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    Q1: 2. B

    Q2: 4. Scissors

    Q3: 2. B

    Q4: 2. B

    Q5: 1. A

    Q6: 1. 20 rotations anticlockwise

    Q7: 4. 2.5 kg

    Q8: 4. 20cm

    Q9: 3. 0.5 x A

    Q10: 2. Less than 5 cm

    Train A's speed is 160kmph, so it will cover 80kmph in half an hour.

    Train B's speed is 120kmph, so it will do 60kmph in half an hour.

    80km + 60km = 140km which is the distance between them at present; therefore they would crash in 30 minutes.

    If the Conductor can run at an average speed of 14kmph (he's faster than me!), then he'll manage to run 7km in 30mins and reach the switch in time.