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    So i just started on the new east vs west map. just opened today. i have watched many videos, even have the 10 acheivement but still no new bonus train, am i doing something wrong?? from what it says we should get it on the first bonus video we watch correct?

    heres the problem, now i dont know the time zones for the stockport teams, but trying to pull off that strat of people logging in and out at certain times across the globe is insane to expect. so if they are a team that plays similar timezones or if any team does that they will have a huge advantage, and from what i gather there isnt suppose to be any advantage on x platform. I know for a fact our asso couldnt pull that off with where everyone is from and trying to live a normall life. just my 2 cents

    is there any plan to adjust the manipulation of tonnage for end game? i mean kudos to those that figured it out and i know it was there for anyone to use but it really felt kind of like a kick in the you know what when we realized endgame was over before it really even started.