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    Not really part of the original topic, but actually, both icons reasonably could represent Quartz, and neither is really appropriate for Silicon. Quartz is silicon dioxide ( SiO2, 2 should be subscripted but I don't know how to do that here), which is the most common constituent of sand. Quartz also exists as crystals, as seen in many exhibits of rocks and minerals. Silicon is a semiconductor, a non-metallic element. "It is a hard, brittle crystalline solid with a blue-grey metallic lustre, and is a tetravalent metalloid and semiconductor." The most appropriate icon for silicon would probably be a semiconductor wafer. So quartz ( I would guess usually in the form of sand ) is a raw material for silicon. In addition to being used to make the semiconductors used in electronic equipment, silicon is used to make bricks, Portland cement, and for alloys of aluminum and steel. So an alternate icon for silicon could be derived from one of those products.

    I am perfectly happy with the icons as they are. They function perfectly just as they are within the context of the game.

    I would like to see more levels to the bank.

    A: Even with a Plus Account, it is too easy to hit the limit on the bank. My opinion is that you shouldn't hit limits if you log in at least once a day. In Era 5, it doesn't seem difficult to sustain revenue of 3 to 4 million dollars/hr, which fills the bank in less than 24 hours, especially since one does not normally want to drive the account balance all the way to zero every time one logs off.

    B: The bank is the odd man out, restaurant, shopping center, and hotel all have 32 levels, why not the bank ?

    I suggest at least 2 more levels, with $5 million increments without a plus account ($10 million with a plus accoun), giving limits of $35 million ($70million) and $40 million ($80 million). The major impact on the game would be that you get to sleep (or shop, or work, or visit friends) a little longer.

    What do you think ?

    There is also a worker that provides a 35% discount on new city connections that is not listed. Apparently new workers are added with some of the new versions of the system, but I have not found any place that has a current list. There are a number of lists available, but none that I have found that seems complete.

    Anyone know where to find a current list of workers available? I am on COM03 Steam Chamber, don't know if that matters or if workers are the same everywhere. All the lists I can find are out of date, since they don't list some of the workers I have seen in recent auctions, such as the ERA 5 guy that gives a 40% bonus on passengers, whose name I can't remember.

    Does anyone know what happens if you cancel an upgrade in the train station? Do you get your money back in full?

    Let's say you start an upgrade, then win a worker or get a voucher for a discount on an upgrade. Can you cancel the upgrade in progress, get your money back, and than restart with the discount applied ?

    I googled, but found nothing addressing this. Afraid to test on upgrades I have in progress right now because they are big money upgrades.

    Watching it more closely today, it looks look daily turnover resets at the same time as everything else. It's 3 minutes after midnight, and daily turnover is already > $8,000,000. My trains are fast, but not that fast.

    Is the title for money tied directly to daily turnover, or is the title calculator keeping track separately?

    There seem to be different clocks for different purposes. Playing on Smoke Chamber COM03.

    * Local time is now 16:52, ticker on Prestige window says day ends in 07:07:13, which is about midnight local time.

    * Daily turnover seems to reset around midnight ( 00:00 ) local time, but I haven't actually watched it happen.

    * Messages about winning titles and related Prestige, as well as interest on Plus account, show up around 17:00 local time.

    * Times for bonuses (Black Weekend on Facebook) seemed to but UTC+1 (German time).

    * While typing, local time has advanced to 16:59. Era ends in 14:01:06, which if I have done the time math right, is 06:00 local time.

    So the main question I have is when does the clock start and end for Prestige and Titles, since I might want to change what goods I am hauling based on which title I want to win, and want to synchronize the change with the time window used for judging.

    In my first round. Joined association as a newbie. Both the chair and the deputy of the association simply disappeared. Wrote to support, and they made me chair.

    Interestingly, I cannot find a way to change myself from newbie to member. I can change the status of other members (chair, deputy, member, dismiss), but the only options available for myself are to "View Profile" and "Leave Corporation".

    Mentoring was not turned on when I joined. At some point I accidentally enabled it, and received a nice welcome from a member. Eventually I turned mentoring off because A) All the questions I had I felt were better presented in a group context such as a forum, and B) a weird orange exclamation point kept popping up on the right side of the screen because I acknowledged receiving the welcome message, and the mentor (appropriately) did not acknowledge my acknowledgement.

    I am in the situation where I am Era 3 Day 8, and have completely researched Era 1, 2, and 3. My Laboratory is at Level 25. I am generating 80 Research Points a day and they are just going in the Bit Bucket. It would be nice to get some benefit from the investment in the Laboratory.

    I make the following simple suggestion:

    If the following conditions are met:

    1. Current Era and all previous Eras are fully researched.

    2. Laboratory storage of Research Points is full (At level 25, this is 40 points)


    As long as the above conditions are met, newly generated research points that would just be lost are instead awarded as Prestige Points.

    Not a complicated solution, and maps the real world concept that one would receive prestige for doing new research.