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    Still getting used to the new update, but the first thing that jumps out at me is the <Copy Schedule> display which is so spaced out and clunky you can only see 5 trains at a time :(

    Before the update the list of trains was very spaced out and difficult to see a long list of single trains in the later eras. The list of trains now seems slightly more compact which is a good thing (without shrinking font sizes!).

    However... before the update the <Copy Schedule> display was nice and compact and showed enough information in a clear format to allow you to quickly go through the trains if you only wanted to select some for a particular route. It was great and worked well.

    After the update you can only see 5 trains at a time in <Copy Schedule>, it's miserable going down the list of trains. This to me is a step backwards and I can't see why this was changed.

    Please could someone enlighten me why this was changed, or better still, change it back to the previous useable compact display.

    Ever had one of the members leave the association out of the blue and they don't know what happened, just suddenly find they're out in the cold...

    Turns out it's a combo of "fat fingers" and lag...

    They're clicking on station bonuses using the association widget, see attachment #1.

    Then a combo of lag and fat fingers get in the way and the next thing they know is they're out of the association with no idea what happened (taking HQ donations with them). Instead of clicking on the bonus that's ready to be collected, they accidentally tap on their name instead. This brings up another screen and it's all to easy to click again when things are laggy... Attachment #2 shows what's going to happen next...

    This is upsetting for the members it's happened to and potentially players might quit thinking they've been booted.

    Please could the developers consider either moving the Leave Association button so it's not directly in the path of accidental clicks due to lag/fat fingers (especially on tablets and phones) or add a big "Are you sure you really, really want to leave the association?" here.

    No one wants to lose members this way :(

    I just found Petr, woot woot!

    Yet again I have to remind myself to be super careful and click on the pale grey and insignificant <Redeem prize> button instead of the bright purple <Collect all button>....

    It's time to post a suggest here that this <Redeem prize> button be coloured bright green so it's visible. Think of the players like myself, last thing at night after a long day getting on their handheld devices (phone, tablet) and finding Petr only to make the mistake of clicking on <Collect all> button because it's so much more visible than the <Redeem prize> button...

    Thanks for your consideration of this suggestion :)

    Agreed people coming in at the 11th hour just for the goodies should get less - a lot less for it, they don't contribute to the region and building it up.

    I do agree with Yuki though, as sometimes some of my friends come back to RN half way through a round because of genuine r/l reasons and then work like mad to get caught up and have full sets of wagons in the EG and are a real asset to the team. I don't see why they shouldn't get rewarded the same as the players who start in era 1 and park on goods and don't move trains from one day to the next... which is the biggest asset to the team, eh?

    That was a change that was introduced quite a while back, maybe a couple of updates after comps were first introduced (if my memory is right).

    The comps vary according to an individual's prestige.

    Feedback to that update was positive at the time, it's fairer to all (especially the smaller players) that we're in different comp groups. :)

    Oh great, another production series, so another hour trying to get back into the game...

    Why oh why are we getting another production series today when you know it's causing major issues for people getting into the game?

    Production series are nice, but they're just paint jobs at the end of the day. It doesn't even say which train it's for this "LMS Coronation Class", for all I know it's for a train I would never use...


    I'll send a ticket to support, it will be my 3rd so far today. I'm going to message them every time I have to refresh my browser/clear cache :D

    When several players can't get into the game this should be treated as a critical fault and handled as such. That is why having checked with my teammates that I raised the issue here, to let you know about it as quickly as I could.

    The response is go and raise a ticket with support, which will likely take the best part of 12 hours to get a response (which way too often is a fobbing off), is ludicrous. I understand that support is manned by volunteers for the most part and the turn around for responses is fine for less critical issues.

    However, when people can't get even into the game, this is a critical fault. Or do you not mind that we can't get in?

    We've told you about the issue, it's happening on multiple platforms/browsers.

    As well as clearing my own cache, closing browser, rebooting device and trying both tablet and laptop, I checked with others in our region on Big Ben before reporting it here as I had already established that it was affecting several people so wasn't just a browser/cache/device issue.

    The hardware acceleration popup is still there today. After many attempts yesterday I got past the new production series popup, the daily login bonus popup and got into the game.

    I spent time on this issue yesterday, time I didn't have to spare. Please respect this and look into the matter and stop fobbing us off with raise a ticket with support.

    I'm having problems getting in game. I get in game and then it hangs. Rinse, repeat... (cache cleared, browser refreshed, PC/tablet rebooted). Still nada.

    Why all the popups as we login? Do we need ANY of them? I did the hardware acceleration thing a long time ago, why do I still see that message?

    I'm sure the new Bavarian S 3/6 production series is nice and all, but not at the expense of not being able to get to move my trains since the last comp I did in game.

    This is beyond frustrating, no use if we can't even get started in the game.

    YES!! I did EXACTLY that and support completely blew me off!! They said not enough people were reporting the issue, so they took NO ACTION WHATSOEVER!

    I hear you there Planedoc.

    I didn't send in a ticket about the videos because I'm so fed up at being fobbed off that I just couldn't be bothered.

    Please take note RN staff - silence doesn't necessarily mean that everything is hunky dory. Sometimes it means that people have got too fed up with being ignored to bother sending in a ticket.

    We're all entitled to express an opinion and thank goodness the game allows for different styles of play, that's part of what makes it fun. As does playing with our team. :)

    The goal of "playing for your region" in SoE is exactly what we want to do, but the game prevents us, how is this fair?

    The members who pre-registered in the nearest city to our region did so as the only way they can hope to rejoin us during the round. They've got Super Starter Packs so deleting and restarting won't be an option either. There was limited time to reach everyone about the options because of the holidays and very limited responses from Support, we did the best we could under the circumstances.

    They're in that city with a view to rejoining us as soon as they can, there's no sabotage agenda. That city was empty as I do know that the previous residents have moved to a different place this round.

    This is a competitive server, which is part of the fun. We had approaches from one of the other big associations asking to join us and politely declined because it would destroy the competition. We've built our team up over time, been the underdogs plenty of times; it's thanks to the loyalty of our members has brought our team success.

    In the coming round, we'll be up against several established teams on this server who will be set up in the same region from the start. The last round was truly competitive at every stage of the game, the End Game was really close, we were only one good ahead of the team who were 2nd in the End Game. Looking forward to another good competitive round next round :)

    Thanks all for your thoughts and suggestions :)

    For me the End Game being over the Christmas holidays was a major contributing factor, then when we did hit a snag, there wasn't any readily available help from Support nor enough time to figure out a work around before the lights went out on the server.

    End result is that one association has half it's members registered in the nearest city in another region (which I think means their points go to the other region for the whole round). The rest are in limbo, hoping to try for empty spots in the Southern region.

    I thought on the classic servers players were free to move around once the EG was over, if that had happened we could have got some into the other associations.

    Regardless how it happened, this isn't a satisfactory state of affairs and there was a distinct lack of help at the time.

    thanks for taking the time to reply, appreciate it. Happy New Year!

    I'm not sure why you think suggesting we move to an area that no one wants to be in is an acceptable solution.

    3 of our 4 associations are in the South, the 4th association can't get in there.

    clearly this is a problem. players won't want to come back if they're going to be told the only option is to go to Siberia.

    they can't even leave their association to come to one of the other 3 associations.

    there's a problem here....

    We're a well-established team of players who have played together for some time now.

    We've just finished our first round on one of the EU servers and one of our core associations has been unable to pre-register in the same region as the rest of the team. We played in the same region last round, so why can't they pre-register for one of the cities they were in then? Or even any city in the region?

    We've four associations in our team, why isn't there room for them in a 5 city region?

    Support just say this is pre-registration balancing and there's nothing they can do to help. For a team of players who like to play together and have done so for some time now, this isn't a solution.

    This is not a good time of year to say "there's no room at the inn"...