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    If you want to win you need to commit.

    That means using a alarm clock. A lot.

    For worker auctions,industry&city levelups, daily prestige counters,competitions,license auctions,changing schedules,title potentials and so much more.

    So stop being lazy,stop listening to your doctor(he has no clue how to play video games or have any fun in general,he probably wants you to stop smoking and drinking too).

    Sleep is for losers :D

    Imo there will be no round2 because they implemented the round2 on the previous episode because round1 of episode one aligned with the masters. AFAIK german( wich isnt good by any standard).

    Salix(german blueposter) said:


    Das ist uns natürlich aufgefallen. Das Jahr hat leider nur 12 Monate, weshalb es in aller Regel nicht möglich ist, Überlapp komplett zu vermeiden. In diesem besonderen Fall fanden wir den Überlapp zwischen Masters Finale, das ja doch recht intensiv ist, und einem Format mit neuem Gameplay zu wichtig, um diesen Überlapp einfach so in Kauf zu nehmen. Daher wird diese Episode von Platform X für 2 Runden laufen. Die zweite Runde startet kurz nach Ende der ersten Runde (Daten folgen noch) und zu diesem Zeitpunkt ist dann auch das Masters Finale vorbei.


    The bold text translates into "That is why this episode will last 2 rounds"

    Original posting in the german forum :

    So here is my life story,

    My laptop battery died so i used my old phone( alcatel pixi 3). I bought it for 20 euro years and years ago. It is totally useless. But laptop needed a new battery right,so what i should i do in the mean time?

    I downloaded railnation to my old phone, and to my suprise it didnt only work but it worked with widgets and the best part was instead of videos i get a popup "video's not available,you can collect your bonus in 30 seconds". Yeah really, like that.

    From now on i have a special device/platform to watch my daily video streak.My pollux is so happy.

    I've been playing since beta well over the better part of the last decade and i've been doing that on a extremely old laptop(it is 10+ years old).I can't afford any better.

    I do use windows 10 and i use brave(chromium) and chrome.It looks better then it ever did.But it plays worse,way way worse,in fact i can't even play it on my laptop so i have to play on my phone and i can't really chat,read or talk on my phone because the keyboards takes up half the screen.

    So I am done playing.Please email when its fixed and no one complaints,or when you(railnation) donates me one of your old workstations :D

    Anyways thanks for the 7+ years of pleasure.

    The speedtest difference between Berlin and Munich is likely because of the recieving pc/server and its connection.Basically anyone(/everyone) can become a host.

    But i agree,they could do with a upgrade.

    I can vouch for Tired Old Guy,he was in a three man asso bullied by a 25 asso(#2asso) with two friendly asso's(#1&top 10) and they where out to get him.Even facilities not needed by anyone where under attack constantly.I tried to play the middle man( i was in one of the friendly asso's) but the answer i got was that they wanted him(Tired Old Guy) to leave the game.There was no way for him to do anything.If he moved they followed.

    I've in 65 rounds never seen anything like it.

    Open cmd.exe

    type: tracert

    Hit enter.

    check where the problem is by finding the biggest increase.I don't have a problem but did it anyway :

    1 3 ms 1 ms 1 ms [xxx]

    2 5 ms 9 ms 4 ms [1xxxx]

    3 5 ms 10 ms 4 ms [xxx]

    4 5 ms 5 ms 6 ms [xxx] <-- last connection of my ips

    5 7 ms 6 ms 5 ms []

    6 6 ms 5 ms 5 ms []

    7 21 ms 19 ms 20 ms []

    8 20 ms 28 ms 19 ms []

    9 19 ms 21 ms 20 ms []

    10 22 ms 26 ms 30 ms []

    11 20 ms 19 ms 19 ms []

    12 20 ms 20 ms 20 ms []

    13 20 ms 24 ms 23 ms []

    Telia is based in England,the travian servers are based in Munich.I have no clue why it travels all across the northsea :D

    Alternatively you can check if packets are lost somewhere by replacing tracert with pathping

    I just got a legendary offer : buy any goldpackage and get a primus,lotterytickets,100g,a swallow re-skin "adler" and more goodness.But i crashed and its gone now :(

    Is this related to it will take a while untill all systems are working correctly or is the offer still standing?..... for the record i said "deal" once i saw the offer and i think we have a verbal contract now ;)

    No kidding.If you hide the ptr nobody will find it.And if nobody can find it nobody will test anything ;)

    But at least in between internal errors and main application errors and the brandnew " IDS_ERROR_NONE" we now can find some nerds stalking our trains

    Hmm then someone is giving me loads of plus days because i am stacked with it.

    Feel free to see where it is comming from Sami,it is still under the collect button on international usa scenarios and soe scenarios.Weeks worth.

    only options are to cheat (not my style) or leave the game after ERA 1 as many did (myself included) in the present Loch Ness round.

    Well you could just keep playing and then sabotage waiting times in their endgame.They already wasted twelve weeks of your life,better make sure they wasted their twelve weeks like everybody else.That said i left that server before era2 hit aswell(Region was west).I couldn't motivate myself to wait eleven weeks to see if i could find out what region had their players start out in my region with the purpose of crushing it from the bat.

    This thread tho,Pvp is pvp,if you want something else i suggest a particular Sid Meier game with trains,eventhough the npc's look alot like "destructive" players in this game

    It is pretty easy to make gold,albeit time consuming :

    Start on a server,don't spend any gold.

    Build engineshed.Buy trains.Login once a day to re-schedule(if needed) and repair.Rinse and repeat for 6 eras.

    Do this for a couple of rounds and you have a stack of gold 8o

    Don't waste gold on plus at all.Just go on a other server(same localization and type as your current server) do the tutorial,buy plus with the tutorial rewards,then go to tranfer gold and delete your char.After 3 days you can collect the remaining days of plus.You can also (unactively) play the whole round and also get your prestige turned into gold at a 100 to 1 ratio.Easy 400+ gold,way more if you're active enough to farm prestige in the endgame.Then buy plus and transfer that.



    I only found out recently about this silly gold4prestige and transfering plus system because i had a long haitus playing(we didn't have this in the past) but now i am cashing in :D

    Who cares about inflation (of gold AND "active"players)?.....Travian surely doesn't :evil:

    This way, if someone logs in once a day, spends all 20 million they earned that day on a single facility (being destructive to the previous owners, and, incurring huge opportunity cost) at least you will retain your wait time discount if you were quick to invest upon leveling.

    Shouldn't be a problem at all for a player of your stature.Minor hickup maybe but something to laugh at,not something to worry about :P

    Anyways,in your solution how are you accountable?There already is no real way to get back at people(anymore) and at least now people can potentially have a minor impact on waiting times.The way i read your suggestion is that you want to completely remove that option as well.

    Are you sure you don't want Travian to hold your hand as well? ;)

    [Edit : this was a reply to now removed post.]

    Replyer rendition of now removed screenshot convo with some creative liberty:

    Player x(the bully) : i will kill all your trains and bases

    Original reply :

    He can only do what you can do to him.

    Good you covered his name though,naming&shaming is not allowed.You could ask for help in global chat of your server,naming&shaming doesn't apply there and maybe there is a dedicated anti-bully on your server.In that case also write to support that your anti-bully bodyguard needs tools to do his job :D