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    Sorry but this is the same for most people in our group, sending a blanket 8,000,000 and filling people's banks is not comensation at all. I personally was running my bank limit high as we were due to upgrade city and all you did was this:-


    Same for other players - 2ZsSjUq.png - iepzql8.png

    So in effect your compensation was not received in a usable state and in fact had a bad effect. You have to figure out a way to send $$$ compensation in such a way the end user has a chance to accept it when their banks are not full.

    OK so either this is the biggest coincidence or I found a fix for this video.

    Froze on both Chrome and FF.

    I tried cleaning out cache on both Chrome and Firefox - still didn't play.

    I noticed there was an update to Adobe flashplayer so I thought meh why not update and see if that fixes it and guess what it does.

    It gets to the same spot but now moves past it, so I guess that initial video link is just a sniffer for information not an actual video, it's a bit naughty if it does sniff your information (look at the link I posted on the previous page and read the website it links to).