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    We're into era 5 on Loch Ness now and there's a long list of Medsuae to send out, often on different routes.

    I was thinking about the conundrum of being able to quickly select some trains for one route and others for another.

    Feedback on using the production series to provide subsets of trains was good, it would provide a function for production series rather than them being just a pretty paint job too :D


    How about double tap on the checkboxes to select ALL trains of that type (as it currently is) and double tap on the train itself (the colour) to just select trains of that production series.

    I'm not sure how easy this would be to implement, but it was just a thought on how users could quickly select all the trains for a particular task rather than having to go into menu options etc to set them.

    What do you think folks?

    Many browser on a PC still support Flash, so I'm guessing you may be trying to play from a browser on a phone or tablet?

    I used to be able to use Puffin browser which supported Flash on Android devices, but an update a few months ago (not sure whether the problem was a Puffin, Flash or RN update), meant issues with the display which rendered it unusable.

    Since then I have been using the App on the tablet when I need to. It doesn't work as well as Puffin browser used to work, but at least it does work and supports Flash.

    Hope that helps...

    Slightly off topic, but I'd like to mention that the in game communication system ain't working for me since yesterday evening.

    It takes ages to open messages and then they just flicker open for a few seconds so I can barely read them and have no chance of replying.

    I'm only on Loch Ness and have the same problems on the tablet, desktop and laptop (so it's not dependent on the device I'm using - they're all not working)

    Anyone else having similar issues?

    The Xbox advert doesn't have a movie number, but stalls every time.

    Xbox is coming up almost every time at the moment.

    What's even worse is that having waited the obligatory 10s to force a reload, you then get advert #24317 which is the bogey advert and you then have to wait another 10s to force a reload on that!!!

    As the code to "force a reload" was added by request, can the 10s wait be dropped please, there are too many problems with adverts at present.

    could we get "force reload" right away? What is the point of watching frozen first frame for 20 seconds just to reload travian add that takes another 20 seconds.

    That's a really good point Standouch!

    Most players know the dodgy movies on sight at this stage, why do we have to sit watch a blank screen, only to have to force reload and then go through the whole process again.

    So many grumbles would be solved if this could happen, think how many happy faces there would be! :)

    We've talked about this one in the past, it keeps coming up in threads about train schedules, but because it's always tagged onto other threads, it seems to get overlooked.

    I've had a quick look and can't see a response saying that it has been forwarded to the developers for consideration, so I'm going to give it a thread of it's own so we can talk about it and get some feedback on this topic.

    Option to quickly select either only the Cargo or Passenger trains

    This would be very helpful, I've been thinking about this conundrum for a while now.

    Rather than having two different train lists, how about a simple checkbox with something like "Cargo trains only" or "Passenger trains only"? It could be in the menubar in the trains list for most of the menu options there (Service, Museum, Park, Mechanic, Boost).

    Here's a sample I just put together, so you can see what it might look like and how it might work as a solution:


    I'd be happy with either solution, just please do something to make the city comps relevant in the SoE version of the game please!

    Hear Me Roar's solution is elegant and shouldn't be too difficult to implement - that's a version where the city comp runs as usual, but the bonus can be applied to the LM or the city   

    (hmmm, maybe the mayors could have an option to set where they want the bonus to be?!)

    Railin Ron's suggestion to just compete with the 4 lowest goods is also worth considering and would still work in the SoE version.

    For either solution, we'd have something relevant and still have to plan ahead to be strategically positioned to do well in the comps and make good use of the bonus - at present the city comps and bonuses are just time wasted to us.

    This thread was about Train schedules, any chance that the posts about using vouchers could be moved to another thread please?

    Else we risk having this thread ambushed by other topics and the points made will be lost and forgotten...

    For example you have 20 Medusa, you can save/call them M1, M2, M3, M4 and select them to do whatever you want them to do.

    There is an option at present to double tap on the checkboxes for a particular train type to quickly select all your Medusae to do a certain task.

    I have 25 Medusas, 12 green and 13 red. Then when I want to select the greens, need make click by click on 12 green... maybe one checkbox simplify the select process.

    But perhaps what you're looking for is what Terre is suggesting, a further refinement to select all engines of a particular production series (paint job)? That would be a nice refinement indeed, to be able to quickly send some of the Medusae off to a comp and the rest off in a different direction. :thumbsup:

    i would like a selection even when it's only between cargo and pax trains that would help already a bit, so i think this is a good idea

    I too think it's a good idea, here's one I did earlier, is this what you're thinking? :P:D

    There's more on this topic in the previous thread, which someone has oh so kindly archived off:

    Copy Schedule is better with a more compact view

    Question, why are threads moved to the archive when they haven't been resolved?

    More often than not they are ignored in the first 2 era, or however long it takes to reach the required LM level, they can be useful though, time the level up of a city around it and you can have a nice bonus.

    We ignore them for longer than just the first two eras, as the outcome of doing the city comp means that people park in the city for over 24 hours and too much time is lost on progressing the Landmarks.

    I suggest an easy solution!

    Have a city competition.

    As it is now.

    But the bonus earned also applies to the city's landmark

    I like Hear Me Roar's thinking, that's an elegant solution which should make everyone happy and would be a lot easier to implement than a Landmark competition. Hats off to you for coming up with that one!

    I think a Landmark comp could be done though, it seems to me just a simple logic is needed which is similar to the City comps, where it would just need to be based on the LM which gets the most goods hauled to it in the 2 hour timeframe. As per the previous posts about this, hopefully you don't have to haul goods already green for that, or perhaps only goods needed count in the numbers hauled.

    I'm playing on Loch Ness and today is the first city comp of the new round.

    Which leads me again to ask myself, why is there a city comp on the Steam over Europe version, we just spend the day asking players to stay out of the city.

    A Landmark comp would be a lot more relevant.

    A few of us were chatting about it in game and agreed this would be more relevant, so I was asked to post on the RN forum.

    Before creating a new post, I searched to see if this had been done before and lo and behold! there is a post already, which someone has kindly moved to the archive section, which meant I couldn't add to it. So I've just made a new post! :D:P

    Landmark Competition on Steam over Europe

    So many movies don't run, or hang and you're waiting 10s to then reload.

    Only to be right at the start of a mind-numbingly long movie.

    If we've already been stalled for 10s before we can even hit reload, why can't we have 10s taken off the movie that we then get?

    It's bad enough having to keep one eye on the movie and do another click to start another one, even worse that we have to sit through that in full as well.

    Remind me again how many months before Flash goes?

    I tried to bite my lip from also commenting that other apps and programs stopped using Flash for a few years now and that we have had at least two big rewrites of RN in this time period but the issue of replacing Flash wasn't addressed. I did try to bite my lip about this comment, but I failed, sorry... :D

    I just came to update the thread "Videos not playing, or taking 2-3 minutes to start" to remind the good people in RN Support/Forum/Developers that the issues with videos are still very much there.

    Only to find that the thread has been quietly been moved to the "Bug Archive" section without a word!!!! :cursing:

    Naughty, naughty, trying to sweep it under the carpet like that!

    The problem with movies is still there, it's not going to go away and nor are we until it gets FIXED!

    Shell ads stall big time, these are the steps we have to endure to get past them:

    - Click the movie

    - delay while it decides which movie to show

    - Shell advert comes up, there are several different images, all just sit there and don't play

    - another pause before we get a message at the top of the movie

    - "Does the video not load? Force a reload in 10 seconds

    - Finally a Travian advert comes up and then there's another 30s of not watching a movie we've all seen far too often

    Yes, even after all the messing around, we still have to WAIT 10s before we can force a reload!!!

    There are also adverts with a car and I think the word CALIFORNIA in broken writing, also a blonde lady in a blue shirt who just stares at you and does nothing, also some teenagers in a car - they may or may not be Shell adverts too.

    Note: hitting the X at the top left to restart the whole video will just give you another Shell advert

    Question: Why can't we just force a reload straight off if a duff advert comes up? Also could there not be something in the code to prevent the same advert coming up over and over so we don't get stuck on the broken ones?

    By "vests" maybe just give the borders of the boxes our trainspotters are in a brighter colour so they are easier to see?

    The easter eggs were easy to see if you zoomed right out, trainspotters aren't as they can be difficult to tell apart from the factories.