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    The introduction of so powerful an agent as steam to a carriage on wheels will make a great change in the situation of man.

    Thomas Jefferson

    Leyo NL01 Stoomketel

    How long have you played Rail Nation?

    - 5 years

    Favorite goods to transport?

    - any rg with decent integration

    Favorite Rail Nation scenario?

    - SoE

    Strangest / Coolest place I’ve ever player Rail Nation?

    - on a raft tied to the shore of a river

    Favorite Rail Nation era?

    - Era 6

    Favorite endgame snack or treat?

    - anything that's good food

    Any other railway themed hobbies?

    - watching rail away

    Pick local goods from your home country, that you would like to see in Rail Nation?

    - more cheese please

    Favorite railway-related movie?

    -Once upon a time in the west / Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

    Favorite railway-related song?

    - Life is like a mountain railroad - John Fahey / Rock & Roll Train - ACDC / Waiting on a train - Flash and the Pan - Love in vain - Rolling Stones

    Bonus: Caption this image

    - a hobo with a guitar on a freight train with time on his side