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    I tried different devices. Chromebook, win10 desktop, win10 tablet, and android phone. here are the results.. Chromebook laptop will connect eventually with chrome browser (refresh often) on Chromebook opera mini as browser connects quickly, but graphics suffer. On win10 desktop firefox got a white page (no load) after select game world, win10 tablet using opera also connected quickly..BUT I downloaded the game from google play, same result on Samsung cell phone.. So the game HTML5 is geared towards app download instead of the browser game we have been enjoying. App is fastest load but not as player friendly or same graphical format.

    Lets help the developers out. I too am having loading issues took me almost 2 hours to get to game this evening. This incident occurred on my up to date Chrome book using of course chrome browser. I also have a win10 that experienced delay but did get to game in about 10 min using up to date chrome browser. When attempted to load using IE browser it never got past a white screen. I think I may add opera or firefox browser and see if any difference. The developers can't track an issue if they don't know what we are utilizing to access the game. :)