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    First you add him ...then go to menu choises (up and right )and find your sitter...then press the right arrow after the name of sitter and that is!

    Well, I want to put forward some proposals for change.

    First sentence: Because I was overwhelmed, and I hope most, to "star in" the same cities themselves, see Corinth, etc. I suggest that there be a penalty of 10% either in the waiting time or in the tonnage needed the city if it becomes a metropolis in the final.

    The rate may be staggered and should also apply to the second and eg the third city. Of course, this percentage will be added if the city returns first or in the first three to the next server, ie if it comes out twice the first Metropolis Corinth in the third server will play with a 20% increase in tonnage or waiting times and goes on to say .. Some people too get started ... So many cities there is a pity to star only 2-3 .

    2nd promotion:Bonus to active players and penalty to inactive,clones,and multiple bets.I suggest - as in Formula 1 - that the first 100 of the prestige should normally participate and the others have a time delay, for example, that the 100-200 will start after one hour carrying - no matter in which city they play - 300 after one and a half 300-400 after 2 hours as well as in the ranking of Metropolises.

    There is still a percentage on the first one player, for example, 30% of the first one, even if the first one ends with 300,000 x 30/100 = 90,000 presses. So those who have less than 90,000 presses DO NOT carry in the final ... so we reward the burners who are night time in, the active players and fight the clones since they will not be able to catch so big a press, inactive players entering the 3rd season or planting to play ONLY the final but also the observed accounts give their codes to their teammates and carry ONLY to the final ,.

    thanks a lot