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    I am one of the players who play for free too.

    I don't buy gold, I only have the ones I win or otherwise get while playing.

    I am very disappointed.

    The new bonus system is not good for players, maybe for Travian Games :(

    I always log in or have a sitter once a day. . .

    I play on two GG servers. I don't keep detailed bonus statistics. But as a daily bonus, I usually get a lottery ticket and as a megabonus I got five tickets. In the old way, I would have received them as well, as well as plenty of other bonuses, as DSnepke writes. I don't know who it's good for, but for us - the players - definitely NOT.

    I am assuming you are talking about the latest US103 server round that ended on Saturday?
    If yes, this issue has been solved today and all lobby achievement progress have been awarded.

    If this is about another server, plsease specify. Keep in mind, that we have about 80 servers and none is named RD 15. :)

    Hi, I think tstheump wanted to write that he played 15 rounds of RN on some server

    Hi Samisu

    Sorry Samisu, but I think it's quite a difference if I randomly get 1,000 gold or 100 gold or Cargo Bonus Engine or 5x Free lottery tickets . . .

    It could be according to the Epoch

    As for gold prices... You know you don't have to buy all the bonus locos? I never buy bonus locos. That is the part that is too expensive, by far, because they only last for one game round. On a passenger server, if I bought all the bonus locos, I would need about 27K gold; and then another 27K next round to buy them again.

    Either they should be significantly cheaper, or they should be a one-time purchase, so you gradually can collect them all and they stay with your account like the career loco does.

    Compare for example, the big advantage that the plus account is, which costs only 150 for 7 days. To have plus account for the whole of a 2x game round is only 1050 gold, even if you don't count winning any in lottery tickets, and you even have a few days over for the beginning of the next round. That's less than half the cost of a single bonus loco!

    Agree, I don't buy bonus locomotives. They are really too expensive

    I seem to have lost an engine on the map, is there a way to locate it and reset. tried the schedule assistant. also how do you go about making acquaintances to add to the corporation?

    And you can give a reloading the game and then what the hilti advises


    Filters work, but a little differently than before. When opened, they appear to be inactive, but are actually turned on.

    You need to turn them off - ban button.

    And then gradually turn on the city, or warehouses of individual raw materials or WAREHOUSE

    My procedure

    1/ Snímek Lightshotu

    2/ Snímek Lightshotu

    3/ Snímek Lightshotu

    I meant bottom right, yes. It's not that I don't like the mechanic, but more that sometimes it feels like the message disappears too quickly (probably due to lag, but if the message stayed there for a little longer it would be fine!) and I'd like the messages to be kept somewhere after they've popped up.

    The messages are in the massaging system tab - both common - forums and private - news