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    Well I just got asked about being part of the mentoring programme and I'm writing to you to provide some feedback that it was a total and utter waste of my time last round so I'm not doing it this round.

    I sent a nice friendly note along the lines of:

    "Hello X

    Welcome to Rail Nation, it's a good game and I hope you enjoy it.

    If you have any questions about the game, please ask and I'll do my best to help.

    Best wishes



    Some people just deleted me as mentor right away.

    I can't see the point of doing it again in its present format anyways.

    One Lottery ticket is not enough of a reward anyways and to be honest it's several rounds since I saw one of those - from a player who asked LOADS of questions!!!

    Some thoughts on how to get people to engage more and open dialog with their mentors:

    • Make it so the people who sign up for mentors have to at least engage with them. Bribe them or whatever, but it's not right that mentors don't even get a reply to a friendly greeting.
    • Increase the rewards according to the number of questions asked and answered. Figure out a way that the both sides have to mark the other's mail as worthy of a reward (or not - so it doesn't get abused by stupid time wasting messages (on either side)).

    Food for thought, I don't plan to be a mentor again until something changes. I may as well send them a regular mail in my role as Mayor/President...

    That's a pity you're not enjoying your server, have you tried talking to the people in the other association? This game is all about teamwork and working together to be the best team.

    The Steam over Europe version of the game is the most complex version of Rail Nation, as you have the Landmarks to deal with as well as the cities.

    It can be difficult to get people who haven't played before to come together and agree on a plan to grow the Landmark and City together, but that's part of the challenge.

    If things really aren't working out in Barcelona on your server, then try to join up with a good team in a different city and get back to enjoying the game again.

    I thought the definition of "active" players connected to the megacity meant they have to be online in the past 3 days and over 20,000 prestige to be counted?

    There was no official posting about the formula change before the End Game.

    The posting about the initial changes to the End Game formulae were in a Change Log.

    When these were changed again, they should have been in a Change Log too.

    What I would suggest everyone does is mail Support asking them to confirm which formula applies to your server.

    And mail them again in era 6, just in case someone in Rail Nation decides to change the formula and not tell anyone.

    That's what I'll be doing until there is an official confirmation message.

    ♏︎ Naike's reply is correct, just Rail Nation haven't got around to updating the notes in any official capacity!

    Incredible, but the changelog still refers to the formula of *3 and ^.7 that they silently (and deadly) changed in another update so our cities used the *2 and ^.5 formulae in our End Game.

    There still has been no official notification of this change...

    That's a good suggestion andyb!

    They ran into problems with the videos on android a while ago and the initial workaround was to have a blank screen for 5 seconds.

    This was nice for those on Android (if you're not worried about the battery life of your device), but with the recent "bugfix" to prevent sharing movies it often led to app users being able to get through all the movies and browser users weren't getting a look in.

    The fix to this was to lengthen the timer countdown to 30s, which is too long - most videos are (thankfully!) less than 30s these days.

    Could you please make the time random between say 5 and 30 seconds - not all adverts are the same length elsewhere...

    That's a great suggestion to balance things out a bit

    Hi Loekie

    Noted about mid-week server restarts being handier for RN.

    However, can you explain why when we had urgent questions about the changed targets in the End Game on Loch Ness there was no one to be found from RN at the time?

    No replies that first afternoon, no mods in the in game chat and nothing on the RN forum.


    Hmmm, surprised that no one from RN has replied on this one by now - or am I???

    I'll take a stab at an answer, pretty sure I do know this one.

    Hilti2 and «DSnepke™» are correct, if a city levels after the End Game, it will not affect the position they enter the End Game, that is set in stone once the first megacity starts their End Game.

    However, as the new End Game tonnages are calculated at the start of each set of 12 goods, I rather suspect that the extra city level will mean more tonnes needed to get goods green, according to the "new" (and yet to be formally announced by RN staff) formula of:


    according to this, as the city level has gone up, you'll need to haul more.

    Totally agree, shorter End Games are only ok at weekends.

    Weekday End Games stink and even more so if they're going to be over in under 24 hours, then most players may only get a few hours online during the first evening. That stinks big time!!!

    Most of all, where are the official notifications about the new End Game changes?

    I'm playing on another server and still waiting to see an announcement.... :sleeping:

    I think there should be a formal acknowledgement of the stuff up for the servers who had their EG mucked up because of the unannounced changes too!

    No no no no no, a thousand no's!

    We were told when we started the round that our End Game would be moving to a new formula along with other changes that came with HTML5.

    Prior to that the formula for EG targets was not based on "Active players" at all, it was the more simple formula of:


    We were told that the new calculation would be and spent three long months with that target in mind:

    Not a word from Rail Nation over the entire three months to say that they had changed their mind because some players like the idea of a shorter End Game (Answer - not for mid week End Games, but that's another issue). The first we knew of the changes was when the End Game started and the first city in the End Game had a different target to what was expected. We did the maths ourselves and realised that this formula had been applied instead: qSLoBxE.png

    Still no word from Rail Nation and tickets to Support weren't replied to until we were into the 3rd set of the End Game.

    Shame on you Rail Nation, that is no way to treat your customers!

    First of all, we are sorry for not telling you about the endgame changes earlier. Changelog for HTML5 mentions this:

    'Endgame: The number of tonnes required in a megacity depends on the number of active players and is recalculated with each block (only for new rounds starting on or after 20th of April 2020).'

    The changelog did not mention that this change was already implemented on the Fast Forward servers, and for this we need to apologize.

    So having not told us about the End Game changes that came with HTML5, did you then think you didn't need to tell us you were changing the formulae that would apply to the servers?

    The formula which we had been told at the start of the by Rail Nation was to be:

    City level tonnes * 3 * (Population/100) ^ 0.5

    The formula applied to our End Game was the one for the Speed Servers:

    City level tonnes * 2 * (Population/100) ^ 0.7

    Why did Rail Nation not inform us of this change?

    It's time to speak out loud and clear about the New End Game Targets and the fact that Rail Nation has been applying formulas willy nilly to servers going into the End Game without any official notification to players as to what they can expect to be dealing with and plan ahead for their End Game.

    There were some rumblings on the Rail Nation forum about this, but rumblings on the forum aren't the same as an official notification from Rail Nation - which we didn't get.

    New End Game Tonnage Calculation

    We just had an End Game on Loch Ness without any notific ation from Rail Nation, that they had changed their minds and changed the formulas again!

    We had been told with the server restart that the new End Game Targets would be applied and for regular servers this would be:

    (City level tones) * 3 * (active players / 100) ^ 0.5

    Our team planned accordingly to handle the much higher tonnage and should have gone into the End Game with a target of 213k tonnes.

    As soon as the End Game started, it was apparent that the goalposts had been moved; the target to get goods green in the first city was 170k tonnes not 238k!

    The first city into the End Game was level 43 with 139 people connected and should have had a target of 238k tonnes, not the 170k tonnes we saw.

    On looking at the excellent information on the New End Game Tonnage thread, it seems that Rail Nation has willy nilly decided to apply the Speed Server to all servers, which is:

    (City level tones) * 2 * (active players / 100) ^ 0.7

    So instead of having a target which would be much higher than anything you've ever seen before, the chances are your target will be much lower than anything you've ever seen before (it's still population based, so do check for your own city).

    ***So watch out any other servers who are going into the End Game in the next few weeks - Rail Nation has moved the goal posts again!***

    While it is Rail Nation's prerogative to change the targets as they think best works for the game, IT IS NOT OK TO NOT TELL PEOPLE THAT THE TARGETS HAVE CHANGED AND NEVER WILL BE.

    I endorse that the competition widget is a total mess in HTML5, worse than useless.

    Having just searched for "competition widget" I see there are several bug posts about it, so it clearly does matter to people.

    Time to bump it up the buglist?

    I've had this problem a few times, when some of the messages I write or forum posts are blank. I've given a couple examples below and have indicated with strikethrough text the items which come up blank when you send the mail/post on the forum.

    Typically this is when I try to suggest a route to haul with trains, or if I post a link:

    MAIL EXAMPLE - a message containing a suggested route like this often has the route coming up blank when you send it:


    FORUM EXAMPLE - posts with links. The second link in the post below is always blank on the forum when I post it.