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    Naive, the developer did the job and want to return the money and make a profit.

    There are multiple online games which make lots of money and aren't this much pay2win. One example? Fortnite. There is no way you can buy advantages for the game, just skins ;) (correct me if i'm wrong)

    There is a difference between earning because players enjoys a game - i would pay to play the fair server Hear Me Roar gave the idea to, maybe not 10eur, but 2,5eur if i knew i would have 40 days of enjoyable game - and pushing the Pay2Win to new limits.

    I understand your point, that this will be an event. Alright

    The game will become Pay2Win if normal servers become Pay2Win.

    I very much hope that this will not happen.

    Well, what this statement from their blog says? Its like a BAD OMEN

    ""where the feature is being showcased for its debut to players. In future, this feature may also be brought to more game worlds.""

    In all games with the release of new updates, everyone writes that "a lot of people leaves the game". And the reality is completely opposite.

    Time will dictate if you are correct or if its me. I can say this, as soon as origin journey finishes, i will be one of those leaving if things don't change. And i can garantee that!

    You exaggerate.

    ...many players leave the game... Where are the statistics that show this?

    You funny man.

    1 writer on forum is not all players. Some people write on forums, while others play and they do not overlap with each other.

    Like you said, many don't write on forums. And, maybe, you have to think that those who write, are the voices of those who don't write ;) At least, in private channels where i am, i have already seen many talking about quitting the game (not saying that those few leaving will destory the game, but will help degrading it. By the sample that i have, if it is equal in percentage for all players, it surely will affect the game).

    They are talking about quitting not just because of the game becoming increasingly more pay 2 win but also because of all the problems that have existed in servers and the lack of replies from moderators/tech support.

    Can't blame me for keep asking, haha. And yes, I've seen the 4x card system and already tackled it on Discord. Like I said, there's one thing to gain an advantage with gold, which is a problem, and there's another thing to use that advantage to completely ruin the game experience of others. These are two separate issues and players have a problem with one or the other, very few have a problem with both but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be taken into consideration.

    Yeah, can't blame you. But, if I, which i'm playing actively this game for 6 months, am already fed up of not having a reply from moderators can't even imagine you. That is not not good for your mental health :p

    I'd really like to know why a player is allowed to deliberately harass other players AND what does Rail Nation think about a player with unlimited resources taking over ALL majorities in a city, because of spite.

    IMHO, pointless having a thread called "Pay to Win" and totally pointless this phrase. When was the last time you have seen moderators replying to these questions? We are still waiting to know if servers will not crash next saturday and you worried about hard modifications to the game.

    I just ask this, have you seen the last update, about the new rollout feature in fast forward, that will be explored for other servers? If that isn't chasing the Money Bunny down the hole and make the game even more Pay to Win, i'm an idiot and haven't understood what RN is trying to do.

    I read a lot of thread on “Pay to win” but always with a little smile on my face who is stupid enough to spend ton of real lift money to destroy a game ??

    Rype, i think his train station is like that since the end of era 1 (don't play that server, but that was talked by other players that play that server). I think we are all familiar with that player ;) and he is not the only one

    I have to fully backup this. Don't see time as being a problem. This is an online game, as with everything (as HMR commented), it should be won by time and dedication :D

    Bertoboom, but this is nothing new. Search on the forum. Multiple claims because of performance issues. COM203 last round was impossible, crashed during 18h or something like that, crashed on EG and then one week later the same happened to another server, althought we (the players from COM203) alerted here on the foruns and had multiple support tickets alerting for the performance issues of the server, which ended up on the crashes!

    Are you sure? In Camino currently there are 64 players online, is it too much?

    For their servers? Yes xD

    My theory is that they run multiple servers on the same physical server. So, it isn't only those 63 players that count. EG with 200+ online players is even worse. The problem here is that more than 500 players (an idea) tried to access multiple servers at the same time (because of era starts - which wasn't clearly well thought given their processing capacity)

    Misunderstood your previous post, sorry.

    That they don't care is clearly evident. Or they have huge coding problems or very few people working on to solve them.

    [...] Why you still keep pushing for something that clearly doesn't work? [...]

    I don't think they are actually pushing this, it's more that they aren't pushing for something to end this mess.

    If they weren't pushing for this, they wouldn't have started so many servers on the SAME DAY and at the SAME HOUR ;) Just my personal opinion. Intercalate starting hours would solve these login problems at the start of an era, in my view

    Second Era on many x1 servers started today. And with that, came the 502 and 504 errors, and 20+min without the ability to go to lobby nor come to foruns (forum is still very unstable - even posting this i got multiple 502 errors and many can't still enter the game). Will this become the new normal? If your servers can't handle the amount of online players, wouldn't it be best to intercalate the begin of the eras in the different servers (for example, one server starting at 13h00 GMT, another at 13h30 GMT, etc)? Why you still keep pushing for something that clearly doesn't work?

    You are basing your statement on Masters, where all the whales come to play and display their gold? :)

    Unless you are up against someone with time and money, then yes, dedicating yourself to this game will secure the 1st spot for you.

    I woke up 9 out of 10 to snipe for important workers so I'm no stranger to late night alarms. The game should be allowed 24/7.

    No, i wasn't basing my statement on Masters. Masters was just a point to prove that its impossible to "reach the top" while playing against Money Whales (with knowledge), contrary to your point that time is enough (which you said you had repeated several times, but look, an exception - how many more can i find?). Time and knowledge weren't never enough for me (i'm no ad watcher - just the occasional watcher - and i don't spend any gold - and i agree in the point that RN can monetize the game as they want, but i think they need to be careful - from what you - all - say about the ads, which i get the point, game will be even more unbalanced).

    Following this, one question Mihai TheRetired , tell me in which server you see a player win that doesn't have at least valkyrie and/or primus? Because i want to sign to that server to win my 4 star :D - clearly not related with the removal of the unlimited ad feature, but just curiosity to prove a point

    CONCLUSION HERE IS THE FOLLOWING: pointless update when so many bugs are left to be sorted out (and again, from my limited experience, already faced multiple of them and never had seen something similiar on a beta online game - servers crashing, offline more than 12h, EG crashing also, no responses on forums - i subscribe to what someone posted already, discord will not solve anything if foruns don't!). I ask, will this update bring on many bugs with it? Or those bugs will be called features? ;) :P

    Samisu, i think SixPT ™ and Rmtcp (sorry if i forgot someone else) already ask you this, and you haven't replied. What will happen if you have the Video Bonus's bug and you aren't able to see the bonus video? Will the counter reset by one, because of the previous video you have seen?

    There is a cash-free way to the top: time. I don't know how many times I have to repeat it, haha. You make your way to the top with time to play.

    EDIT: already read everything, but will keep my original text

    Haven't read all the rest Mihai TheRetired, but i had to stop when I read this phrase.

    Time can get you to the top MOST OF THE TIMES (depends on your opponents, i doubt that, for example, in masters only time would get you to the top ;) ). But can time get you that 1st position? From my limited experience, the answer is a big fat NO. So, I comprehend why 4 and 5 stars players get annoyed with that decision.

    Also, it seems no one is facing the fact that, as you called it, "Ad Warriors" bring benefits to the regular Joe (as i am, but a very active one) - they collect their station building's bonus and give them +10% of this bonus. Will they still keep collecting those bonus, if there are no ads to watch? (i mean, would they stay online as much as they are or would they just log once every hour or to do a given comp?)

    RN can't say they are worried about "players not sleeping" - why not limit competitions then? I think everyone here already woke up in the middle of the night just to do, at least, one comp...Why doesn't EG have a night break for all players, for example?