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    The feature on our list means that you can win the BE of era 2 in an era 4 competition, if you already have the BE of era 3. It does not mean that you can win the era 4 BE in an era 4 BE competition.

    4 of the 5 ideas are still on our list. Split laboratory is not on the list anymore. This turned out to be quite complicated to understand and had a huge impact on research point calculation.

    Some of them are not as easy as you might think they are.

    For the career train the schedule systems must be adjusted as this is the only engine that can haul goods and passengers, then.

    A basis of 100 means that the overall difficulty won't change much for big servers (at the beginning less, later more than 100 players), but for small servers it will get significantly easier. And that's good. I saw some level 4 landmarks at the end of era 5 on the scandinavian server.

    A basis of 70 would make it harder for everyone. Whether the real average number of players per city really is 100 doesn't matter.

    Number of active players connected to the city
    required tons (old) - Landmark level 3
    required tons (new) - Landmark level 3
    31,623 19,953
    25 50,000 37,893
    50 70,711 61,557
    100 100,000 100,000
    200 141,421 162,450

    Some examples how it works. Definitely better for cities/landmarks/regions with less players than before.

    The changelog note is not 100% correct. The change is that the required amount of goods and passengers stronger depends on the number of connected players to the city.

    For landmarks of cities with less than 100 active players connected, it is getting easier than before.

    We change this because cities/regions with many active players had an advantage. And it was too difficult for game worlds with few players to level the landmarks.

    Furthermore we lowered the amount of goods needed for landmark Level 2 by 60%.

    Why is my clash train slower than other clash trains? Like, im starting same time with other guy, draw the route before train stops at some mid-points, and still i come late. Sometimes I cover 2 spots and opponent covers 3.

    All trains have the same speed, but horizontal routes are longer than diagonal routes.

    Switch between 'Delivery' and 'Collection' on the left to see the players delivering TO or FROM the harbour. It displays only today's transports.

    Have a look at the tendencies and you will find out who is doing what quite fast.

    The consumption depends on the number of active players in a city and the progress of the city compared to the time played.

    As we have a lot of players on this server and the first levels were fast, the consumption is quite high now. There is a maximum of 30% that has been reached in some cities. The consumption will slow down a bit now for level 4 cities. Some cities managed it to become level 5, though. Keep pushing!

    Interesting discussion going on here.

    We are also thinking about cancelling all votes at the beginning of each era.

    But some of the mentioned points are not true:

    - Votes of inactive players > 72 h are already deleted (since ever) and
    - Players don't have to vote in the tutorial anymore (was changed a few months ago)

    This was one of our community features, but it didn't win.

    Nevertheless we are thinking about it.

    My first idea was a new upgrade for 3,000 career points for passenger transport (available after era 6 goods) and factor 10 for tractive force.