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    The worst round I have ever played on Rail Nation EVER.... for all those who say that gold didn't win the game, you all can go stuff it! Even on normal servers those who win the most often are those who have spent more money. If I am wrong, prove me wrong, and I will admit it.

    But this masters server??? A complete fail in my eyes, aside from buying the win, which at a certain point I just didn't care anymore, it was completely un-enjoyable! the server issues are complete fail to fix anything.

    forgive the snarkiness, but I am sure the CEOs of Travian are celebrating about now and laughing at our complaints. Well done Travian.

    I will NEVER play another Masters Tournament EVER.

    Bonus videos and lotto tickets are NOT something I need. I can live without them and as JD has said... that is a HUGE increase just to play with a plus account without the option of being able to get era packages and such. NOT WORTH IT at all. I have been playing over 3 years now and the way it was, was perfect. This is just another way for Travian to get more money for servers that lag, videos that dont work, new features that are buggy, etc... etc... really