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    Good evening dear Admin,

    After today's maintenance, a problem appeared on the COM05 Cylinder Head and COMM401 Rosen servers. After I set the Enlarged display option and the game reloading, appear the old Daily Login Bonus and the old Rail Nation Shop. The new Rail Nation Shop reappears only after I logout and I login again. I have attached a screenshot.

    This issue has already been resolved on PTR. Please fix this bug here, on the live servers too. Thank you very much.

    Have a nice evening!


    Lacidd23 :):saint:

    I know it's a little too much, and a bit out of topic, but why not redesign the classic version so that instead of having 6 eras comprised of 14 days, have 7 eras comprised of 12 days, with the 7th era being dedicated to maglev trains.

    This would completely revitalize the game, for a while. And you have a lot of trains to work with from the maglev type :)

    Hello to all,

    This is a brilliant idea! Especially 6x14=84 days, and 7x12=84 days. At double speed will be 7x6=42 days, and at 4 times higher speed will be 7x3=21 days. Era 7 to be Maglev trains era: for the transport of passengers and for the transport of goods!

    And if the trains are Maglev, then the railroad tracks to be special, with magnetic induction. After research and purchase the first Maglev in the Era 7th, railroad tracks to be convert automatically in routes with magnetic induction!

    In the fairy tales, games and dreams everything is possible. Only our imagination can impose limits. Then let's make possible these ideas!

    Have fun and success!


    Lacidd23 :):saint:<3

    Hello all,

    We, the players are asked often, every survey on live and the PTR servers: "How much fun do we have playing Rail Nation?" Last year or two years ago was a survey, in wich we was asked, "How can make more fun Rail Nation`s games??" Then I had no idea, what to propose to the RN.

    Now I have come some great ideas (two of them I have also proposed last year). That's why I came here on the Forum with this subject. Surely you know the animated movies entitled Ice Age. Each movie begins, ends and has some scenes with the saber-toothed squirrel Scrat, who is obsessed with collecting acorns. Although animation movies, the scenes with Scrat make them more fun.

    In my opinion, competition and rivalry are not fun. I remember the stress at work ... Therefore I propose more animation in the Rail Nation games than they currently have.

    1:Balloons, airplanes and helicopter could land and take-off near the home cities not only pass by. In Endgame there could be UFOs to land and take-off near cities, especially since there are several places on the map with Nazca Lines. An older player told me that long ago there were UFO flyby cities. However so far I have not seen any, although I am RN member since summer 2017.

    2:The researcher may move to the bottom of the screen depending on the progress of research engines, and not just sit in the upper right corner. If such player research first, second or third locomotive, then the researcher could stand under it possibly look from time to time with the laser pointer on the research engine.

    These two examples are general animations for each scenario (Classic, American Dreams, Steam over Europe, etc.). In addition there may be other animations, for example:

    3:In American Dreams might put the rival`s flags over cities on the map. Flags waving in the wind, smaller or larger, depending on the proportion in which cities are occupied by rivals.

    4:In Steam over Europe could be animate special routes where are under construction, wich linking regions of the continent. When a player invests money then a train could crosses and return on the special route.

    To me these things are fun, and make me laugh. I will come back with new posts when I have other similar ideas.

    I wait to other players ideas and your opinions, those who works at Rail Nation. I am aware that the animations require higher performance from games, but over time could enter them after implementation of HTML5 its entirety.

    Thanks for your attention. Have a wonderful day!


    Lacidd23 :):saint:<3

    PS: I think that children should have more ideas on this subject. Let us ask them, showing them how to play Rail Nation …

    Hello all!

    My questions are:

    1:The final version HTML5 of the Rail Nation games to be as good in all respects as Flash version?

    2:You can finally work this out as the Enlarged display option from the Options / Display options / Enlarged display menu to operate normally, the same as the Flash version of the Rail Nation games? More specifically, if I set it, then remain set after I logout and I login again? Because now (the live and PTR servers too) this option should always be set after login the game...

    3:You can use a larger font size as before (at least size 14), when the Enlarged display option is set, for better viewing of all texts?

    Thanks for your answers.

    I wish you success!


    Lacidd23 :):saint:

    Thank you very much, Samisu!

    It's the best news I've received this month!


    I wish you wonderful days!

    Lacidd23 :):love::saint:

    PS: I can not wait to tell my association members this great news!

    Hello Samisu,

    Please upload a photo with the correct solution for the contest Help wanted to plan a railroad trip! Reward incl.

    Because I can not imagine how you can visit all landmarks so that all will be achieved only once.
    I tried several times, and I did not. And there was no Romanian version for this contest. Maybe I
    better understood the competition criteria, if there Romanian version too...

    Thank you in advance.

    Have a nice day!

    Lacidd23 :):saint: