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    Your sundae reference may be true. Consider this. Hunting for transtalkers requires you to log in more often and stay on longer. They can use these stats to sell more advertising. If you are a video watcher have you noticed the decline in frequency of non Travian gmbh videos? With more folks online more often they can use this to sell more advertising. Why else would they not fix the errors and put in what only amounts to pretty pictures and eye candy?

    Like being used?

    p.s. You mentioned bloody sunday. U2 much?

    This compensation code is not account bound, so if you have avatars in more than one game world, or if you are starting a new game world - it's reusable there, once per avatar ^^

    You fail to comprehend my statement. We were promised a GREAT compensation. You said it is a SMALL comensation. Small is considerably lesser than great. You have failed to keep that promise. What say you on this fact.

    Here is the facebook post
    Dear gamers,
    unfortunately we at Travian Games are having big problems with our servers today, making Rail Nation and other games unreachable.
    Our technical team is working hard to get the servers back online as soon as possible. Unfortunately we can't give you an estimated time yet when the servers are back online, but we promise to do our best and will keep you posted.
    Of course, this failure today is extremely annoying for everyone. In the next few days we will give you all a suited large compensation.
    As you may have already seen in the emails - that unfortunately we could not stop anymore - a flash sale should take place today. As planned, this will be active until tomorrow 14 UTC+1, as soon as the login is possible again.
    Also, the new series for the Neptune will be credited to each of you for free.
    Servers that were supposed to start their endgames today will, as soon as the servers are back online, automatically start their endgames.
    With further current updates we will provide you here on Facebook.
    Best regards and we apologies for the inconvenience,
    Your Rail Nation Team

    Suitable large compensation should be considerably greater than a "small compensation" which you gave us.
    Keep your word.

    In an earlier thread you promised us a great compensation. In the thread with the code you call it a small compensation. So when are you going to keep your word of earlier. Or are we just to be thankful for the pittance that you gave us. I am glad that I didn't buy gold yet today. I'll be holding off until I hear more of this.