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    Hello,its me again,found on forums that server will open at 12:00UTC on August 20,but PM or AM?because me living in Europe.So far as i see that gameworld where i played completly destroyed 8|:(.

    The daily bonuses will start from day 1, and the server will also start from day 1 of era 1. When the server goes offline, everything resets including the daily bonuses. You do of course transfer your purchased Gold, career points and the cool career engine 8)

    already have carrier engine level 7 and a pair days ago buyed + priviligies on account.

    Ah alright, so the endgame is complete and round has finished for you. The server will shortly go offline and when it restarts, you can once again visit the shop and gather daily bonuses. Or, you could also join another server and gather bonuses there if you wish.

    That shortly is like whole 7 days 8| if i good understand,so - dailies bonus for that uff bit to much.

    Hi, the daily bonuses can be redeemed once per day from the Rail Nation shop, as long as the game round runs. Those will not be redeemed automatically, nor when the round is offline preparing to restart.

    I'm not sure where the error message comes from, what did you click when it appeared?

    this error po-ups when me login from lobby to game world,this started happing after game end event or how it called.Hmm then how not lost dailies bonus if not possible enter to shop?

    hello with + account do i need claim daily bonuses from shop manualy?Because yesterday/today game ended and till next round whole week and will be not good to lost dailies bonuses,and this suppost to be each time time when log to world?