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    Fastest: Wild Boar

    World: COM03 Smoke Chamber

    Train properties:

    Let's calculate the time of schedule (1 cycle)


    a=Acc/3.6 -- acceleration

    v =Speed/3.6 -- max speed

    Ta=v/a -- time to reach max speed

    Sa=a*Ta*Ta/2 -- acceleration distance

    Sc=2000-Sa -- distance traveled at maximum speed

    Tc=Sc/v -- time traveled at maximum speed

    T=Ta+Tc -- total time 1-way

    Tcycle=2*T+20 -- time to travel 2 ways plus wait time

    Total time:


    C=25/traction -- expected cycles (fraction)

    C1 = round up C -- expected full cycles

    C2 = C1-1 -- expected full cycles (if the train delivers immediately after the start of the race)

    'Total time 1'=C1*Tcycle

    'Total time 2'=C2*Tcycle

    The best train can be determined by 'Total time 1' or 'Total time 2'.

    In this task, in both cases, the Wild Boar is better.