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    Players were eligable if they...

    • ...are "mobile only" players
    • ...played on a server that had it's endgame during the time of the major problems
    • ...were not able to log in at all during the time of the problems

    Shame on you !!!

    Big shame on you !!!

    I wrote a lot about this errors, I was playing every day this game via mobile or PC, why should that matter? I wrote you I was losing points and that (could have) influenced my position as the endgame was close.

    In fact, if you follow my log-ons, you could see I log most from the mobile and youa re telling me I am not eligible for a compensation?

    I am getting sick of this game, really...

    Tomorrow starts a new round in Romania, I was excited about it, but now... I feel sick...

    You know... you could have not announce the criteria and not pay any compensation to me... but telling that it's my fault that I wanted to play and logged on from a computer... that is something that makes me very upset and makes me tell you this is a big S**T (you all will understand, of course, what I mean) !!!

    Shame, shame, shame ... It's been three days and nothing...

    I have lost a lot of prestige points without a mobile app.

    I am very upset for that, what do you say RN Team?

    I lost a lot of prestige today, very very ugly ... a non professional team this one with their release...

    I will think ten times when the server restarts, if I play again...

    I have big problems with the new update.

    First of all and the most important, they do not announce when a new competition starts, neither by sound nor message, even if I checked the box to be announced. This is very disturbing, I am upset for that, because sometimes I miss the start.
    Secondly, the general music and sounds ( including cities and factories ) stop while playing, all of a sudden.

    I told about the problems with the competitions to a Romanian moderator before the update, he promised he would get this to the attention of the technical department and I hoped that the new update will fix the problem, but they didn't.

    In conclusion, I am very dissapointed with this update.

    I agree, 150 gold for Plus Account is too much!
    Please go back to 100 gold and eliminate some new features if you consider so.
    But it would have been a great joy if you kept them all for 100 gold.
    It would be acceptable if you extend the Plus Account for 10 days with 150 gold.