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    Well physical prices need to be sent somewhere, so yeah in case you win a physical price these infos are required.
    But as far as I know in Germany you can also give the adress of an anomynos postbox or after winning contact the team and talk about other possible ways of distribution.


    I did win the "spot the difference"-contest earlier this year (what was it, spring?) and so I did get the request for my name and adress after the fact. (oddly enough a request for my phone-number followed after I had given those, which I refused to give, which led to me being given the message that if I wasn't willing to give my phone-number, I might not receive the prize!)

    I still refused ("OK, then no goody bag, there are limits after all") so you MIGHT get an idea why I am suspicious, AND claim participating is NOT FREE...

    In this contest, a participant has to approve up-front to gave name and adress (instead of after winning anything) and I can only hope that RN has decided after the earlier contest that a phone-number really is not necessary to send any package over.

    As you may see and/or admit: my remark about participating being not completely free comes from experience in dealing with these things with you (plural), not from some vague imagination.

    NB: my goody bag from the spring-contest arrived just fine, and without delay, despite me not having given my telephone number to RN.

    Thanks for that.

    I do nor believe the poster is talking about a monetary cost(as in needing to purchase gold), rather privacy cost. Based on the Google (un-official) translation of the snippet the poster has quoted earlier, it appears the poster has an issue with the quoted "Terms and Conditions" (T&C) indicating they need to disclose personal information (name, postal address, shirt size) for prizes. Though may be something is lost in translation as the odd wording seems to indicate this information is required to participate regardless if a prize is won or not. My guess is this what the poster takes issue too. However, I do not see such a clause in the English version of the T&C and can't view the actual Dutch version of the T&C.

    Personally, I'd would prefer a virtual prize (plus game time, gold, etc.) over a physical prize.

    Bingo, you have hit the nail on the head.

    If there is no such clause (relating to the privacy) in the English T&C, then it begs the question why it has one for the Dutch (and possibly other nationalities as well.)

    But since Maselbart appears not interested, I have no problem with laying the issue at rest.

    I'm not participating :-)

    Well thank you, DSnepke.

    It appears that this transfer thing is very complicated.

    So here is my situation:

    - played the Origin-M server earlier this year.

    -Played the first PX-Titan (M) server earlier this year.

    - signed up for the second (follow-up) PX in the last era just to make sure my stuff wouldn't get deleted somehow.

    So what is now freely transferable to any server? The grand total of the Origin + both PX-Titan-M's? Or did something get deleted/forfeited somewhere along the way?

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    The gold transfer is finished, so you should be able to shift it wherever you want :)

    Yes, but will I be able to switch it where-ever I want after I switched it to "Matterhorn", and I finish it untill the end.

    But I think your answer to that was a "Yes"., though I am a bit confused about your remark:

    "As long as you let the server finish and did not delete your account to gather the gold before the planned end this should be possible."

    What would happen if I delete my account on the new Origin (M-)server after I have signed up?

    Since I don't speak dutch I have to ask you to translate that for me :)

    Since this is what triggered my original post, you will have to find a translator yourself.

    It's a perfectly fine quote from the Dutch advertisement. I didn't invent it.

    But since you suggested I was posting, and I quote, "false information", you better find the translation of this very own RN-statement on the double.

    Can you please elaborate? If you claim something like that here, you need to elaborate what you mean otherwise I have to see this as spreading of false information.

    Quote: "

    Door deel te nemen aan deze Gleam-weggeefactie geef je toestemming dat jouw persoonlijke informatie (zoals naam, verzendgegevens en shirtmaat) verzameld en gebruikt magen worden met als enig doel het verzenden van beloningen als je eerste"

    I will admit the wording by RN-is a bit ambiguous, but why would I have to share my personal data with you upfront?

    As long as you let the server finish and did not delete your account to gather the gold before the planned end this should be possible.


    I ask in particular as I have a nice stash, ready to be used anywhere I like, and I don't want to lose the "anywhere I like" feature by transfering it to "Matterhorn".

    That server has the M-designation, so normally yes, it's the 'anywhere you like' server.

    I thought I better check first ;-)

    At what point did Google become the authority on what something is called in Dutch? ;-)

    Case in point: the in-game Amsterdam "National Monument"-landmark is definitely NOT a "Grenspaal".

    Alright, fellow Dutch(wo)men, let's have a laugh at the Dutch announcement of the Origin Server that is about to start:

    "Op de klassieke kaart word je getrakteerd op prachtige uitzichten op 50 grenspalen en 50 steden in Duitsland, Oostenrijk en Zwitserland."

    The bolding isn't even mine ;-)

    OK, thanks.

    So it's simply a case of the clueless crap translation in Dutch? Or is "kantoor" an adequate translation of holding "office"?

    Please RN, fix the crap translations. It got me banned at least once, I do not want to happen it again.

    For a problem this big. Yeah pretty fast. Still a lot of time when you are a player that one I can understand.

    During the EndGame in particular.

    Sometimes I get the idea RN doesn't realize that their customers spend weeks, if not months, to build up to the EndGame, the "Grand Finale" of their game, and then if something quite disastrous as this happens RN just shrugs it off.

    "Luckily" and "Fast" is kind off rubbing salt into the wound, if you get what I mean.

    Perhaps you think 'collect all' means you can collect all your missing trainspotters?

    This is not the case: it means 'collect all transpotters' that are currently on the map, ready to be collected either manually (one by one) or with just one click with your voucher.

    You will NOT get your missing trainspotters that are not on the map.

    A yellow star means you have one (or more) trainspotters on the map that you haven't spotted before.

    It did cause four hours of non-communication during the "Rosen" EndGame.

    I do not count myself (or any of my teammates, or any other player on Rosen for that matter) "lucky". Do you?

    It's the new "Arkeim"advert that is causing this. On the inaccessable server ithe new advert is running, on the non-affected servers it's the old advert that runs.

    What do I get now? 3x 40 euro spending in the RN-shop? That would be nice. Give 120 euro worth of T-shirts to the next earthquake/warchild victims.

    Thank you.