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    I couldn't find similar topic on this forum. I hope I'm not doubling the topic.

    It's possible to add in the future a server clock to game worlds with multiple languages? Like Masters?

    It would be easier to set up everything having one particular time - a server time.

    That solved the problem. My mistake.
    I always thought that museum and engine house have their own capacity (what's more intuitive for me), and it's not the sum for both.

    Hi, I checked if someone have the same problem as me, but I didn't find any similar.

    There is a problem with number of trains after game update.
    The usual number of maximum trains coming from engine house is now applied to all trains, bonus trains and career train.

    To make it more clear: if the capacity of engine house is for example 15 and I have 3 bonus trains and of course career train, I can only have 11 normal trains.
    What is more important, this happened when I bought new trains, so before this action everything was working as usual. Now game stop me from buying new trains saying that I reached maximum possible number of them.

    I would rather say that in SoE version of the game distance between factories, city, landmark are the same (around one city). Check it out by choosing one train and pick some factories of distance 1 track. Of course it is not true that distance of 2 tracks is 2*(time of 1 track). The case is that you don't have to speed up your train twice. But you can have an general idea what the time of delivering, depending of lenght, is.

    Yes, your short version is an essence of above description ;)

    Let me explain briefly why shuch idea. Of course, correct me if I'm wrong. Every constructive criticism is welcome.

    The idea of trainspotters, from the authors point of view is a thing to attract players to be more than just one time per a day in the game.
    If not, well... I don't see any other explanation.

    From the players point of view it's a small cash injection, and somethimes, like once per month or even less often, one big reward.
    After update 4.8.0 waiting time will be shorter, but the rest will be the same.

    I think that if player's could decide about prizes the willingness to collect trainspotters will be bigger, because you could be more rewarded for your patience, plan in advance and many more. If you don't like to wait, then everything works as it is now - you can turn everything into money.

    I have a small idea about trainspotters, which I want to present.
    The ideal of collecting trainspotters is nice, but I think that even after Update 4.8.0 it will be still a little bit dissapointing and frustrating.

    Here is what I want to suggest.

    Collecting tranispotters doesn't give money but points. The number of points should depends on probability. Since I don't know what these chances are, I present some arbitrary values (red numbers under the pictures, see link below).

    Players collect these points and can exchange it in any time for bonuses. For example like these:

    [Item]: [Cost]
    Money: #pts*(player prestige)/1000*100$ [rounded down]
    Prestige: #pts/100 [rounded down]
    Research points: #pts*#Era/1000 [rounded down]
    Free waggons: #pts/50 [rounded down]

    Engine boost voucher: #pts/150 [rounded down]
    Instant dispatch voucher: #pts/100 [rounded down]
    Licence voucher: #pts/350 [rounded down]
    One free track: #pts/300 [rounded down]
    Mechanic voucher: #pts/500 [rounded down]

    Cheaping building upgrade X%: X=log((#pts-#Era*100)*(player prestige)) [rounded down]

    Bonus engine update: #pts/1000 [rounded down]
    Cargo/Passenger bonus engine from current era (ver.1): 20000
    Cargo/Passenger bonus engine from chosen era (ver.2): 20000 (-2000 for difference between eras)

    To give a better perspective, I prepared an interactive version of these bonuses.

    Trainspotters - Google Tabellen

    Of course many of you may say, that costs are bad and should be changed. It's an exemplary values and in the final version everything should depends on expected value from probability theory.

    Some additional points (e.g. 1000) can be given for collecting all trainspotters in exchange of current bonuses. A small amount of points can also be given as a reward of watching videos or from lottery tickets. As you can see, there are many options.

    So, what do you think about that?

    Sorry, but there's still 1 Ad left behind ... the Fortnite one. I can't see any numbers within the Ad so haven't sent a ticket to Support (Not that I know how ! Still some parts of the game confuses me lol Clash for eg: )

    This video number is 21785, if am I right.

    Assuming that all goods have represent positive integers, correct answer is:
    Shoe = 4,
    bathtube = 5,
    ball = 1,
    burger = 16
    and under "??" is the number 80.

    If we consider these symbols as integer numbers, then:
    (Shoe, bathtube, ball, burger, "??") = (4,5,1,16,80) or (-5, 4, -1, -25, 100).

    If we allow to use real numbers, then you can have as many answers as you want in the form:

    (Shoe, bathtube, ball, burger, "??") =(4, -4/t, t, 25/t, -100/t^3) or (-5, 5/t, t, 16/t, 80/t^3), where t is any real number.


    Or maybe we can make it a little bit more interesting for players who have already this cargo bonus engine => give them chance to win free update for this engine?

    Or it can be completely new challenge, opportunity to win such free update.