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    US102 Grand Central Scarlet Spike

    A. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad launches the electric age with an electrified route through the Howard Street tunnel.


    B. The Channel Tunnel opens, connecting England and France by rail underneath the Dover Strait.


    C. Rail Nation started its first live world.


    D. The launch of Shinkasen train services in Japan pioneers a new form of high-speed rail travel.


    E. A locomotive at Pen-y-darren Colliery, South Wales, launches the Steam Age.


    F. A main-line diesel begins testing for Germany’s Prussian state railroads.


    G. Sir Nigel Gresley’s Mallard hits 203km/h – a steam speed record that still stands today.


    H. One of the world’s most glamorous trains is launched. This train is later (from 1891) known as the Orient Express.


    I. London’s Metropolitan Railroad, the world’s first true underground railway is opened.


    J. The work begins on one of the most ambitious engineering projects ever – the Trans-Siberian Railway.


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    COM101 Rocky Mountains

    Place first boar at 45 degree angle across outside mainland corner.
    Place second board from corresponding island corner across to midpoint of previously laid board.

    Take island girl across board to nearest wifi cafe and log her onto RN.