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    This is also an interesting idea.

    Developers will not accept punishment for changing a city.

    For many reasons.

    In general, the goal is not to have a penalty in the rules.

    It would be nice to limit transports to other cities to people transports only so that people would be forced to help the hometown.

    The usually move and leave cities to level 10 and go to the bigger cities. And its not very fair.

    They should add a restriction not a punishmet

    In my opinion the top 10 contributors of the winning city should get the chance because they help the most

    I would like to change some things i said.

    -the top 10 players on a normal servers that help the most with the winning city will get the chance to go to the expert servers. If a person is playing on multiple servers and winning, the first server counts,. If everyone in the winning city in top 10 had already been chosen before than no one should be chosen for experts.(so that people get more motivated and try more to get the change.

    Or if there are some competitions that are more rare and if you finish first you get a special train and leave the current competitions the same or add more rewards.

    Please describe this idea more precisely

    By the expert server i mean a server where only very experienced and active players that help and win in the #1 city. On the expert servers there would be less people so there would be less cities. Because its an expert mode they would have to come up with new strategies to supply the demand while still making money. The demand of the city can also be increased to make it harder or the demand of the city should be made of more than 4 goods. The factories might also have a limited amount of goods per day, as people invest more and dliver or take goods from the factory, the factory to produce more goods. There should be some airports to get people from and deliver people to so that transports to other city are not a necessity. People should not be allowed to change the city so the cities cannot be connected and maybe be on different islands or something like that. new factories could also be added so that the demand is a bit different everytime. The top 10 players that helped with the winning city should get a special badge and to be recognised in servers they should get a special text next to the level that says legend or master and the rest of the players that won should get an expert text next to the level. The cities can start as megacities with level 1 and increase to a maximum of 50. The first ones that get to level 50 win or the closest city to level 50 wins.

    We have been promised this for a long time ...

    up to 10 years can become a reality 8o

    I played now afer 5 years of pause and expected the game to have changed completely, and it has but in a different way. The added more factories in a server and change a lot of mechanics but some thing are literally the same as 5 years or even more.

    to explain in more detail i would like to suggest that at the start of era 7 every city should become an endgame city no matter the rank on the server. Each city would have to deliver the goods they delivered to their own city up until era 7. To make it fair the amount that should be delivered of the other goods that were not needed for the city should be divided and added to the other type of goods.(for example if the endgame demand is 60000 and there are 6 needed materials and one of them was not delivered to the city ye, the amount of the material which is 60000 should be divided into the 6 material that were delivered and now the demand of the 6 materials are 70000 each. Because all cities would become an endcity no one should be allowed to transport goods to other cities except the home city so that there is no advantage in any city. The demand shoul also be set according to the number of active players( for example 30 active people (online within 3 days and having more than 1000 or another limit because if you have that much point you wouldnt be able to contribute much). should deliver 30000 of each goods plus the amount from the other goods that were added. The top 5 cities in era 6 should get a 5% or a 10% decrease of demands because they won that competition and the #1 city in the endgame should have the option to join an expert server that has huge demands and the level of difficulty is increased exponentially to make it a hard competition. And the active players that are in the #1 in the expert server should get a medal and also get something like a level ribbon( for example havig level 22 in a badge that has written next to it expert or master to make them more noticeable.

    Can you write me more information about this

    Sorry if this is too long but i wanted to add more details.

    In my opinion it would be nice to have a fair competition in the endgame. For example:

    - You are not allowed to transport goods to the city if its not your home city

    - The amount needed to be calculated according to the number of active players (active within 3 day and having more than 10000 points)(for examle, if there are 10 active players the demand should be 10000, if there are 50 active people the demand should be 50000, or something similar)

    -Every city to become a end city but they would have to deliver to the cities only the materials that they got to delivering the city and they would have to deliver more of those)

    -to be a new type of game for the people that end up in place one and play on expert mode in that server.

    This is only my opinion, if you have something more, please add.