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    So many movies don't run, or hang and you're waiting 10s to then reload.

    Only to be right at the start of a mind-numbingly long movie.

    If we've already been stalled for 10s before we can even hit reload, why can't we have 10s taken off the movie that we then get?

    It's bad enough having to keep one eye on the movie and do another click to start another one, even worse that we have to sit through that in full as well.

    Remind me again how many months before Flash goes?

    I tried to bite my lip from also commenting that other apps and programs stopped using Flash for a few years now and that we have had at least two big rewrites of RN in this time period but the issue of replacing Flash wasn't addressed. I did try to bite my lip about this comment, but I failed, sorry... :D

    I just came to update the thread "Videos not playing, or taking 2-3 minutes to start" to remind the good people in RN Support/Forum/Developers that the issues with videos are still very much there.

    Only to find that the thread has been quietly been moved to the "Bug Archive" section without a word!!!! :cursing:

    Naughty, naughty, trying to sweep it under the carpet like that!

    The problem with movies is still there, it's not going to go away and nor are we until it gets FIXED!

    Shell ads stall big time, these are the steps we have to endure to get past them:

    - Click the movie

    - delay while it decides which movie to show

    - Shell advert comes up, there are several different images, all just sit there and don't play

    - another pause before we get a message at the top of the movie

    - "Does the video not load? Force a reload in 10 seconds

    - Finally a Travian advert comes up and then there's another 30s of not watching a movie we've all seen far too often

    Yes, even after all the messing around, we still have to WAIT 10s before we can force a reload!!!

    There are also adverts with a car and I think the word CALIFORNIA in broken writing, also a blonde lady in a blue shirt who just stares at you and does nothing, also some teenagers in a car - they may or may not be Shell adverts too.

    Note: hitting the X at the top left to restart the whole video will just give you another Shell advert

    Question: Why can't we just force a reload straight off if a duff advert comes up? Also could there not be something in the code to prevent the same advert coming up over and over so we don't get stuck on the broken ones?

    By "vests" maybe just give the borders of the boxes our trainspotters are in a brighter colour so they are easier to see?

    The easter eggs were easy to see if you zoomed right out, trainspotters aren't as they can be difficult to tell apart from the factories.

    Returning to the point about pre-registration, the proposed changes are fine for the Classic and US versions of the game.

    I don't think it will work on the EU version of the server, players won't want to play if they can't get into their preferred choice of region and will get fed up and stop playing. I understand about balancing and spreading people around, just don't think this is going to work in the EU version. It would be different if it were possible to change region, but it isn't and everything in the EU game is based around your region.

    I know some others think that mega-regions aren't good for the server and would agree with that, but I think this should be left to players to decide for themselves and not be forced into boxes they can't move out of for the whole round. I play with a medium sized group of associations who have fun playing together and enjoy a competitive round with similar groups. We welcome new members as individuals, but don't often team up with other associations as we want the server we're playing on to remain competitive and not become dominated by one mega-region who win every time, else the game gets boring...

    A good server has to have competition in it, but not in a way that will take all the fun out of the game because you have to rebuild a team every round.

    Complete the journey

    Every player who actively plays all Rail Nation scenarios will receive new achievements. The journey through Germany, Austria and Switzerland will also be rewarded with career points.

    Does this mean you need to play all Rail Nation scenarios simultaneously or that you can do them one at a time, other than the OJ game which is a one off.

    Seems like this thread has become more about the new train than about the changes to pre-registration.

    Regarding pre-registration, one important point is that it's not such a big deal to not get in the same city in the Classic and US versions, the maps are open and players are free to move so you can always lay track to connect to another city to join your friends.

    In the EU version of the game, it's a different paradigm. Players have to choose the region they want to play in either during pre-registration or when the server restarts. They cannot change their region during the round. While you can connect to your friends later on in the game and help them then, it's a half life for players that do so.

    Most of us acknowledge that players want to play with their friends, that's where the fun lies in this game, so why has pre-registration been changed so that it's not going to be possible for players to play in the same region as their friends?

    I think some allowance needs to be made for the EU version of the game regarding pre-registration.

    I know the birthday code expires on the 30th April, does anyone know what time?

    We have era change tomorrow, so wondering what's the best time to use it...

    Another question, why are we even having to wait on a 10s countdown for this option?

    "Does the video not load? Force a reload in 0 seconds: reload"

    Why not just let us use our own discretion as to when to reload, we're having to reload so many videos lately it's really irritating!

    This is the sequence of clicks is like to get a movie to run:

    - Click on Video in the association widget

    - Click on the black "Play Video" arrow in the movie screen (this is a new extra click to be done)

    - Wait for 10s to get the option "Does the video not load? Force a reload in 0 seconds: reload"

    - Then you get one of the Travian adverts which does play (if a little on the long side)

    A lot of the movies that are failing at the moment don't even show video numbers so we can't provide you with that info. Kyocera is one such.

    There are a lot that don't run. A lot.

    Question. Why do we have to press an arrow (mouseover says "Play Video") for every single video nowadays? Could this not be amended so the game kickstarts the videos itself, there shouldn't need to be this level of user intervention to get the movies to play. No movies are starting without us clicking on the "Play Video" arrow.

    The safety net option of "Does the video not load? Force a reload in X seconds" is helpful, but I feel more could and should be done with it at this stage. I know I'm using it on a regular basis as are others. How about the developers add some code so they get some stats on how often these buttons are being pressed, that will give you more info on how widespread the problem is and why people are getting so annoyed with the movies.

    If the advert number was recorded by the code, then you'd quickly find out which adverts are leading to the "force reload" option being used.

    There are a lot of issues with Google ads at present, I think they need disabling until they're fixed.

    I never had the empty train list issue until update 4.14.0, in the middle of April. I was aware that others had this issue, just didn't have it myself. Now I have it.

    Since 4.14.0, after moving trains a couple of times, functionality starts to go, things don't work, everything gets laggy until it gets to a point where almost everything has frozen and I have no option but to refresh.

    One association I'm in is super active and this means all the movies are gone when I refresh, which is really frustrating. As for the bugs with the movies, that's for another thread...

    If I've got already got the bonus trains and am storing Lotto tickets then I leave the bonuses for others to collect, if they're still sitting there after 5 mins I look to see if anyone else is online and post a note asking someone if they'd like to get the bonuses and a chance to win a lotto ticket.

    If it's late at night and no one is around, then I just go ahead and collect the bonuses, it's also important to keep the money coming in from the station buildings ;)

    We've talked to Support in the past about why Lotto tickets weren't coming up and this was the response we got. We've monitored it in our own association and can confirm this is correct.

    If you're storing Lotto tickets, then you won't win a ticket when collecting station bonuses. When you use the tickets, you'll be able to win new ones collecting station bonuses again.

    Hi Samisu

    We've sent numerous tickets to Support and tried different browsers, clear cache, clear DNS (this a new flavour of answer), rebooted, refreshed.

    When I get the same problem on different computers and now on the browser on the tablet as well, I look for the common ground...

    There are issues since the most recent "performance" update where the Train Manager now freezes in a way that it didn't before. Also I personally didn't have the "blank train list" issue before the recent update and now I do - on all devices.

    We can tinker around with different browsers all day long yada yada, but it won't make a jot of difference to the fact that we're refreshing around once an hour so we can still move trains and play the game.

    Kind Regards

    Toots of Loch Ness and Big Ben