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    Samisu, a comment you made brings up another question:

    "...and also remember that Gold/Plus you can transfer (purchased) is not always the same as Gold/Plus that you can use."

    Is Gold/Plus, be it free or purchased, used during the game in the same order as it is acquired? Meaning is the 'oldest' Gold/Plus used first regardless of the source?

    Or, must the purchased Gold/Plus stock be depleted entirely during a game before any of the free stock is drawn down?

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    Thank you, Samisu. Your message is encouraging.

    You seem to be indicating Plus days are indeed lost during the avatar deletion period. That is a high price to pay for stopping by to check and see if I want to play a round.

    Over the years, I have played on quite a few servers, some with an alternate avatar, so being able to choose which avatar to use will be most helpful.

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    PS - If the devs get into it, they may want to add, for example, number of days served as mayor, if applicable. Such information will be useful to the player and should increase overall interest in the game, imo.

    Easy and quick way is to just login and visit all of those servers where you have gold and see how much you have on each. Say hi to your cousin :saint:

    Samisu, what you propose as a solution does not seem either easy or quick.

    If I do what you suggest, I will have an active avatar which I may choose not to play. There is no logical reason why beginning a game should be necessary to simply determine a specific data value.

    And as someone above mentioned, any Plus days I may have might be depleted by three days.

    So, let us ask the specific question: Once an avatar has been deleted, does the player lose three days of Plus while the 72-hour deletion period runs? Or, all remaining Plus time if less than three days are available to the player?

    I'm adding my voice to the players above: Please add such a gold accounting to the avatar lobby. This would be such a simple programming task I can't imagine an argument against.


    I have four avatars and wish to be able to determine, from the lobby or from anywhere outside a game environment, on which servers each of these avatars have available gold. Having gold there would also indicate there is Plus account days available.

    How can I do this?

    I have a cousin who is interested to learn to play and I'd like to suggest a server so we can begin the round on Day 1. Knowing which of my avatars to use for that round will be very helpful.



    Yes, I understand the categories. As a top active player (#2), I have Misc 155 points, the Misc leader has 1587.

    All I can think is he must have a lot of titles.

    Hauling strictly within the corp goal-of-the-day format, I don't earn many titles.

    I'm playing USA scenario on server US102 and am in the top 10 in all prestige points.categories except for the Miscellaneous category where I am rank #515.

    What actions or achievements contribute miscellaneous prestige points?

    The Winter Event has started on US102, Grand Central. Do you know of a forum thread dedicated to coordinating buying/selling in the WE on GC?

    I recently went here >>> Transfer options -> settings -> collect gold

    Listed was 450 gold units available for collecting. This is gold from older games.

    I had approx. 1600 units of gold on the OJ server and a few days of Plus account.

    Will I be notified when the OJ server accounting is finished so I can collect all gold and Plus account?

    Thanks and help, please.

    Leave the light green and round but add 'zzz' over it after 15 minutes or so of no activity, including no mouse, pad or finger movement.

    Btw, AFK = Away from keyboard or what?

    I favor having a portion of the old and new association building methods. The following comments refer primarily to the USA East-West scenario.

    1) Allow pre-registeration for your team's chosen city.

    2) The first pre-registered person to log in to the new game becomes the chair. The next five pre-registered players to log in become the members. Allow one or two newbie spots.

    3) So, your association begins at 6 members plus a newbie or two, if you can recruit them. Sub-associations can be created if desired.

    4) Build your main association as was done previously. Perhaps award HQ vouchers with a slightly higher frequency, in addition to the Lucy task.

    5) To promote a greater participation in HQ donations among all members, award prestige points as is currently done but also award 1 RP for a player's first HQ donation, 2 for the second, etc.

    I feel that returning to the HQ growing requirement will allow time for growth of an aspiring smaller association and also allow the opportunity for the emergence of a surprise city at the beginning of a game.

    With associations nearly fully-staffed at game start in the USA scenario, the winning association (of which I have been a member for several games on Grand Central) and the winning city are virtually predetermined at game start.

    The top associations and their chosen cities will still likely prevail but they will have to work harder to do so.

    The following I noticed immediately but I waited hours to be sure.

    In my Era 6, Day 12 GC game running 25 Lindys + career engine and all bonus engines, I had to abandon using the notebook PC today. The game was locking up frequently when attempting to set schedules following the 4.8 update, where previously it locked up much less often.

    I switched this game to the desktop PC which provides more reliable game service and it is also locking up more often following the update, though less than the notebook PC.

    And actually, up until this update, my Lenovo Yoga 710 notebook and also my Dell desktop unit were performing much better than in previous games. So this release is a big step backwards from the standpoint of reliable game play.

    Hope this information is of use to the developers.

    Thank you for the wide screen information. I shall look at the display options.

    For the game locking up (freezing) problem, I have gotten replies from my corp mates.

    Everyone replying (and others I know that didn't reply) have the same problem. The game freezes or restarts itself following a crash when trying to set consecutive schedules in the later Eras. To try to prevent this happening, we restart constantly throughout the day. All this restarting must put a strain on your servers.

    Most players in our corp are in a dozen or more cities. We run comps and set good schedules frequently.

    If you audit my account, you will see, I assume, that I restart many times a day, either because the game has stopped working or I do so voluntarily.

    Another annoying bug plagueing us: The city location/zoom buttons keep disappearing. This began happening following the latest game upgrade.

    The game freezing problem preceded the latest game upgrade.

    Thanks for listening.

    Oh, I can reply now about the large dialog box issue I mentioned above.

    I'm referring to the size of the city info and the good facility boxes. They are huge, covering most of the map area! And, like I said, they do not even fit on the screen of my Lenovo YOGA 710 notebook. Someone there in RN support has this same notebook so you can view that issue on their device.

    The city info box looks in size like it used to in the past before sidebars were introduced.

    I much prefer to see my map at all times. especially when clicking through all the cities I am connected to to check for current leveling and red/blue hauling status.

    Other people may like the large city and facility boxes as you now have them. So please give us the ability to choose our preference >> Dialog box or sidebar. I prefer the sidebar display.

    And, to be clear, I am not referring to the chat or widget boxes. Those we can use or resize as we please.

    Thanks and ask/comment if you need more explanation.

    The new update is really nice, however:

    1) For the way I play the dialog boxes are much too large. They cover most of the screen on my desktop PC and for my 11" notebook unit, they will not even fit on the screen.

    Can you give us the option to have the city and other info shown on the sidebar so the map remains visible? That is much more user friendly.

    2) MOST IMPORTANT!! Please lighten the load on our devices. What good are all these really nice enhancements if the game will not function? For active players, the game freezes dozens of times per day when attempting to set schedules. And occasionally will freeze or dump me out if I stay logged on too long even if I am doing nothing. I use Win 10 and Chrome.