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    Here's where you made your mistake Treviathon, in my case. I use the bonus videos as a means to pickup significantly discounted lottery tickets. A 5 sec wait was something I could tolerate. A 30 sec wait, or a lame video, not so much. Guess who'll be spending less gold in games now???

    For every action there is always a reaction.

    The better solution would have been to make the videos shorter... who really needs 30 secs to get a message or point across?

    After sitting for a wayward account, I backed out to my own account. The count on messages was extremely high in the bar at the bottom of my screen, while mine shouldn't be, indicating that the state of the screen did not refresh. I clicked on messages and was able to view the actual private messages of the account I was sitting. Logging out fixed the issue, but I should never be able to view somebody else's private messages!