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    Note: since who should have answered this question did not show up, I now direct this post to DippyNikki and Bruno_BF , so they can read it, and i will not post anymore here.

    Thank you

    Well, I dare say it was inevitable my educated guess experience with RN proved right...


    I'm afraid we will have to live with the answer from nEeW: "always two, subject to change whenever we feel like it"

    RN will wiggle it's way out of any commitment, be it before or after the fact.

    I am happy to hear that, I will forward that feedback.
    How about for the others? Is the performance back to normal?

    Certainly not back to normal! Playing servers (other than PX) is a drag. Pun intended (drag for being terribly slow, "dragging along")

    I'm just a player than didn't see anywhere saying this PX server is a 2 rounds event until few days ago when someone told me that, then I went everywhere looking for that information that I missed and surprise surprise I couldn't find anywhere saying that PX episode 2 will be a 2 rounds event or even any information saying that al PX servers are "usually" a 2 rounds event.

    Once again I ask where can I find that information nEwW ? It may be posted by you somewhere...

    My question was directed Schwanii. But thank you for taking the effort to answer anyway. :thumbsup:

    I'm afraid we will have to live with the answer from nEeW: "always two, subject to change whenever we feel like it"


    The PX series are usually planned as a two round event, however we might change this on a case-to-case circumstance. If this should happen, we would of course inform you.

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    Bolding by me in the above quote.

    Regards, Spoordijk.

    Have a look at my answer #10

    Are you an RN-staff member? Or just a forum-member like the rest of us? Or does your title puts you somewhere in between?

    Genuine question. I find it all a bit confusing to know who is who, and what weight their answers actually carry.

    Imo there will be no round2 because they implemented the round2 on the previous episode because round1 of episode one aligned with the masters. AFAIK german( wich isnt good by any standard).

    Thank you for this information. Unfortunately it's now absolutely clear that some RN-staff WITH knowledge of the current PX-schedule show up here, and start giving some answers.

    Unbelievable they let us try and figure it out ourselves, when it's so obvious there is much contradictionary information abound. :thumbdown:

    I can...

    They start saying there was no chance to transfer gold to PX... after some players (like me) transfer all the gold available they got, RN give a step back and said it was possible to do it...

    That situation was discuss everywhere i think...

    I only know of RN-discord where this was 'discussed', but I'm 'glad' it was discussed elsewhere as well. Because everybody should know what RN's "word" is worth.

    I did 'complain' over at Discord, and basically got the reply: "Meh. Yes we said this would be the case (i.e. No transfer TO the server), but it was never implemented, so it was never a real thing. So what is actually your problem?"


    This is about Platform X, which started with all the mess around transferring gold to the server

    Could you elaborate on this?

    I did bring up this subject over at Discord (post got subsequently deleted (hidden in Discord-RN parlance)) but this is the first time I see a mention of this outside RN-Discord.

    I can compare chess to this game, and it is not nonsense.

    Because I can compare it to the issue you raise: being able to see your opponents moves.

    In chess you can as well. Perfectly comparable.

    What is not comparable about being able to see your opponents moves in chess, to being able to see your opponents moves in this game?

    You might not like it that your opponents can see your moves here, but it doesn't mean it's not comparable.

    In chess you can see just as much, if not more.

    I've seen a screenshot over at the Discord that had -10.

    I bet that if it reaches -56 the server (or all?) will crash ;-)

    Most likely if someone is harassing another, there was a reason for it.

    I sure hope you are not a lawyer for the defense of someone being stalked.

    A bit more to the point: yes there are reasons to harass players or associations, but not rarely this is just out of spite, and/or because the reason is indeed as you described: "the other side should have invested more".

    For some people, and indeed some associations (I have come to know them) that really is enough. Which not seldomly evolves into: "if we can outspend you, you are not investing enough"