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    For their servers? Yes xD

    My theory is that they run multiple servers on the same physical server. So, it isn't only those 63 players that count. EG with 200+ online players is even worse. The problem here is that more than 500 players (an idea) tried to access multiple servers at the same time (because of era starts - which wasn't clearly well thought given their processing capacity)

    That means they are almost unmanaged because you can anyway balance resources between Virtual Servers.

    Ok, I think I've understood.

    My numbers go to zero at game's change day and then they are now increasing as soon as gain prestige.

    So they are referred to game's days and not to calendar days as I was thinking before, which is ok.

    The function shows what you have achieved, which is good; now, if the team may add the part to calculate the potential value of the current transportation status and incoming builds, it would be really interesting! :)

    I think so, please take a look to the three snapshots you inserted in this thread about today. I see only a value changed in the train station, does it look correct to you? Also you can take a look to it later to see what has changed, I'll do the same. Let's see later.

    Thanks for your answer.

    I agree with you, this addition is not intended to anticipate the real calculation, it should only give a flavor of current daily performance. It may perform a calculation for the single player as if the day is finished in that moment.
    By the way: the goal of this improvement should be only to raise the passion of players, not to change the game rules.

    It would be great to add a game feature which is the capability to summarize, as a report, what is the daily prestige predicted value at the moment.

    This will help to understand the current daily performance and what to expect by the end of day in the real calculation. ;)