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    the more Travian earns on a game the more they will invest in it to boost there profit !!

    Have a nice day

    Cheers Rype

    The more players that actually have fun playing, the bigger the pool of potential players buying gold.

    So instead of making your nose brown you could show some empathy with your fellow players.

    Either way nobody needs someone complaining that somebody is complaining about someone thats complaining about others that are complaining is okay however :D

    It is not up to you to tell others what they do is constructive or deconstructive because that is subjective.And i like the word embargo just as much as you do,but no thanks to all of it.

    While their should be some accountability,we cannot have mayors or presidents decide anything in that regard.All that does is increase people creating multiple accounts to vote for themself or plain bullying to pester people that they don't like.Unlikely merrit of players will have anything to do with anything in the end.

    My suggestion to combat noobs or saboteurs :

    - More rival spots,maybe with a longer cooldown(48 hours in example).
    - Rival spots for players without a asso/corp.

    And a big important one that works on many levels :

    - Waiting time needs to buffed big time.Like they actually should have a impact.This,as a added bonus next to rival spots/non majorities meaning something,will also increase the pool of used engines; Less Bread&Butter!!.And when you want to prevent a accidental city level up/solo saboteur leveling the city up all it takes is to increase occupancy and decrease stocks on some rg's. <--- Sounds like a game i used to play...Also had trains...And also named Railnation....Wtf what happend :D

    Ah i thought you guys said you could register with a nearly filled asso without paying for it.

    That is what i understand when someone says

    "However, with Pre-Reg teh HQ Award is a vital award to get in the first stages when most players will still be counting their daily profits in k' rather than M's, and a good sized Assoc will enter the game with HQ fees around 7M".

    I was about to suggest to fix this bug easily by completely removing the HQ donation from all tutorials if the difference between a novice and a alumni is 27 mil but i misunderstood.

    "Every time I read your nameplate, I see Evil Eve. After your last response, I know I am reading it correctly. "

    Before i figured out these digits where arab i was so confused why they would mirror themself on the forum compared to ingame.Last time i steal what i think is a font ;-)

    "They also give diplomacy and being a good human being a competitive advantage, which I personally like to see."

    Yeah indeed,eventhough those gestures can be seen in the wrong light it is alot better then pestering less active players.And the majority will see your actions in the right light anyway.

    "As we have discussed before, the biggest threat to Rail Nation on the server we share is everyone getting together and agreeing what city they were going to play for. The first time I quit playing was after the endgame city had fully one third of all players in game hauling for it at endgame."

    Yeah that is pretty boring,same goes for people always starting in the same city round after round.What concerns me more is the trading of city flips though.They don't even pretend to fight.Just play [we make it red today you make it blue tomorrow and we both get a bonus to our prestige].Rinse and repeat.Their should be diminishing returns at least.Or a flat rate for conquering a city...and a need for defending it.Lose city lose prestige.Or something like that.

    " On the server we share, the little Napoleans have basically lost all power as free ranging corps dominate the top 5 associations meaning anyone looking for a fight, will get one, and lose."

    Yeah no way to do anything against someone without a city.I guess the smarter Napoleans hide in corners but i think they mostly play submissive lapdogs hoping they get a pass.No one dares to argue with them.

    "Would the game die if the little Napoleans realized the devs would never give them total control? Would the game die if the devs DID give them total control?"

    You know i live in the past right : There was this time we couldn't take the majority in a facility untill x ammount of goods in x ammount of time was hauled from it.A time when instant dispatch after two or three times would be expensive as...a large sum of cash,A time brainless hauling stuff would result in far less optimal hauling stuff while getting paid petty cash,a new era would mean you couldn't haul anything new untill you upgraded your fleet.Much more i can't remember atm no doubt.

    They cater to casuals on iphones paying big bucks imo.Not saying everyone with a iphone is a casual.But pretty damn close :P

    If possible, you could also send them the video id number (5 numbers) on top corner of the ad videos that aren't working. This would be most useful.

    I hope the videos start to roll again soon like they used to!

    De video's Adomino is talking about have no id.They're hosted by google.

    Atleast if they where working we could say : we get a loading screen for the loading screen,we might as well get ads for the ads :P

    So let me get this straight.

    If you pre-reg you get free HQ donations untill any level,if you have to pay 7.5 million that means lvl 14 ; more then 20 million per donating player in free HQ levels.

    That doesn't make any sense.Why would a novice player set back over 20 million just because he didn't start one round earlier?

    What happend to the good old "new round new chances" model?

    1. Reduce the required goods card to 6 or 8 goods and replace each goods immediately it's quota is filled. (This should also make it slightly harder for spoilers to ruin the end-game.)

    2. For the endgame only, calculate consumption using the number of active players who have the city selected as home rather than the number of players connected to the city.

    1. Used to be like that.Was rather boring,the new good in would always(nearly) be the online call and that is it.

    As for spoilers that ruin already get five million instant dispatch thingies,hydras if you run out of them and nowadays trains are forced to finish their schedules and its pretty hard to spoil 12 goods 24/7.There is nearly nothing anyone can do to sabotage a endgame anymore...and because its a competition sabotage should be part of it and frankly we could use with some more options for it.Getting a chance to retaliate those nasty bullies that have been bugging you for 6 eras etc.In example in trucknation we got to notify police about smuggling; potentially decreasing income of other associations/players/cities and in railnation i for one would like to notify the labour union the people in the car factory of city x are overworked =O

    2. So if everyone from my city sets your city as homecity my city wins easily?

    Seriously though isn't hiding a cities endgame intent part of the game if you can't take the heat of a high profile city?

    Allthough i think the best of the best should always be on top.Rank 1 from day one to 48/48(49/49).With 1 exception...if your asso/corp can have the rank 1 city and the rank 10 city in the endgame,it is pretty sweet to finish goods in the rank 1 city untill you can start in the rank 10 city for a easy win :D

    P.S. My noobs regularly wait 45 minutes with over 25% online to haul a new RG without a single ton breaking golden hour..

    Good to see you're aboard with this finally :P

    Nearly finishing a good in a single recalc is a lovely past time right :D

    I don't think it should be in the tutorial though.Because then you get all new newbies whining people should wait for recalcs eventhough there is only 2 people online.Because you know ...counting who is online(or asking in chat,eventhough its hidden nowadays) is extremely hard and delivering slightly more goods then you would without golden hour in that golden hour because you waited three quarters of a hour is just :cursing:

    Unless the tutorial task would also incorperate that ammount you deliver in that golden hour should be higher then then deliveries 2 recalcs after you start hauling(in your example 45 minutes of 0 seconds+1 hour of whatever the waiting time is then).But i think thats to complicated for the tutorial.

    Example where breaking happy hour in a (unactive) city results in more goods delivered :

    A: 45 minutes parked(or hauling something else)+Hauling full happy hour = 100%

    B: Breaking happy hour 45 minutes early adds 20% to the total schedule time of A= 75% deliveries of A plus one hour of the increased total schedule time= 80%. Total goods delivered is 155% of A.

    Also as an example of drama caused : two days ago we in grandcentral's SLC leveled at 15 minutes past the hour.Recalc also happens at 15 minutes past the hour.And on 20 past the hour someone was causing drama about golden hour ; "we all know it will be broken so i might as well be the one breaking it".

    No tutorial will ever fix that ^^

    You get them in email or via facebook in example but way more likely is you get them from other players.And let me give you one right away ^^

    "happybirthday2018" without quotes.

    Use it and it will tell you what it does.

    I think you're overtheorising(if thats a thing) Stubaski.

    There will be plenty of time later in the game to truly compare various engines in real time,especially the early level engines are extremely cheap compared to how much money you will be making.

    Easy enough to buy them(when you're upgrading your fleet in example,or after the endgame etc) and let them haul a couple of different schedules(like a 4 track facility with 0 waiting time,a 2 track facility with 20 sec waiting time and whatever else you can think off).Only thing then hard to judge fairly is reliability really.

    Regardless you will see some engines are overpowered.And some are overestimated.

    It will blow your mind =O


    USA and SoE on the other hand may show you an announcement every time you sign in to your game world and we are doing our best to fix this.]

    Just to paint to full picture and hopefully help you guys fix it faster; i also get the announcement if i check the trains of other players(or actually when i stop doing that and switch back to my own engines).Like the game thinks i went offline for a bit or something.