show some of the past and the present in both scenery and Logo's for those awesome new places that are truly awe inspiring and wonderfully diverse in their culture's and lifestyle. Also have fun never lose sight of this ideal !

    Each game is exactly that a game you were lucky to have obtained so many in one game. It would be unfair to all new players if one guy has 15 trains to begin the game and your hard pressed trying to get your 5 th Swallow up n running !

    If only you could import 6.8 billion images into the game and have so many varieties that it becomes an emoji war and by the time you figure what colour look size shape scope or trend you wish to play under the game will have already finished. Sometimes just like life, less is more . KISS is an acronym that comes to mind. Keep it super simple ! Have fun just don't ruin it with too many "bells and whistles" it is a train game not MINDCRAFT !

    I have seen and confronted many new things in RN the updates are at first awkward and weird then so is sex with a new partner if you give it enough time it becomes old hat and soon you'll be looking for the next update. I have been playing Steam Boiler and they have a new station setup you no longer see your buildings and you have no idea how long your building will take for completion, instead they use a percentage completed counter which works but the time is no longer posted. This is odd because it was easy to set a clock or stop watch to remind yourself that your building is finished anyway new though different is something to be tried because water does'nt run without turning the tap.

    In general it is the length and size of the rolling snake ! It's cars of steel thundering across the vast landscapes of every form in every Country on the planet. They are the number one forum of transportation for so many of the raw goods that we use and need for every day use' Then along came Europe and Japan's Bullet Trains transporting passengers at 300 km/h now that is quick and such a marvel of technology.Enough said they are just neat, big, loud, and fast they come rolling by and next thing you know your looking at the back end of a caboose.Kind of like life it just passes you by.

    Every bonus train is a glorious perk yo your bottom-line each will generate revenue right away you only need to maintain them and they haul most Era goods throughout the round. Winning another bonus train can either hurt or hinder your fellow players depends on who's in the competition. If you own the train already maybe tell other players in your corporation or be mean and steal it away from your competitors.