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    Give some time. Open the winter market There ist a message saying the career points will added in the next days.

    Thanks, I forgot about the event link from the train station - as far as I could see the event just disappeared! Ok, I cancelled my ticket :-)

    Really pleased to see such a positive response from the dev team. I've been avoiding playing the event for several days, because having 200,000 coins just felt unfair, and it felt like an exploit - and I didn't want to find myself banned!

    I will have another go, and see what changes you made.

    On the whole, I would have preferred to not have found this method of earning massive amounts of coins. I was really enjoying the event up until the point where it seemed like an exploit.

    With a little tweaking, this event could be rerun in future, and is great fun. I would love to see more in game events like this.

    I think it would be more interesting if price increases or decreases were random within a given range. You could still speculate, but the market might move against you, and you might have to wait a while to get your money back/make a profit. It would encourage diversified investment, so players can speculate on more than one commodity at the same time.

    I sent in a support ticket about this issue before I saw this thread, as I didn't want to spoil the event by publicising it widely. I too am a little embarrassed by now having over 70,000 coins. On COM01, I'm maintaining my top ranking position, but I feel a little uncomfortable about cashing in too much on this windfall...

    I can certainly see the benefits of this feature too, and I also can't see any other way they could accomplish it. Anything that helps players work together, and supports long-term friendships and teamwork, is a good thing.

    I'm currently playing on COM01, a classic server. I'm thinking that next time I would like to play Steam Over Europe. I'm just hoping I can get myself in a decent team, as I play pretty competitively :-)

    As a new player, I have some reservations about this update. It seems to make it harder for new players to find a decent team and to actively and meaningfully take part in the battle to win the server. Old, successful teams, will tend to stick together, with very little new space for newer players.

    New players will be forced to join small teams, or start their own Association, and thus be forced to spend large amounts of cash on levelling up the headquarters. This is a massive cost, which long-term players will not have to bear. It's a double whammy against new players :(

    I originally played the game over a year ago, and when I left, I had some gold remaining, but I never did transfer it. When I restarted on COM 1, I purchased new gold. Does this mean there is a server somewhere, where I still have gold I can collect?

    I played RN a couple of years ago, but left after a few weeks for a couple of reasons. One of them was that passenger trains seemed to be OP compared to normal goods trains, in terms of earning capacity and Prestige gained. For me, it quickly got boring, just running passenger trains to get to the top rankings.

    I came back to the game a week or so ago, and I'm loving the new tech tree in terms of encouraging diversity of goods trains; now there is no longer a 'best' train for the era, but all trains have a clear role. With the new tech tree update, has a situation become more balanced for passenger trains too?

    I have been extremely lucky to win both a Dragonfly, and a Red Kite (both from getting free lottery tickets by collecting station bonuses of my teammates). One thing I notice is that the Dragonfly can earn 2-3 times what the Red Kite can earn, and I'm hoping that this is not replicated across all trains in the game?