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    Hi Mahai,

    Thank you again for raising your concerns. I want to make you aware of a number of points that perhaps might give you further clarity on the situation you described.

    I'm working on an upcoming communication about the use for rule 3.5 and the context in which you believe it should be applied, so a more detailed overview will come later. But for now I want to make this clear to you:

    1) unless there is clear evidence that a player is deliberately causing disruption or detriment to the game, we cannot and will not take action against them

    2) the game isn't just aimed at winning as a city. Players can choose to play within a city but work towards a personal goal such as trying to be the highest prestige earner on the server or trying to collect as many achievements as they like.
    You also need to remember that not all players have the same knowledge and experience of end game play mechanics and could just simply still be learning how to play end game in the most optimal way. Since the start of the Covid pandemic there have been a lot of new players join the game and not all of them have the same experience as you might have.
    Others might simply just not enjoy collaborating and are trying to win based on their own understanding of the game. There is no in-game rule that requires all players to work together as a city in the end game and to be honest, that's part of the end game economy environment and challenge.

    3) in the instances where its clear things are being exploited (multi-account abuse etc) we have a team in place to take action whenever there's evidence. There will also be an upcoming communication on that too, so please be patient whilst we work on this. Furthermore, internally we are investigating potential options to help reduce these exploits, without removing players freedom to not play independently. We'll communicate these plans over time and as they become final.

    I hope this helps to clarify some of your uncertainty.

    On another note, the communications of Yaenara are not independent of the company views. As such, they should be respected and it is certainly unacceptable to target a member of the team for communicating company views. It is belittling and borderline harassment. So please reframe from singling out members of the team or community when expressing your views. If you continue to do so, you will be removed from all our communication platforms, permanently.

    Many thanks in advance for your understanding and valued feedback.

    Hi Vlaartje,

    Firstly, thank you for your honesty and bringing this situation to my attention.
    Over my short time as part of the Rail Nation team, I'm learning what topics are important to the community and looking to give them a better opportunity to voice their feelings around those topics. So it's really important that players, such as yourself, continue to vocalise and draw attention to issues like this.

    Though I don't personally know much currently about the multi-account situation, I know that its one of the topics most commonly raised by the community. Knowing this, I'll strive to learn more about the situation and see how I can better support in the communication of those issues.

    We do have some changes planned soon for how we communicate with the community and I hope this will at least help in improving community relations and giving voice to the urgency of topics like yours. The more we know about the impacts and troubles being faced by players like you, the more we can understand and help.

    In the meantime, I'll pass your concerns on to the team looking after the multi-account situation, though I'm sure they are already aware of it.

    I do hope you continue to play or at least join us in discussions to help address these issues future

    Thank you for the warm welcome,

    1) I am unfortunately, painfully English. Though I do live in Germany, I've been here for about 5 years now and I've slowly been learning the language. Though covid has taken away a lot of my chances to practice, I'm hoping to rapidly improve that now that a lot of my new colleagues are German, as well as large group of the community.

    2) I will mostly be focusing on how we communicate with the community, on all platforms and for different topics. This can be anything from events, in-game events, changes, promotions etc. Salix will focus more on project/product management. This means that I'll be more accessible to the community, but still not able to respond instantaneously due to working on improving our communication etc.

    3) As I've only been on the Rail Nation team since the start of December, I don't have a solid grasp of the situation with the bugs or how big the issues are. I do however know that I'm working on improving our communication on these topics so that if for whatever reason we can't fix something in a timely manor, we can at least make it clear why we can't and also make that information available everywhere in order to keep as many people informed as possible. I'm hoping that this is at least a good starting point

    4) I know that communication is a big topic currently. I'm currently working with the CM Team Lead to see if there's any better options for improving our communication with you all first. After that, we're hoping to have better access to the topics raised by the community so that we may better understand exactly how they are impacting people experiences. That way we'll have more to work with when taking idea's and suggestions forward.

    I hope this helps settle a few of your concerns for now. As I get more involved in my new role, I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot more from me on some of these topics.

    Thanks for taking the time to let me know about these.

    for 4) do you have any examples for what you like? or what works well?

    for 2) I don't suppose you'd have any examples of other systems you like using? or suggestions on what could work better?

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you might have in mind

    Hello All,

    I'm your new Community Communication Manager and I'll be taking over from Salix. If you want to know a little bit more about me have a look at my introduction post

    In order for me to get a better understanding of your thoughts on the game, I'd like to make a "mega thread" for you all to openly tell my about your personal feedback in all aspects of Rail Nation.

    This can be about anything game specific, though I'm very interested to get your feedback on the following topics:

    • Community activities - forum events, Facebook events, giveaways etc
    • Our social media presence and communication platforms - blogs, forum etc
    • How we communicate information to you - type of info, how often etc
    • Constant and continuous issues in-game - bugs, servers etc

    I'm open to hearing your feedback and suggestions on these topics. Tell us how we could improve things or tell us what aspects you currently enjoy. If someone has already raised a topic that you wanted to point out, make sure to like their post so that I know it is also felt by others in the community.

    Also feel free to post in your own language if you don't feel comfortable posting in English (though English would greatly help me). The CM team will be on hand to help me translate any posts I don't understand myself.

    However I want to set your expectations early. I do not promise to address/resolve/respond to all the topics/issues raised in this thread.

    The aim of this thread is to give me a better understanding of what needs work and where possible, take onboard your feedback. I'm expecting there to be a lot of feedback and as you can imagine, realistically getting everything addressed is unlikely. Yet it's crucial that we are aware of the feedback so that we can better support you and prioritise what we do long term.

    So don't lose heart if your topic doesn't get a response. I assure you that I'm watching and listening to everything you are saying.

    Many thanks in advance to everyone who contributes. I truly appreciate your input,


    Thanks for the welcome "hear me roar",

    Well you can pretty much ask me anything related to how we communicate and interact with you all as a community. Though, just a little heads up, I'm still getting to know the current status of things and where things might need work. So I might not know the answer to most of your questions until I've had time to grips with everything first. I strive to be more informed in future though

    Hello everyone,

    I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself.

    My name is Nicola (Nikki for short) and I'm your new community communication manager.

    I'm based in Cologne, Germany, but I'm originally from the UK.

    I'm 34yrs old, have a young family and I've spent a large portion of my life playing and working with games.

    I play on all formats and all genres, though I do admit as I've got older, my preferences have significantly shifted towards mentally challenging, long term game sessions on PC. Such as Anno, CIV, factorio but most importantly Rail Nation!

    As it's already been mentioned, I am a bit of a "train nerd", though I'm not quite a walking train encyclopedia yet. I do love a good train or industrial museum and I'm always looking for recommendations on places to visit, so if you have any, please share!

    I'm incredibly honoured to have the pleasure of supporting you all in the coming future. I truly hope to have a positive effect on what we have to offer you all and furthermore hope to expand our communication for the better.

    I can't to wait to get to know you all and support the community management team in continuing to provide an enjoyable experience both in and outside of the game.

    Take care and stay safe,