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    This seems to be a purposeful thing by Travian to double up on the time/#vids one must watch to get through to the bonus - thus "pushing" people to use more gold instead of watching videos. Every gaming company goes through a process of pushing for more cash until it becomes ridiculous - this is why I left playing Travian (now Kingdoms, then just Travian) 6,7 years ago.

    Basically, we players either stop watching videos, push through frozen screen advertising something to watch a video, click, push through a frozen screen ad, and watch another video to get the now more rare bonus due to time consumption, or you buy and use more gold than you used to. If you don't like 4 clicks paying Travian for ads to get the bonus, or buying gold, or playing free of videos you can always just quit playing. There are options elsewhere for your time after all, including life.