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    Hi everyone, I have a question about the end game and a restart.

    When the era 7 ends, everything will restart from the zero? even if I continue in the same world? what about the corporation, I continue in the same? My buildings in the level it is now?

    Thank you


    Yes, everything is from scratch again. You will have one career locomotive left. And you can pre-register with your association in a city.

    The 20% cheaper building upgrade is automatically used on the next upgrade you make. It should be optional, like the instant upgrade and other vouchers.
    If I want to save that 20% cheaper building voucher for something very expensive, I can't upgrade anything else in the mean time. It should not be that way.

    I think that "postpone" can only be an immediate upgrade, others - wagons, tracks,. . .- must be used first.

    But I also like this option - use the discount of my choice.

    Hi Rhoswen,

    I misinterpreted it. "Warehouse" is not a warehouse for me, but a specific factory - a coal mine, a foundry, metal production, a wood warehouse, a grain farm, a sawmill,. . . .

    Hi Joe--

    I'm a newb so I have to ask what the following means: "putting OFF goods" and "adherence to the warehouse."



    "putting OFF goods"

    during the game finals

    one raw material for He players - it is carried by those who are online and can react quickly to changes in the weighed raw material

    one resource for Off players - it is carried by those who can only log in occasionally and I can't react immediately to a change of resource

    "adherence to the warehouse"

    one specific warehouse is designated - eg Coal Denver Northeast - and all OFF players should transport coal to the city - Denver - from this warehouse

    Co je tedy zajímavé

    Hráči na východě - modří - se NEMOHLI přihlásit

    Ale hráči na západě - červení - se MOHLI přihlásit ?? A dokonce uzavírat suroviny??

    A podle mně nejde o žádné využití nebo dokonce zneužití pravidel.

    Zkrátka to na cca 45 - 60 min vypadlo. A předpokládám a doufám, že stejný názor mají i naši velice zdatní soupeři - modří z východu.

    Napiš na support. Snad ti poradí nebo pomůžou. Tak, jak jsem to popsal to normálně funguje. Pro u tebe ne, to na dálku a po akci nedokážu vysvětlit. ;)

    Zdar, při použití na nádraží zaplatíš peníze, použiješ při tom ten pokaz a nemusíš čekat na dostavění. Je to okamžitě. Dobrý požít na DEPO


    for me the best point is B)

    Is there any way to get engines out of the city or museum once they are in there??


    Yes, it works. You enter the option "Move to museum / Reactivate" and there you enter which locomotives you put in the museum and which you activate. But you have to have capacity in the Depot.
    According to the LVL of the city, the depot has a capacity of 7 - 11 - 15 - 19 - 22 - 25 active locomotives. And you can have significantly more locomotives in the Museum.