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    Hi Samwiser

    Thanks for the great Newbie Guide, it's well thought out and put together.

    Even though I've read more than a few guides and done plenty of explaining to people about the game, I found your guide informative and interesting to read so well done!

    I read it from start to finish (please take this as a compliment) and have a couple of small suggestions to make:

    There are various small and helpful changes such as introducing a ‘museum’ which allows you to own engines of different types and transfer them to and from the museum as needed. Also, competition prizes have been extended; instead of the prestige points, you can win licences (also available in the Standard game); vouchers; research points; gold and a 24-hour Plus account; or even bonus engines (which don’t count towards your Engine House limit). This gives an added incentive to connect to other cities to play in their competitions; in theory, you could win a 24-hour Plus account every day and never need to buy another one.

    All the above features are in all versions of the game, not just the Steam over Europe version, so could just be in the Standard Game section.

    The two biggest changes are the introduction of passenger trains and of landmarks. Passenger trains require passenger engines, and so every era gets an extra branch in its research tree. Passengers are treated as just another type of cargo – their value goes up and down according to how many the receiving city has had delivered, not according to the distance travelled, which is bad news for regions where the cities are far apart such as the East region (Russia/Ukraine). You have to upgrade a second building in your city (the Station Concourse) to run a lot of passenger trains – but if you do, you will be exempt from many of the vagaries of goods pricing and wagons of the current era. So running an all-passenger service is a legitimate strategy, and a few folk use it.

    Passengers are in all versions of the game other than the US version, they're not just a Steam Over Europe feature.

    Hope this helps, nice job with the note!

    I've reinstalled the (cr)app several times recently for one reason or another.

    Unfortunately performance on the (cr)app just gets worse, not better.

    It takes 2-3 attempts to even login to the (cr)app and even then the chance of actually being able to read messages are slim to none.

    Where's the screenshot mentioned where you suggested we try "delete old app data"?

    As to space on the device, my tablet is only a few months old and has loads of space and memory.

    I should add that since this dodgy patch, getting into Sitter mode to sit for someone is nigh on impossible.

    My tablet is a decent spec tablet which I bought less than 6 months ago so has good RAM and plenty of storage.

    The app has got worse again since 2 Thursdays ago (almost 2 weeks).

    It seems like there a silent (but deadly) patch applied then which messed everything up.

    That was when we all had lots of trouble and the display on the app on android went really funny. I know some kind of patch was applied to "fix" it and after that we were able to login with the app a little better though still no where near as stable as it was before this patch. The display only works in wide screen now. Before this bad patch I was able to use split screen mode or have something else running in the background. Now I have to close everything down to even try to login and even then it takes 2-3 attempts. The app has got much more resource hungry again, even clearing cache doesn't have much affect.

    I thank God every day that I only use the app when I can't get to the computer and am not reliant on it to play, else I fear I'd be like the other app users and not want to play any more.

    I am aware there's an HTML 5 version of the app coming (why was it ever developed with damn Flash in the first place?), the question is can people hold out that long?

    Especially if we're getting silent patches in the interim which make things worse not better.

    We lost a member this week because he couldn't stick it any longer not being able to login with the app. He's stopped playing.

    He was having huge problems logging in with the app and after 2 days of not being able to apply valuable research points, he had enough.

    The "meh" replies from Support didn't help either.

    Sorry Rhoswen I don't agree with you on this.

    Real life happens, things change, someone may have had something come up which prevents them getting some quiet time to get to restart on a few server.

    After playing together for 3 months (or 6 weeks on x 2) I feel the least we can do is give players a day or two to restart if they need it (or over the weekend if it's close to the weekend).

    Our members are loyal to us, many of us have played together for some time now and I am certainly not so quick to replace them with new applications (some of who just want to come for an easy win, though thankfully this isn't the case of all new applications).

    Our members, are all valued members of the team and if something has happened in real life to delay them restarting, I am prepared to be patient about it.


    We are happy to announce the restart dates and times for the upcoming weeks

    :engine: Game world restarts 29.7. 2021 12:00 UTC / 14:00 UTC+2 :engine:

    - COM-202 Loch Ness

    Was wondering what determines a server restart day?

    The End Game on Loch Ness this round started on a Friday and finished on Saturday this round and instead of a week of downtime, the server is only down for 6 days and restarts on a Thursday?

    In the previous round, End Game on Loch Ness this round started on a Friday and finished on Saturday and the server restarted on a Friday.

    Just wondering why the server restart day has been changed?

    Dear Rail Nation Staff,

    It's not enough to post information on a German Rail Nation Forum or Discord about an international server like Einstein where people from many different countries play.

    We don't speak German or follow the German Rail Nation Forum.

    That is not informing players what is going to happen.

    Please could we have somewhere to vote on bugs on the Rail Nation Forum as well.

    That way those that don't have Discord or haven't joined the RN Discord server get a vote too!

    Hi nEwW

    There's a couple of things that aren't quite right in the notes about this - at least for the version of the power bonus we have on Platform X. Or perhaps it's that the notes are confusing...?


    You can draw additional cards in exchange for Gold and then choose your favourite bonus.

    I can see how Matkamies may have been mislead by this description, I think it could be clearer.


    A bonus needs to be activated within 72 hours of purchase.

    On Platform X, there's no option to choose when you activate the bonus, they activate immediately you accept the bonus offered. This isn't correct at all. The link you shared also says this and it's not how it's working on Platform X. It may be how it works on Fast Forward, but not so on Platform X. So either the notes are incorrect or the code is.

    Hopefully these notes can be clarifed and/or amended as appropriate so other players don't get unexpected results.

    We've been chatting together on Loch Ness again today to share our experiences and try to figure out just why Rail Nation has got so unstable lately.

    We've come up with their being two sources for the problems:

    1. The Bad Gateway issues which I started this ticket about, it's frustrating to spend ages getting thrown out and logging back in every evening. This is bad enough and may be cause by excess pressure on the RN system because of other issues.

    2. The other source of the problems appear to be stemming from a BAD PATCH which was recently applied, where the Train Interface was partially patched and when we try to move trains, all kinds of exception errors and functions fail until all you can do is refresh to get going again.

    We've had a look at all the exception errors ourselves and respectfully ask that someone from Rail Nation listens to us and looks at the problem please!

    We're at the bad gateway time of day again.

    I've just had a member complain to me that it's taken him 3 attempts to move his trains.

    I hope he does, else he's just one of the silent ones who suffer along until the day comes when they just stop playing, we've had a few of those this round.

    Rail Nation, I hope you're listening -- there are times when people are so fed up and frustrated that they stop talking and just quit!

    If you ain't hearing about this from Support it's because they're too fond of sending template letter replies and burying the issues.

    It's that time of day again, Bad Gateway on Loch Ness, don't refresh or you won't get back in any time soon!