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    Double clicking on the selection box which engines to use will lead to selecting all engines of the same type.

    ... Sure but it doesn't work all the time !... Too many bugs on that game !.. :(

    The production series is a good idea for selecting trains we want to use it would be very useful. And a sort of labelling is also a nice idea !... ;)

    See U.

    Hello everyone,

    I had another idea (on the French forum - and for good reason [I'm sorry, it's my language]) that consisted in doing a sort of compilation of the RN universe to bring a new type of game.

    That's what I said on this forum, if you are looking for leads, this one may be another ... :

    We thought it was a pity that Origig Journey was only a pale copy of the Classic scenario ... Indeed, this server does not bring anything, the game is identical except for the new RG scattered everywhere in times and creating new supply chains ... The new map does not bring much and the monument even less, having no role in the game. In short, it is a deep trouble. Hence my little idea that by germinating gave this:

    Imagine, the same principle as Europe (with region, presidents, mayors, associations), plus two groups of regions (East / West or North / South) who compete for more territory. These are managed with their parliaments (Red and Blue, for example), to distribute a "super bonus" to help those who do the actions for the benefit of the grouping of regions (conquer or stabilize). There would be warehouses, ports, full of RG (the new ones, why not?) And passengers (which roll internally or internationally, with taxes or bonuses, depending on the type of trip [blue / blue or blue red])...

    And imagine that the final is played mainly on two megacities (one red and one blue), it is the best region of the group that wins, with its best city.

    But, for this game to be possible, the laying of the rails is less expensive, as long as one poses in his group of region and even less in his own region. The laying time of the rails is invariable within the group of regions to which one belongs. The laying of rails in the other group of regions is subject to a tax (constant, and is higher for the connection to a city or monument of the other camp) and it takes more time ... ;)

    A game with a strategy with several "speeds", with a pyramidal hierarchical structure, ranging from the association to the grouping of region (association / town hall / region / grouping of regions). Key positions are subject to voting, as is already the case. The powers are those of bonus placement games, such as now ...

    Everything is a kind of super compilation of Europe and Golden Gate scenarios, there are monuments to deliver, there are positions of "power", there is a final (but only two cities clash at the end) there are about 10 regions to grow and two groupings of regions competing on a territory battle.

    - In the ranking we find: the PP, the cities, the regions, and the grouping of regions ... What to feed new career points! ..

    So? .. A condensate of RN on a compilation of scenarios that would be played in express mode (to spice up), does it speak to you or not?

    - Hihi! .. That would be crazy, no? ... - Will have to really coordinate and communicate to get sparks! ..; p

    Catenary, with his wire (always) in the air. ;)

    Hello !.. ;)

    I'm coming here to add to the idea that I mentioned above ... On a server with a specific scenario: The Silk Road ...

    A peculiarity: in this version, monuments produce products that sell at counters or other monuments at the other end of the world, each monument has its specialty (as we know in Europe, for our abbeys, c is the same principle): sacred books, illuminations, icons, silk, clothes, carpets, cheeses, honey, caviar, blown glass, stained glass, marble sculpture, stone cut, ironwork, goldsmith's work ...

    The map is divided into several sections called "steps", they are limited by the "counters". Between two counters is a monument and a city. The city needs products of "first necessity" to grow, as well as the monument, BUT! ..

    - There, there is a need to communicate between the various stages of this Silk Road, it is even a mandatory passage!

    > Each monument produces its specialty (and it is unique to produce it, it is unique). Each monument needs various BRs (the same as those of the city of the stage, depending on the level) + a specialty of a nearby monument (near or far) to be able to grow.

    To be able to obtain this specialty, it is necessary to make the request!

    This product request is made by the caliphate or the municipality, to the other caliphates or municipalities (depending on the geographical zone of the stages), leaving a "ticket" to the counters. The "ticket" is then transported by the trains of the distant stages going from counters to counters. the transport of this "ticket" earns PP (a lot), but no money. On the other hand, having transported the "ticket" allows to transport the special product (it brings back a lot of money).

    The transport of the "ticket" is done through a special wagon that can transport all the specialties produced along the Silk Road, it is expensive (necessarily) ... :(

    We can not transport special products if we do not have the special car, and if we did not transport the corresponding ticket. Carrying a ticket is equivalent to a transport fee for the corresponding product. This complicates the game, but makes it even more interesting, the first "race" will be carried by the players on the transport of these famous tickets! .. To be able to carry a maximum of special products ..;)

    The Grail is to be able to carry a special product from one end to the other of the Silk Road, if this transport is long, it brings in a lot of money and a lot of PP. At the beginning of the game this transport is less profitable because it is countertop counter and the product (like the ticket) is relayed from one stage to another ... The more the game, the more the rails are laid and the more the trips are made between counters more and more distant ...

    As for the locos, they each have their specificities and we will favor those that go faster or those with great traction forces to prefer trips between counters more or less close and for deliveries of cities and monuments. ..

    So ... well or not? ...

    And better, we must know that there is not a single Silk Road, there are (in fact) several, they are in parallel! .. Which allows to multiply counters for each step and make multiple paths crossed. ;)

    RN / TG, would it be a buyer? .. Me, yes .., what about you?

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    If it is for us to lay a server like Origin Journey, it is not worth it! .. A Classic scenario, even with a new map and new properties will remain a Classic. And so it's without any interest! ..

    The idea of changing world must be accompanied by a change of scenario and must bring new challenges.

    I agree with the idea of Sacroima for a crossing of China to the edge of the Mediterranean (or Europe), through Samarkand, to transport goods from the Silk Road ...

    The challenge (among other things) would be to succeed in making the complete journey between the two ends of the route of the Silk Road ... Our trains in the game of the first eras would consist of going from one counter to another to relay goods (and to bring to cities (and monuments) that punctuate this road), then the time passing and the rails more and more advanced in their pose, would go to counters more distant ... who managed first to rally east to west (or vice versa) in one go with a train wins a (beautiful) medal (among others: prestige points, career points ..)! ..

    This is an idea that would bring more breath to this wonderful game, Rail Nation. Because to repeat the same scenarios is irrelevant, none.


    PS. I made the effort to translate to read you, it's your turn to do it too (it seems that there are good things to do this on the internet).;)